Legacy Good Samaritan to Host Earthquake Preparedness Event

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Legacy Good Samaritan to Host Earthquake Preparedness Event
Hospital invites community to take a tour of emergency facilities, learn about personal preparedness and identify community resources

Portland, Ore.—Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center announced today it will host an Earthquake Preparedness Fair on Thursday, November 15, 2012. The fair, which is free of charge and open to the general public, will feature exhibits presented by a community organizations, neighborhood associations and hospital representatives as well as a tour of the Emergency Department.

Details of the Fair are as follows:

WHEN: Thursday, November 15, 2012
9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

WHERE: Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center Stenzel Healing Garden
1015 NW 22nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97210

Specific exhibits include:

Tours of the Emergency Department: Join Chief Administrative Officer, Tony Melaragno, MD, for a tour of Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center’s Emergency Department (ED) to see firsthand its inner workings and learn about when you should or shouldn’t you go to the hospital during a disaster.
o Tours are scheduled for 9:00 a.m. and 10:15 a.m. Contact Megan Turnell at mturnell@lhs.org or 503-413-7742 to register.

Personal preparedness: Planning for Resilience & Emergency Preparedness (PREP) will present valuable information on how to prepare for a major earthquake and other catastrophic events. PREP will teach equip and empower the community with practical tools and tips on how best to prepare for a major disaster.

Community Resources: The Northwest District Association’s (NWDA) Neighborhood Emergency Team (NET) will showcase their efforts to organize the neighborhood before, during and after an emergency or disaster. They will also highlight and identify community resources available to neighbors.

Pet Preparedness: Learn from Dove Lewis how to create pet rescue and evacuation plan, manage pet identification information, identify a family meeting spot and other measures that will keep your pets safe in the event of a disaster.

Evacuation protocols: How does a hospital evacuate patients, visitors and staff? Stop by to see our evacuation slides and review our plans.

Mass fatality management: In a disaster, we will be faced with multiple victims and multiple fatalities. It is an unfortunate reality that hospitals must manage victims, both alive and deceased. Visit this station to learn what is being done in the arena of mass fatality management in a hospital setting.

Emergency Operations Center in an emergency: This is the hub of operational control in a disaster. Learn about the incident command system and its role in a disaster situation. How can the hospital co-ordinate such a large event and minimize chaos? We use a very refined approach that meshes well with other organizations.

Mental health support: Mental health just is as important as physical health, but the signs and symptoms of a disorder may not be visible. Come learn about how you can support yourself and others after a disaster.

Notes, NAC (Neighborhood Advisory Committee) Meeting

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October 19, 2012

Notes, NAC (Neighborhood Advisory Committee) Meeting

The NAC, established under the ESCO GNA (Good Neighbor Agreement, www.portlandnac.com), meets quarterly. The NAC meeting on October 19th, held at Friendly house, was Chaired by Aubrey Baldwin. Bob Amundson and Sharon Genasci are the NWDA NAC representatives. Both of us were present. Kathy Sharp from AQC (NWDA Air Quality Committee) was present as well.

Minutes from the 8.3.12 meeting were approved as read. Carmen Merlo, Director, City of Portland Emergency Management Office offered an on-line demonstration of the emergency notification system. You can register at: www.publicalerts.org.

ESCO reported a new dust collector on the lower finishing air arc at the main plant, which collects on average 571 pounds of dust per month. There will be a public tour of the ESCO plant, probably in March or April of next year, where new controls under the GNA will be on view. They want to know when people would like to go through the plant – best days and times.

Sharon gave an update on the odor complaints process. The NAC motion to have the complaint log available on the internet was vetoed by ESCO.

Part of the GNA agreement regarding odor complaints was that ESCO would investigate all complaints, using wind, speed & direction, to see what part of the plant was in production near the time of the complaint. This was in order to see where & what in the plant’s production process is causing the odors. A log is now kept at ESCO of these findings. However, only NAC representatives going to the plant can examine the logs, which also cannot be photocopied or sent out electronically.

Sharon examined the current log at ESCO, which covered May 8th to September 16th, 2012. It examined 83 ESCO related odor complaints for that period. The problem areas in the plant were mostly the doghouse, Plant 3 and the main plants 1 & 2. Some complaints coincided with several pours in both plant 3 and the main plants.

Sharon reported that an examination of the odor complaints from the NWDA AQC website www.portlandair.org for the same period, May 8th to September 16th, 2011, showed only 67 complaints, which was surprising, since that was before the ESCO
GNA with its new air pollution controls (not all are installed, but several are). She also told the committee that odor complaints relating to ESCO continue to highlight the hardship for people living near the plant. Some have to move out of the neighborhood. She asked ESCO representatives whether production at the plant was increasing. This information will be available in the Annual Report due out in January 2013.

