Meeting Notes – 5/20/13

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Meeting notes for the NWDA 2013 Annual Meeting & Election and May Board meeting are now available for download. Please note that these meeting notes are in draft form and will only become official minutes when approved by the Board at an upcoming meeting. They are posted as is for timely communication with interested parties.



NWDA Board Meeting Minutes 04-15-13

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NWDA Air Quality Committee Minutes 5.13.13

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Minutes, NWDA Air Quality Committee Meeting

Present: Bob L, Myriam Alaux, Jorjan Parker, Evan Farnham, Sharon Genasci

Sharon gave an update on the Con-way Construction Clean Diesel GNA (Good Neighbor Agreement) negotiations, which are ongoing. The next meeting at Jill Long’s (Con-way lawyer) office will be on June 3rd. Bob L pointed out a typo in the draft, which was changed. The need for a baseline diesel particulate level for the Con-way area was discussed along with other matters concerning the GNA negotiations. It is hoped a good GNA for clean diesel in the Con-way master plan area will be the result.

Bob L and Sharon gave an update on the NAC (Neighborhood Advisory Committee, ESCO GNA) meeting on April 26, 2013. Bob L changed the odor complaint format for our website ( to allow complaints to be sent to ESCO, when ESCO is listed as the source. The complaints all go to DEQ as well, as to our committee. The reason for the change is because our format, which has more information than DEQ formatted complaints, will go to ESCO directly, to aid the company in their investigation into the reason for the strong odor. Sharon
pointed out there were a number of complaints about ESCO odors (ten since the last NAC meeting) which she brought to the NAC meeting, including one on Easter Sunday morning.

There was some discussion about new lawn signs, but they were put on hold
for the moment.

Sharon announced that PSR (Physicians for Social Responsibility) have drafted a letter of support for our campaign for clean diesel in the Con-way area.

Submitted by Sharon Genasci, Chair, NWDA AQC

City Club Vote on Air Toxics/ Note Clean Diesel

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From: City Club Bulletin []
Sent: Thursday, May 09, 2013 7:01 AM
To: David Paul
Subject: Your News- Air Toxics Vote, Archives & Advocates

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For the first time in City Club history members voted on a research report at a Friday Forum and online. Thank you to everyone who participated.
The final vote on Invisible Enemies: Reducing Air Toxics in the Portland Airshed, was 238-5. Over 97% of people who voted agreed with the report recommendations listed below.
Air Toxics Report Recommendations:
1. DEQ should acquire more metro-area monitoring stations, and analyze and publish the resulting data, to provide harder evidence of current levels of air toxics.
2. DEQ should more fully enforce existing wood stove certification laws.
3. All relevant government agencies within Oregon and Southwest Washington should strategically pool public education resources to achieve agreed-upon awareness goals for air toxics.
4. DEQ should begin to track and publish its general fund budget outlays according to geography and community served, as well as pollutant targeted.
5. The Environmental Quality Commission and the governor should exempt DEQ from Oregon legislative involvement for the purpose of federal supplemental funding applications to assist local jurisdictions.
6. State and local governments should explore public financing or loan options for woodstove replacements, diesel engine retrofits, and other solutions within their jurisdiction.
7. *** The Environmental Quality Commission should adopt the California emissions standard for heavy-duty diesel on-road trucks.
8. *** The legislature should authorize DEQ to regulate the operation of non-road diesel engines, and DEQ should develop and impose rules to reduce non-road diesel particulate emissions.
9. *** All government agencies within the airshed should adopt California’s construction contract requirements for off-road diesel equipment.
10. DEQ should determine the level of funding required to implement fully its Portland metropolitan area goals and plans for air toxics, and should request those funds from the legislature, which should provide them. It is appropriate for a higher portion of DEQ’s budget to come from the public now, as air toxics primarily spring from citizen behavior.

NWDA Annual Meeting & Election – May 20

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The NWDA Annual Meeting and Election will be held Monday, May 20, from 6:00 to 7:30 pm in Legacy Good Samaritan, Wistar Morris Room, 1015 NW 22nd Ave. Please make plans to attend the meeting to elect our new President and Board of Directors. The Annual Meeting will be followed immediately by an abbreviated May Board Meeting. Agendas for both meetings are attached.

