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Updates about Con-Way development.

Survey About Square in Con-way Masterplan RESULTS

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Download the results of our on-line survey about the proposed Con-way area public square design. The survey also included a question on the importance of specific items to be included in a possible construction Good Neighbor Agreement with Con-way (see page 6 of the pdf).


Survey About Square in Con-way Masterplan

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Please take a moment to complete a short online survey about the square that will be built in the Con-way Masterplan area.

As a bit of background, in 2009 and 2010, NWDA led a community-driven planning process that resulted in an urban design concept for the Slabtown neighborhood in Northwest Portland. Based on the results of an online survey and five workshops, the neighborhood’s top priorities were defined as parks, squares, and open spaces; pedestrian- and bike-friendly streets; and creating a historically significant iconic focal point. In 2011 and 2012, to advance the goals and priorities of the neighborhood, NWDA participated in the development of a masterplan for a 17-acre parcel of land owned by Con-way.

The masterplan was approved in August 2012. Roughly 25% of the masterplan area is dedicated to a park, square, and pedestrian walkways. Portland Parks & Recreation will lead a pubic process to design and develop the public park. The square will be part of a private development site, which will be located on the western half of the block between NW 20th and NW 21st and NW Pettygrove and NW Quimby. As part of the masterplan agreement, the public will have an enhanced role in the design of the square once a developer is identified.

In anticipation of this design process, Don Genasci, an NWDA Board member and architecture professor at the University of Oregon, has arranged to have roughly twenty students design visions of the Slabtown square as a part of their course work. NWDA is excited to review a wide variety of creative student ideas and designs to help inform the future design of the square.

We would like to supplement the formal masterplan guidelines and design standards with your opinions and ideas about what would make a great neighborhood square.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

City of Portland Staff Report of Con-way Master Plan

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City of Portland staff report of latest version of Con-way Master Plan.

Con-way Master Plan Section 5

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The latest version of Section 5 of the Con-way masterplan can be downloaded here:

Section 5-CURRENT-reduced.pdf (10MB)

Con-way Masterplan Open House – Tuesday, 3/13

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Con-way will hold an open house on Tuesday, March 13 from 6 to 8 pm to update the community on the current status of the Northwest Masterplan.

Neighbors, business owners, stakeholders, residents, the general public.

An open house to discuss the proposed master plan for the property owned by Con-way in Northwest Portland.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012 from 6-8 pm

Legacy Good Samaritan, Building 2 Auditorium 1040 NW 22nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97210

Con-way Inc. controls over 17 acres in Northwest Portland, and hopes to create a master plan framework for their land that encourages mixed-use and market driven development. This open house is an opportunity for the public to see the in-progress elements of the master plan framework.

NW Masterplan DAR – 3/1/12

NW Masterplan DAR
March 1, 2012

Meeting Notes:

Kittelson couldn’t attend so PBOT presented an overview of the traffic study.

Carol Mayer-Reed, Con-way’s park consultant, presented their open space plan, which called for conveying the full block north of Pettygrove btw 20 and 21 to PP&R, along with some weak guiding principles on how PP&R should consider developing the open space.

Brett Horner from PP&R gave their perspective. PP&R is generally opposed to a square on the western half of the block. They prefer a park, possibly with some hard-scape. PP&R wants as few restrictions as possible on the space.

Tom DiChiara from CE John gave an overview of the proposed grocery complex on Block 296.

The Design Commission had lots of questions so the meeting ran several hours.

Public testimony was invited. The Northwest Sustainable Transitions Group testified and submitted an alternative open space configuration.

Don Genasci, Phil Selinger and Ron Walters testified on behalf of NWDA. Don and Phil did a nice job of expressing NWDA concerns about the open space plan and traffic mitigation plan, respectively. Ron’s testimony can be downloaded here: DAR-030112

Next steps:
1. Meet with Con-way and Kittelson to try to resolve concerns about the traffic study.
2. Meet with Con-way and PP&R to look for common ground on open space plan.

Con-way Traffic Analysis – 2/23/12

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As part of the NW Masterplanning process, Con-way hired Kittelson & Associates to identify the transportation-related impacts associated with the proposed Con-way property redevelopment. The report is available here:

ConWay Traffic Analysis – Kittelson

Members of the NWDA Transportation Committee – Phil Selinger and Jeanne Harrison – were asked to review the report. Their comments were shared with Kittelson and the Con-way masterplan team in the form of an email on February 22. The comments are available here:

Con-way Traffic Analysis – NWDA Feedback

Con-way Masterplan Design Review – 3/1/12

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On March 1, the Design Commission will hold a Design Advice Request (DAR) meeting to review the NW Masterplan for the Con-way properties north of NW Pettygrove. The meeting location is 1900 SW 4th Ave, Room 2500A. The meeting begins at 1:30, though the masterplan is the second item on the agenda so the start time is not time specific. The meeting (described below) is open to the public and testimony is welcome.

EA 11-188950 DA – NW Master Plan @ Conway Site
Kara Fioravanti, BDS, 503-823-5892
(Continued from December 1, 2011, Rescheduled from February 2, 2012, Continued from February 16, 2012)
APPLICANT: Phil Beyl, GBD Architects, Inc. ADDRESS: 1417 20th Ave

Design Advice Request for a Northwest Master Plan at the Con-way site in NW Portland. The Con-way site consists of 15.62 acres with a mix of EX and I zones, generally in the vicinity of NW 22nd Avenue, NW Pettygrove Street, NW 20th Avenue and NW Upshur Street. A Type III Northwest Master Plan is required for future redevelopment of the Con-way site by various developers. The Master Plan will address existing and proposed development, height and massing of the development and phasing of the development.

Con-way Masterplan Open House – March 13, 2012

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On Tuesday, March 13, from 6 to 8 pm in the Legacy Good Samaritan Auditorium, Con-way, in conjunction with NWDA, will present an overview of the NW Masterplan for the Con-way properties north of NW Pettygrove. Public questions and comments are welcome.

Representatives of the NWDA Planning Committee have participated in the development of the plan, which will be presented to the Portland Design Commission for approval this spring. The NWDA Board of Directors is expected to consider the elements of the proposed masterplan as early as its March Board meeting on March 19.

Con-way Open Space Vision – 2/22/12

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NWDA and Con-way reached agreement on an open space plan for the Con-way Masterplan area in 2011. In early 2012, the Portland Bureau of Parks & Recreation informed Con-way that it could not support the plan as conceived. In short, the plan was not consistent with PPR’s needs assessment and it would be too expensive to build and maintain.

Con-way, PPR, and NWDA representatives are working to find an open space plan that can be supported by all parties. That the end, Con-way developed an draft memorandum outlining proposed vision and principles for Parks and Open Space in the Con-way Masterplan area. The document can be downloaded here:

Con-Way Parks Principles Memo 02 22 12

NWDA is reviewing the document and will provide feedback.

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