It was decided by the committee to take up monitoring at Chapman School, for which ESCO has offered some funds, and community monitoring at the next NAC meeting, which will be held on January 25th. The public is welcome, and can comment at the end of the meeting.

Sharon Genasci, NWDA NAC representative

Central City 2035: West Quadrant Plan Stakeholder Advisory Committee Being Formed

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The City of Portland’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS) is accepting applications through Thursday, November 15, 2012, for positions on the Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) for the Central City 2035 West Quadrant Plan (WQP). The West Quadrant includes a small portion of the North West District.

If you live within the gold area in the map above, you may be eligible to participate in the Stakeholder Advisory Committee. To learn more visit:

Salt and Straw Joins GNA program

Thanks to Salt and Straw for joining our Good Neighbor Agreement Program.

Survey About Square in Con-way Masterplan RESULTS

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Download the results of our on-line survey about the proposed Con-way area public square design. The survey also included a question on the importance of specific items to be included in a possible construction Good Neighbor Agreement with Con-way (see page 6 of the pdf).


NWDA Q3 Crime Statistics

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Q3 2012 NWDA Crime Statistics: NWDA-crime-Q32012.pdf

Q3 2011 NWDA Crime Statistics (for comparison): NWDA-crime-Q32011.pdf

Q3 2012 saw a significant decrease in ‘theft from vehicle’ crimes, which had been the district’s predominant crime since the first of the year. A year-to-date graph of the district’s ‘theft from vehicle’ by month can be found here: NWDA-TFV-YTD.pdf

The predominant crime for Q3 is Larceny, which is the unlawful taking of property from the possession of another; includes pickpocket, pursesnatch, shoplift, and bike theft.  (Note: Theft from Auto has been separated from the Larceny category to more easily track and identify where these crimes occur.)

Elms Update – 10/16/12

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The developer is about to start phase II of the preservation plan for the American Elm trees at NW 19th and Johnson. This will consist of digging a trench along the property line, about 2’ to 3’ wide and 4’ to 5’ deep. This will be done with a special water spade so as to uncover the root structure with minimal damage. The water will loosen the soil which will be sucked up with a vacuum truck. Once exposed and under the direction of our arborist and with input from the City Forester’s office, the developer will proceed to prune the roots at the property line. Once this has been accomplished the contractor will fill the trench, which will allow the roots to heal before construction begins in December. All of this will take place between October 16th and October 20th.

S&L Minutes 10-09-12

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Questions for meeting with Mike Abatte were also discussed:
Questions for Mike Abbate with Notes.pdf

Parks Update October

Sign put up this morning in Couch Park


Last week PP&R wrote to (me/Tanya March) and a few others that there was a safety concern at Couch Park and that a fence was going up at part of the playground.  I observed that the zipline was chained putting it out of service.  Children were climbing on top of the zipline and the wood rot at the footing was causing the entire system to shake.  I asked Mike Abbate about the lack of a fence and my concern for tranparency a sign appeared this morning.

The questions prepared by NWDA Safety and Livability over the week and worked on by the Questions for Mike Abbate with Notes with my meeting notes.  Thank you to NWDA board member Juliet for getting our question some time at the NWNW Board Meeting.


Survey About Square in Con-way Masterplan

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Please take a moment to complete a short online survey about the square that will be built in the Con-way Masterplan area.

As a bit of background, in 2009 and 2010, NWDA led a community-driven planning process that resulted in an urban design concept for the Slabtown neighborhood in Northwest Portland. Based on the results of an online survey and five workshops, the neighborhood’s top priorities were defined as parks, squares, and open spaces; pedestrian- and bike-friendly streets; and creating a historically significant iconic focal point. In 2011 and 2012, to advance the goals and priorities of the neighborhood, NWDA participated in the development of a masterplan for a 17-acre parcel of land owned by Con-way.

The masterplan was approved in August 2012. Roughly 25% of the masterplan area is dedicated to a park, square, and pedestrian walkways. Portland Parks & Recreation will lead a pubic process to design and develop the public park. The square will be part of a private development site, which will be located on the western half of the block between NW 20th and NW 21st and NW Pettygrove and NW Quimby. As part of the masterplan agreement, the public will have an enhanced role in the design of the square once a developer is identified.

In anticipation of this design process, Don Genasci, an NWDA Board member and architecture professor at the University of Oregon, has arranged to have roughly twenty students design visions of the Slabtown square as a part of their course work. NWDA is excited to review a wide variety of creative student ideas and designs to help inform the future design of the square.

We would like to supplement the formal masterplan guidelines and design standards with your opinions and ideas about what would make a great neighborhood square.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

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