NWDA Air Quality Committee Minutes, 9.9.13

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9.9.13 Air Quality Committee Minutes

Present: Kathy Sharp, Bob L, Jorjan Parker, Evan Farnham and Sharon Genasci

First off, Kathy and Sharon updated the Committee on the status of the Clean Diesel/Conduct of Construction Good Neighbor Agreement with Con-way. The next meeting is scheduled for September 25th in Lane Powell’s offices.

Sharon thanked the Committee for suggesting at the last meeting that we should ask for City support for this project.
The result was an excellent letter from Mayor Charlie Hales, which was submitted along with support letters from Physicians for Social responsibility (PSR) and Con-way for our application (written by Phil Selinger, NWDA Board President) to the Penstemon Fund for $100,000.00 to pay some of the costs for third party oversight once the agreement is signed.

The Scope of Work for third party oversight of the project will be worked out along with the legal language of the agreement. David Paul, lawyer for NWDA in the negotiations is working on legal language with Jill Long, Lawyer for Con-way. We have also had some help from Wendy Chung, NWDA Board member with legal language.

To date we have not agreed certain important aspects of the
final agreement, but we are hoping to move ahead with these things at the next meetings. We have agreed on tier 4 as the target diesel emissions reduction (95 per cent).

Kathy pointed out that certain items in earlier drafts of the GNA have been dropped, because we have focused mainly on diesel reduction and retrofitting and oversight. A few of these include, no idling, no parking near air intakes, agreement to plug into stationary power sources when possible.

Jorjan then asked to be taken off the NAC (Neighborhood Advisory Committee for the ESCO GNA). Sharon said she would try to find a replacement.

A discussion followed about current air quality problems from other sources. Several members have noticed a new sweet, chemical odor that is upsetting their enjoyment of their homes and gardens. Two complaints on this odor were submitted and ESCO has agreed that it probably came from their plant 3. They are experimenting with
a new binder that uses less phenol, which may be the source of the new odor, though ESCO has not confirmed that.

Bob L suggested we apply for the Metro grant, and there was some discussion about this, but no decision taken,

Bob L also talked about the City’s Nuisance rule, which can offer neighbor’s some support when they have problems with a local air pollution source. Neighbors can call 503 823 2633 for information.

Kathy spoke about the Work Plan for our committee, and we decided to submit the same Work Plan from last year.
Sharon Genasci


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