City Seeks Volunteers for NW Parking TMA

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The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) is seeking interested individuals to help implement the Northwest District Parking Management Plan, which City Council adopted on December 12, 2012. Council directed that a Transportation Management Association (TMA) be formed to advise on the implementation of the parking plan. The City is now accepting applications.

Responsibilities of the TMA include advising on priorities for funding projects and programs, implementing travel demand and parking management programs, monitoring and reporting on transportation and parking issues in the district, facilitating the shared use of off-street parking, and evaluating and advising on the implementation of each phase of the parking plan.

The TMA will have 18 voting members with representation from the following groups:

Chair (1)
At Large Residents (6)
Accessibility Advocate (1)
Bike/Pedestrian Advocate (1)
At Large Businesses (4)
Public School (1)
Private School (1)
Hospital (1)
Non-Profit Organization (1)
Hillside Neighborhood (1)

Individuals interested in parking and transportation issues that affect residents, businesses and visitors in the northwest district are encouraged to submit an application. Forms and more information are available online at Applications must be received no later than Friday, January 25, 2013.


Get Involved – Help Clean Up the Neighborhood

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Northwest District Association 2nd Saturday of every month Neighborhood Cleanup – Litter clean up and graffiti removal, 9am-10:30am, Rain or Shine!
Volunteers receive pastries and coffee!
Meet by the front door: Food Front Coop, 2375 NW Thurman St
Contact Phil Sellinger,

Northwest District Association 3rd Saturday of every month Neighborhood Cleanup – Litter clean up and graffiti removal, 9am-10:30am, Rain or Shine!
Meet by the front door: Elephants Deli, 115 NW 22nd Ave.
Contact Fran Goldstein,

Thanks to Food Front, Elephants Deli, Trader Joes and Legacy Good Sam Hospital for local sponsorship.
Thanks to SOLV for supplies.
Thanks to Neighbors West Northwest and the City of Portland Office of Neighborhood Involvement for financial support.

S&L Meeting Minutes 12-11-12

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Dec. 11, 2012 NWDA Safety and Livability Committee Meeting Minutes

Friendly House, 1737 NW 26th Avenue (at Thurman St.)

Members present:  Tanya March, Mary Ann Pastene, Caroline Skinner

Guests present: Steve Greenberg, Josie Reznik, Fran Goldstein, Mike Dee

Tanya – A few meetings ago, we discussed starting the meeting later.

Mary Ann – How about starting at 6:30-7:30? I will have to check with Friendly House to see if they can accommodate us. I will let everyone know.

Caroline – I am concerned about the Kiva liquor license. I think it will set a precedent.

Steve Greenberg – I represent some folks in the neighborhood. We object to the license.

Caroline – I make a motion that we oppose the liquor license on the ground that it is an inappropriate to have an establishment with a liquor license in this part of our residential neighborhood.

Tanya – I 2nd the motion

Josie – I object to the license, too.

Motion fails. Caroline in favor; Mary Ann and Tanya oppose

Caroline – I would like to appeal the decision to the NWDA board, but I can’t be at the meeting on Monday.

Mary Ann – I will present your appeal at the board meeting.

December Parks Report

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The three main issues this month: 1) the playground at Couch Park is deteriorating 2) there was a stabbing of a homeless individual (adjacent to or within the park boundaries) when the police arrived to take the report the victim was not in the park the report locates the incident at NW 20th and Glisan 3) the park bond/levy 2013

History of Couch park and the current crisis:

In 1973 work began to redesign Couch Park from a flat school yard.  The NWDA and the MLC school were active participants in making the park into a community gem.  The NWDA was concerned by the closure of the Couch School and the failure to restore the Brown House.  The federal funds earmarked for restoring the Brown House were shifted in to the property to create an active public park with three art installations.   The school transferred responsibility for the upkeep of the park, the pool and the gym to PP&R in order to best maintain these assets for adjoining community.

