NWDA TriMet Fare Changes Comment Letter

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NWDA TriMet fare comment letter.pdf

Board Meeting Minutes 01-23-12

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MLC/Couch Park Educational Garden Support Letter

On February 27, the NWDA voted to approve a MLC educational garden installation in Couch Park.
Support Letter: PPR letter – Couch Park Garden.pdf
Garden Concept: MLCgardenconcept.pdf

Con-way Traffic Analysis – 2/23/12

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As part of the NW Masterplanning process, Con-way hired Kittelson & Associates to identify the transportation-related impacts associated with the proposed Con-way property redevelopment. The report is available here:

ConWay Traffic Analysis – Kittelson

Members of the NWDA Transportation Committee – Phil Selinger and Jeanne Harrison – were asked to review the report. Their comments were shared with Kittelson and the Con-way masterplan team in the form of an email on February 22. The comments are available here:

Con-way Traffic Analysis – NWDA Feedback

Vote for Wallace Park Dog Area Makeover!

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Portland Parks & Recreation, Banfield Pet Hospital and the Trail Blazers are partnering to give one of Portland’s favorite dog parks an extreme makeover!

Cast your vote by March 31st to decide which of the three Portland Parks & Rec dog parks we’ll be giving a facelift this Fall.

Vote here:

The nominees are:

Wallace Park @ NW 25th Ave. and Raleigh


The Wallace Park off-leash area is much-loved by the Northwest Portland community, which has a unique need for off-leash space due to the neighborhood’s high density. The site is highly used, especially by neighborhood residents.

Gabriel Park @ SW 45th and Vermont St.


The Gabriel Park off-leash area is one of PP&R’s most popular sites. Its grassy surface and large play area attracts dogs – and owners – from all over Portland.

Chimney Park @ 9360 N. Columbia Blvd.


One of the first dog parks in Portland, Chimney Park is a destination for dog owners all over Portland. At 5.5 acres, Chimney is the largest fenced dog park in Portland, but currently only has basic amenities

Con-way Masterplan Design Review – 3/1/12

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On March 1, the Design Commission will hold a Design Advice Request (DAR) meeting to review the NW Masterplan for the Con-way properties north of NW Pettygrove. The meeting location is 1900 SW 4th Ave, Room 2500A. The meeting begins at 1:30, though the masterplan is the second item on the agenda so the start time is not time specific. The meeting (described below) is open to the public and testimony is welcome.

EA 11-188950 DA – NW Master Plan @ Conway Site
Kara Fioravanti, BDS, 503-823-5892
(Continued from December 1, 2011, Rescheduled from February 2, 2012, Continued from February 16, 2012)
APPLICANT: Phil Beyl, GBD Architects, Inc. ADDRESS: 1417 20th Ave

Design Advice Request for a Northwest Master Plan at the Con-way site in NW Portland. The Con-way site consists of 15.62 acres with a mix of EX and I zones, generally in the vicinity of NW 22nd Avenue, NW Pettygrove Street, NW 20th Avenue and NW Upshur Street. A Type III Northwest Master Plan is required for future redevelopment of the Con-way site by various developers. The Master Plan will address existing and proposed development, height and massing of the development and phasing of the development.

2012 Summer Concerts Line Up Announced

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Summer Concerts in our Neighborhood Parks:

7/12 Gimme Some Lovin’  (Blues Brothers Band)
7/19  Locust St. Taxi
7/26  Nancy King Quartet

8/2  The Alphabeticians
8/9  Bobby Torres Band
8/16  The Ty Curtis Band

Con-way Masterplan Open House – March 13, 2012

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On Tuesday, March 13, from 6 to 8 pm in the Legacy Good Samaritan Auditorium, Con-way, in conjunction with NWDA, will present an overview of the NW Masterplan for the Con-way properties north of NW Pettygrove. Public questions and comments are welcome.

Representatives of the NWDA Planning Committee have participated in the development of the plan, which will be presented to the Portland Design Commission for approval this spring. The NWDA Board of Directors is expected to consider the elements of the proposed masterplan as early as its March Board meeting on March 19.

Con-way Open Space Vision – 2/22/12

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NWDA and Con-way reached agreement on an open space plan for the Con-way Masterplan area in 2011. In early 2012, the Portland Bureau of Parks & Recreation informed Con-way that it could not support the plan as conceived. In short, the plan was not consistent with PPR’s needs assessment and it would be too expensive to build and maintain.

Con-way, PPR, and NWDA representatives are working to find an open space plan that can be supported by all parties. That the end, Con-way developed an draft memorandum outlining proposed vision and principles for Parks and Open Space in the Con-way Masterplan area. The document can be downloaded here:

Con-Way Parks Principles Memo 02 22 12

NWDA is reviewing the document and will provide feedback.

Planning Comm. Minutes – 2/23/12

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NWDA Planning Committee Minutes
February 23, 2012

Members Attendees:
John Bradley (Chair), Don Genasci, Roger Vrilakas, Bill Welch, Ron Walters, Steve Pinger

Guests: Allan Classen (NW Examiner); Tom DiChiara (CE John); Tanya March (Safety & Livability Committee)

Call to Order: 8:05 am

Bradley starts meeting with announcements.

Walters provides background on process to date regarding Block 296 proposal.

