The Northwest District is a diverse, vibrant neighborhood in central Portland, Oregon. It is at the base of the surrounding western hills and borders the Downtown. It has a varied and intricate history that has evolved along with the City as a whole, made up of a rich texture of citizens that may have many different opinions and beliefs, but share a common dedication to their neighbors and their neighborhood.

The Northwest District Association (NWDA) is a city-recognized neighborhood organization that represents much of northwestern Portland. As such, NWDA is a political increment in the City of Portland, and is advisory to its Bureaus, Commissions and Council on affairs affecting the Northwest and its ongoing character and quality of life.

The NWDA is comprised of citizens representing residential, commercial and institutional interests in the District. NWDA's committees are formed around areas of interest and policy, and their members meet regularly to further our voice in the affairs of the City, as well as to just be neighbors. So, please join us. It's pretty easy to fit in.