NWDA Air Quality Minutes, February 10, 2014

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Attendees: Bob L., Phil Selinger, and Kathy Sharp.

Bob Amundson and Bob Holmstrom attended the ESCO inspection on January 22nd.  Shannon Huggins and ESCO’s senior environmental engineer hosted the inspection. Two items were on the inspection agenda.  Their comments follow:
Bob Holmstrom:
1.  Improved monitoring for some of the bag houses.  The new system uses a different technology than the old pressure drop system.  What they showed us seems effective.  We will need to see some data to see that it is actually working.  No date was set to see the data – it is a question we need to ask at the next NAC meeting.
2.  A new bag house (with the new sensor system) has been installed to help to control dust (not odors) from the ‘pouring room floor’ area.  It should reduce the amount of dust getting to the neighborhood from that source.  We need to ask for data on how much dust is being collected.
Bob Amundson:
Bob H’s comments can stand on their own.  I have one addition.  Shannon asked if it would help to label specific pieces of equipment for the public to understand what equipment was visible from the street,  e.g. baghouse, cooling water etc.  She brought this up at the end of the inspection.  She showed us the cloud from the cooling tower which she said was only water.  She thought a sign indicating that this was a water cooling tower and that the cloud was water vapor might help some neighbors who had complained about the “smoke” from that location.
Sharon Genasci:
The water vapor should be tested to make sure there are no other emissions in it.  We should continue to press for the above requested data.

The briefing to Major Hales and City Council of the Clean Diesel and Conduct of Construction Good Neighbor Agreement went well.  The NWDA board had many suggestions for follow-up.  A follow-up letter will be written to council.

We still don’t have a quorum so we will vote on an Air Quality representative to the on-going Site Logistics plan next month.

The wind has shifted.  There have been new odor complaints in the areas of overton/northrup 19th to 23rd.   Has the source changed?

Materials are ready for the informational booth at the NWDA Meet and Greet on February 13th.


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