Northwest Parking Plan Amendments Adopted

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On July 31st the Portland City Council considered a set of amendments to the Northwest Parking Plan that the Council considered and adopted last December. The Council was pleased to hear that both the business interests and the NWDA believed the amendments are a much needed improvement and that indeed all parties were on board with the proposed revisions. The amendments were unanimously approved at that first reading. The amendments are outlined as follows:  Exhibit A vs2

These amendments are also reflected on the map of the Northwest Parking District as follows:  NWDistrictParkingManagementPlan5 .

Pending a schedule for procurement of the parking meters, the plan will be implemented in a single phase – as soon as early 2014. Note that the plan calls for monitoring and adjustment with input from a stakeholder Advisory Committee. The NWDA will be a part of that group and will do its best to represent the collective interests of the neighborhood. Note also that the NWDA called for specific parts of the plan to be reviewed and reconsidered within one year of implementation.








2 Responses to “Northwest Parking Plan Amendments Adopted”

  1. Phil Selinger on February 20th, 2014 11:04 pm

    The neighborhood parking plan is postponed until the City can procure new parking meters for the paid parking areas. As you may know, NW 20th & Kearney will be 4 hour metered or by permit on the west side of 20th and 4 hours or by permit on the east side. There is no time limit for permit holders on most spaces, though some may be designed for short-term to promote turnover for folks needing to do a quick errand, etc.
    Implementation could be as early as next fall, through it is likely to be put off until after the 2014 holiday season.

    Lots of new development is putting pressure on parking generally. The NWDA is imploring the City to implement some off-street parking requirements for these new developments. Too many of these developments are not providing any off-street parking. This is an urgent concern! The City is meeting with us soon.
    ‘Hope this helps.

  2. Jeannie on January 13th, 2014 4:18 pm

    Any word on when permitting will happen around NW 20th & Kearney? I have lived at that address for 18 years, and the parking situation is worse than ever for residents in this neighborhood. I hope it happens sooner than later. I was also wondering if the 2 hour spots will be eliminated when permitting is implemented.