NWDA-Agenda-Annual 052013.pdf


Supporting documents for the board meeting:


Washington Park Parking.pdf

AQC Agenda, 5.13.2013

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Agenda, AQC meeting, May 13, Silver Cloud Inn, Breakfast Room (24th Place & Vaughn) at 7:00 pm

1. Update on Con-way Construction Clean Diesel GNA – Sharon

2. Update on NAC meeting & ESCO complaints – Bob L & Sharon

3. Plan for new lawn signs

4. Reminder of NWDA Annual Meeting on May 20th from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at Good Samaritan Hospital, Wistar Morris Room (main hospital entrance, turn left and go to
south end of the floor.)

4.26.13 NWDA AQC Notes, NAC (Neighborhood Advisory Committe to ESCO) Meeting

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Notes, ESCO GNA NAC (Neighborhood Advisory Committee) meeting 4.26.13

NAC members present: Aubrey Baldwin, Tom Giese, Bob Amundson, John Krallman (substitute rep), Sharon Genasci

Jay Fagan & Travis Quarles were ESCO representatives

Alllan Classen from the Examiner was present

The meeting was held at Friendly House.  All present introduced themselves.

One of the first items on the agenda was approval of project 2 (GNA attachment A) which was ‘Add control to Air Arc Cutting Lower Finishing.’  This was, “For a test period of one month, ESCO will weigh each container of dust collected and record the amount of particulate removed”.  ESCO has done this and found the following:
For the Time Period (2012)       Amount of Dust
2/1 – 3/8                                             824 pounds
3/9 – 4/8                                             376 pounds
4/9 – 5/8                                             654 pounds
5/9 – 6/8                                             420 pounds
6/9 – 7/9                                             582 pounds
7/9 – 8/9                                             576 pounds

ESCO plans to repeat the weigh test in two years.  Bob Amundson said it was his understanding that they are required to test for metals before putting them into the landfill.  He requested they use those numbers to calculate how much lead, manganese etc. was removed because of the new controls.

Travis spoke about ESCO’s Annual Report.  Slinger Bay, which, after the GNA agreement, was left with no controls at all, will have none until 2017. (The NWDA Air Quality Committee, in an ESCO GNA Minority Report contested this decision)

Travis spoke about the odor complaints.  He said that most of the complaints were being addressed in the new controls.  Sharon brought 10 new ESCO complaints to the meeting.  One of them was on Easter Sunday morning.  Sharon asked if ESCO was in operation on Sundays now?  Travis said yes, they are working on Sunday too now.  ESCO had not been able to discover what caused the problem with odors on Easter Sunday.  But they promised to look into it again.

There was a discussion between ESCO employees and Bob L from the NWDA Air Quality Committee about the odor complaints.  The AQC feels that the spirit of the GNA odor complaint agreement is not fulfilled, because:

1.   ESCO investigates complaints but only the person complaining is allowed this information.
2.   A password is required in order to get this information
3.  ESCO only allows NAC members access to the their file on complaint findings and this only by going into ESCO’s offices and hand copying data.  No photocopies, no chance to put the data on the website for everyone to see.

Allan Classen said he is planning to take the public tour, and he asked whether he could bring a camera?  He was told no photos allowed on the tour.

Finally, John Krallman, lawyer for NCA told about plans to monitor for metals at Chapman School, using the funds ESCO offered in the GNA for this purpose. The data will belong to the NAC.  In a month or so the NAC could see some raw data.

Submitted by NAC Rep. Sharon Genasci, NWDA Air Quality Committee

Attempted ATM Theft – 5/5

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News Release from: Portland Police Bureau PORTLAND POLICE INVESTIGATING AN

Sunday May 5, 2013, at 6:18 a.m., Central Precinct officers
responded to the report of a truck ramming at ATM in front of the Selco
Community Credit Union, located at 2465 Northwest Thurman Street.

Officers arrived in the area and found the suspect vehicle abandoned a few
blocks away. Significant damage was done to the front of the credit union as
well as the ATM.

Officers spoke to a person near where the truck was abandoned who told
police that a person tried to get into their truck but ran away when

Officers searched the neighborhood but did not locate anyone matching the
suspects description, which was a white or Hispanic male in all dark

It is not known at this point if this attempted ATM theft is connected to a
similar incident last week on Southeast Belmont Street.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact the Portland
Police at