The landscape architect Mike Whitemore was inspired by Peope’s Park in Berkeley California and as a young graduate of architectural school volunteered on the project to build his resume in the 1970s.  He was also the Land Use chair of the NWDA for many years.   The playground structure was conceived as a way to honor the lost Brown House and for the pitch of the playground roof line to mirror the pitch of the roof of the William Temple House.

The entire Couch Park property is deeded to Portland Public Schools yet the park and and any repairs to playground are the responsibility of Portland Parks and Recreation.  Right now repairs and equipment within the playground is in a critical boarding on unsafe condition

The playground underwent major adaptations in 1984 (Oscar Newman Defensible Safe Style response to a dumped body of a citizen trying to prevent a drug deal in the park) 1984 was also the year that Couch Park became on of the first Portland parks to prohibit alcohol consumption.
In 2009, 100,000 dollars was spent to bring the playground up to ADA code.  The money was donated by OPUS Northwest to the Portland Parks Foundation.
The original playground benefited from $200,000 of HUD funding for the park.  There is no federal money available this time.
The cost to replace the structure today is estimated by park’s staff as between $360,000-$500,000
Issue #3
PP&R is going for a bond/levy  in 2013-what our goals that this might fund.   The Couch Park playground structure having failed safety checks for two years should be at the top of the list for funding.  Five plus years ago Parks staff indicated that Wallace was an ideal location for a new water splash pad feature (estimated cost 200,000).
The director of parks still has not respond to our list of questions presented at the NWNW board meeting and via e-mail.
The head of security in parks did rapidly respond to question about the homeless stabbing over the weekend by phone.

The S&L teams efforts to keep the bathrooms open at Wallace Park during the Swift WAtch Season was well received. We need to secure this increased access going forward.

Board Meeting Agenda 12-17-12

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Monday, December 17, 2012, 6:00 to 7:45 pm
Legacy Good Samaritan, Building #2 Conference Room, 2nd Floor, 1040 NW 22 Ave.

Meeting agenda can be downloaded here: NWDA_Agenda_Dec_17_2012.pdf

Supporting documents:
Kiva Liquor License:
NWDA Kiva Letter.pdf

S&L Agenda 12-11-12

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10/9/12, 6-7pm, Friendly House, 12-11-12

Elms Update – 12/7/12

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As previously reported, the two western-most elm trees in front of the development on NW Johnson and 19th could not be saved. Pruning of the two trees will begin on Monday, December 10. On Tuesday, December 11, the two trees will be removed. The two trees will be reclaimed and reused. Efforts to save the two eastern-most trees will proceed per the agreement between the developer and NWDA.

Executive Committee Meeting 12-5-12

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December 5, 2012 Executive Committee Minutes, 8-9am, NWNW Office, 2257 NW Raleigh St.
Members attending: Mary Ann Pastene, Ron Walters, Phil Selinger, Steve Pinger, Juliet Hyams
Guests: Mark Sieber, Kathy Sharp, Tavo Cruz, Krishna Swamji

Discussed Tavo Cruz’s testimony regarding the NW District Parking Plan and resulting TPMA to be presented at Dec. 6 City Council meeting.

Ron Walters forwarded and Steve Pinger seconded Motion to support testimony as detailed in Parking Testimony Dec 2012 v5.pdf. Motion passed.

Discussed Dec. board meeting agenda.

NWDA Transportation Committee December 2012 Agenda

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NWDA Transportation Committee December 2012 agenda (docx)

TriMet enforcing fares in former Free Rail Zone

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TriMet is currently checking fares inside the Free Rail Zone and asking customers to purchase a ticket if they do not already have one. This educational phase will soon move to an enforcement phase when TriMet will begin handing out citations to customers found without a valid TriMet fare within what used to be the Free Rail Zone.

As of September 1, MAX Light Rail and Portland Streetcar service in Downtown Portland and the Lloyd District are no longer free. A valid TriMet fare is now required on bus, MAX and Portland Streetcar.”

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