About NWDA


The Northwest District Association (NWDA) is a city-recognized neighborhood organization that represents portions of northwest Portland. NWDA provides advise to the city of Portland, its Bureaus, Commissions and Council on affairs affecting the character and quality of life in the neighborhood. The vitality of this volunteer organization depends solely on the engagement of neighbors. All are encouraged to participate by submitting comments or concerns, attending meetings or serving on a committee or the Board of Directors. A map of the NWDA boundaries can be found here NWDA-map. Census data for the years 2000 and 2010 can be downloaded here: NORTHWEST DISTRICT_CENSUS_2010.pdf

NWDA is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization.
NWDA IRS Letter of Determination 9 29 1973.pdf

It is managed according to the bylaws approved by its membership.
NWDA Bylaws 062011.pdf

You can find copies of the Northwest District Plan, as well as boundaries and zoning maps, at www.PortlandOnline.com

You can find archives of our email communications, including newsletter, special meeting notices, etc. here:

Email Archive
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