Report on first (GNA) NAC Meeting & EPA Conf. in Seattle Last Week

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Last week was the first NAC meeting (Neighborhood Advisory Committee) under the GNA with ESCO. Jorjan had work commitments, that prevented her being there on a Tu., but in future she will be, as they are moving dates to Friday. It went quite smoothly. Aubrey Baldwin agreed to be Chair and facilitator of the group. Esco had organized the meeting at Friendly House, and they reported on two of the scheduled GNA pollution controls being finished and ready for NAC inspection, nos. 4 and 8 on Attachment A of the GNA.

These are 4: Seal leaks and opening on P3 Pouring Cooling Shakeout (which was already reported as completed in October, but has not had the NAC inspection). The other was no. 8: Modify operational specifications to limit door and other openings to improve capture on EAF and AOD processes. NAC reps will be invited in to inspect the records and the process for fugitive emissions. I suggested we invite Bob Holmstrom to carry out some of the inspections on our behalf, as he is a trained engineer, and is very familiar with the plant. I am ccing this to Ron Walters to get that process in order with the Board.

Finally, on Friday I attended an all day Conference on outdoor air pollution at EPA HQ in Seattle. There were a number of air quality activists there from the region, as well as a number of EPA personnel. The EPA outlined in detail their programs to assist activists in the field. I found the presentations interesting, but mainly enjoyed meeting the activists, who are working on a variety of problems and in a variety of situations. Some were like ours, where neighborhoods are next to polluting industries, others were dealing with pig farms, field burning and other agricultural pollution problems. One was working on nuclear emissions, others live near landfills etc. I think the overriding feeling from the activists was that we have lots of information about our pollution problems, but not the kind of help we need from the regulatory bodies (DEQ, EPA) to actually achieve reduction in emissions into our common air shed. It was gratifying to know that these good people are out there working hard. Sharon Genasci, Chair, NWDA Air Quality Committee

Become a Tree Inventory Team Leader

Volunteer now to become a tree inventory team leader at our four work days!

Become a Tree Inventory Team Leader and help neighbors identify, measure, and map their street
trees. This is a great opportunity to improve your tree identification skills and learn more about
assessing tree health and site conditions. In 2012, Team Leaders will help volunteers inventory
15,000 street trees in three neighborhoods.

Team Leaders must attend a training session and commit to participate in three inventory work days.

Training is offered on Saturday, June 23, at SE Uplift at 3534 SE Main St. Sign up for one session, either 8:30 AM-noon or 1:00-4:30 PM. Register online at

Inventory work days will be held on Saturdays from 8:30 am to noon from June through September.
Register as either a Team Leader or as a general volunteer – we need help from everyone!

The NWDA work days are





Flyer:  Team_Leader_Training.pdf


NWDA Newsrack Effort

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PDF file documenting NWDA’s current effort to manage newsracks located in the public right of way: SMS-newsracks.pdf

Sidewalk Management Subcommittee Meeting Minutes 4/13/2012

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Sidewalk Management Subcommittee Meeting

April 13, 2012, 10-11:30am

World Cup Coffee, 1740 NW Glisan

In attendance: Fran Goldstein (NWDA), Phil Selinger (NWDA), Felicia Williams (Downtown), Bob Wright (Downtown), Allan Classen (NW Examiner), Guy (Pearl), Jan Valentine (Pearl), Kathy (Pearl), Jeanne Harrison (NWDA) and Karen (ONI intern)

Immediate Strategy – volunteers to collect neighborhood association and other relevant non-profit letters of support over the next few months, through personal contacts, outreach, etc. Volunteer list:


Hosferd Abernathy – Jean Harrison

Goose Hollow – Mary Ann Pastene

Multnomah Villagge – Mary Ann Pastene

Montavilla – Mary Ann Pastene

Sellwood – Mary Ann Pastene

Richmond  – Jean Harrison

Killingsworth – Fran Goldstein

Mississippi – Fran Golstein

Pearl – Jan Valentine

Old Town – Felicia Williams

Downtown – Felicia Williams

Humbolt – Felicia Williams

King – Felicia Williams

Lloyd District – Phil Selinger


Venture Portland – Mary Ann Pastene

Willamette Pedestrian Coalition – Jeanne Harrison

Pearl Business Association – Jan Valentine

Next Strategies – generate features/benefits of plan for publications and get buy in from them; reconnect with PBOT folks.

We will meet again on June 22, 10am at World Cup to get updates

Springbox Gallery

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Neighborhood Association: NW DISTRICT
2234 NW 24TH AVE
Type of Licenses: New Outlet – Limited on Premises
Coalition: NWNW
Business Association: NOB HILL
Comments Due: 5/19/2012

Board Meeting Minutes 03-19-12

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Seasonal Air Traffic Flow Change

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Hello airport neighbor,

My name is Jerry Gerspach and I am a Noise Analyst for the Noise Management Department with the Port of Portland.

I am sending this note to local neighborhood officials to make you aware of the seasonal traffic flow change that will take place this spring.  This is an annual event that occurs every fall and spring due to  changing weather conditions, particularly wind direction and speed.   As a result of this change, residents of your neighborhood may experience variations in aircraft noise exposure or in aircraft altitudes.

More information is available in our 2011 Annual Report which has recently been added to our web page at

We would also be happy to provide an article for your web site or neighborhood newsletter, or someone from our staff could provide a 30-45 minute presentation to an upcoming neighborhood meeting.

Let me know if we can provide any additional information concerning the aircraft traffic flow change or any other aircraft noise related information.


Jerry Gerspach

Port of Portland

Noise Management Department

503.460.4100 (Noise Hotline)

503.415.6072 (Desk)


Safety & Livability Minutes 04-09-12

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Liquor License Renewal – South of Burnside

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(Note: W. Burnside is the southern border of the NW District. Therefore the area south of Burnside is not within the boundaries.)

April 12, 2012

Liquor License Renewal –South of Burnside

 All liquor licenses South of Burnside within the Portland City Limits (East &West) will expire on July 1st, 2012, unless renewed by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC). As part of the renewal process, the City of Portland makes recommendations to the OLCC on renewal applications using information gathered from neighbors, community organizations, and public safety officials. The City of Portland is home to approximately 2,900 liquor license establishments, about half of which are coming up for renewal. Neighbors, Neighborhood and Business Associations, and Community Organizations have a very important role in this process.

The annual renewal is an opportunity for communities to address problems or concerns with licensed establishments in their neighborhoods. Concerned neighbors and community organizations wishing to oppose a license renewal south of Burnside should advise the Office of Neighborhood Involvement as soon as possible. Licensed establishments not identified by the City of Portland as problems are processed as though they received a “favorable” recommendation.  Opposition received by individuals and organizations is considered by the City before a recommendation is made to the OLCC. If neighbors have concerns but do not wish to formally oppose the license renewal, this is an excellent opportunity to engage in problem solving to address concerns informally.

Information about liquor establishments with ongoing problems must be received by May 15th, 2012.

Please contact Theresa Marchetti, City of Portland Liquor License Specialist, at 503-823-3092 or

Chimney Park wins dog park makeover

Wallace Park did not win the Trailblazers dog park makeover. Chimney Park did. Thanks for all who participated.

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