Tom DiChiara presents overview of Block 296 concept: 29,000 square foot grocery store plus 6-story market-rate apartments with ground-floor retail on NW 21st and NW 22nd. Underground parking for tenants supplemented with existing surface parking for grocery store. Second phase of development could remove or shelter surface parking.

Bradley invites motion to approve masterplan concept for Block 296 subject to approval of entire masterplan and restriction that FAR cannot be transferred off site. Motion modified to include provision to break up building façade on side streets and to include sufficient footings for potential future replacement building.

Pinger moves.

Genasci second.

Discussion of motion.

Votes In favor: Genasci, Pinger, Vrilakis, Walters
Opposed: None
No vote: Welch

Motion passes. Will be forwarded to the Board for Monday, February 27 Board meeting.

Additional discussion.

Meeting adjourned at 9:08 am.

Additional Meeting Notes:

Bradley–announcements: Change of agenda, will be discussing potential grocery store. PBOT & ODOT are meeting on the 29th to discuss the Kittelson report on Con-way traffic–Ron Walters and Phil Selinger will attend.

Bradley–clarifications on Con-way, they are going for a building LEED and a district LEED, which is a comprehensive look at how the area is physically organized.

Genasci–Hyams mentioned that construction uses a lot of older diesel engines, Sharon Genasci spoke with Kevin Downing DEQ expert who is suggesting a 1% budget to refurbish diesel or use different fuels.

Bradley–one part of the LEED by neighborhood rating is based on a variety of mitigations for this sort of thing.

Genasci–we should proscribe the effect, not necessarily the means.

Bradley–Good news, Ed McNamara of Turtle Bay Investments is looking for funding to build low income housing in the Con-way area. A site behind the church is under consideration.

On the 14th Holst Architects will be in to discuss the Lucky Lab development, 20th and Raleigh. A pre-app on March 7th.

DiChiara–also on of my projects, we’ll be in on the 14th.

Bradley–Today, discussing lot 296, the grocery.

Walters-a few weeks ago we saw this for the first time at the Con-way plan committee, we asked for feedback from the Board about general recommendations, heard interest in the grocery store at this location–no motion, just a sense of the room. Thus Con-way reps continued to work on the store, based on the guidance of the board and not opposed to the idea, but nothing to respond to.

The committee–Bradley, Genasci, Pinger and Walters–responded that the draft a few weeks ago was on the right track. Based on the desired timeline for the City and Con-way, to the extent that there are things we would support, we’d like to get it to this group and in front of the board, which meets Monday.

Welch–the procedure should come from conway to the four person group then to planning and then to the board, and not to the board before that.

Bradley–the board looked at it as ‘there might be a grocery store here.’

DiChiara– we’ve been interested in doing a grocery store here, so we’ve developed a scheme to address some of the concerns we’ve heard.

Block 96 has old warehouse Raleigh-Quimby–22nd-21st.

A block building with skylights, structurally in good shape, concrete reinforced built in 50’s, needs new roof, reusable building. As a grocery would be a catalyst for the area.
New roof will be a diaphragm keeping the skylight, will have seismic upgrade.

Have gone through a number of changes of plan as we address comments. Started with big box do the store inside and maybe something in front. Hearing about the density and design goals, now have it 20′ short of back side on 22nd and pulls of back bays of the warehouse. Build six-story new building behind with retail on the corners, rental apartments above, tuck under, housing on top traditionally sized residential building.

On Raleigh modest loading area and auto entry for apartments. See Raleigh as the main approach.

Grade falls across the site, can get on grade at SE corner, 3′ difference to the North. Prominent entrances at the corners.

Moving to 21st, 60′ deep mixed commercial and residential building, 6-story, on the other side of the parking lot, with a parking tray underneath to support the residential buildings. 150 stalls underground, ped connection underground to the rear on Raleigh, parking tray under the East portion of the site under the parking lot and Eastern building.

Genasci–what happens when the grocery store goes away, long term?

DiChiara–we could build on top of the site housing along Quimby, new parking tray about part of existing on the North, encapsulate the site at the 60′ line. Traffic access still interior to the block.

Putting a parking tray under the current building would cost $3 to $4 million, kill the project.

175 residential units, activates all four corners of the block.

Genasci–concerned that preparation for footings is looked at for the eventual replacement of the parking lot.

DiChiara–we are doing that.

Walters–this square footage wouldn’t be allowed under code, a single exception to the 20,000 s.f. limit. That’s one thing they would like support on. This would require approval of the changes at the commission.

DiChiara–currently it’s 36,000 s.f. but we’re taking some off the back, which the grocers also like because 36k is more than they feel is marketable.

The new code lets us go to 75′ and we are at capacity with the adjustments allowed in that code. 16′ ground floors, five above. Woodframe construction works at this level. Type 3b building.

Welch–if this takes almost three years to get the development complete, will the surrounding projects also be moving forward?

DiChiara–we expect the blocks to start building out.

Bradley–work is going on two sites on 23rd, project in the works for 20th.

Welch–wonders about the other markets surviving–Food Front, City Market. Thinks they will.

DiChiara–Whole Foods drove the Brewery Block area developments.

Bradley–invites a motion to approve subject to the approval of the entire plan and with the restriction that FAR cannot be transferred off the site.

Pinger moves
Genasci seconds

Welch–I have complained about this as that it shouldn’t be the first tenant, I like what they are doing but wish it was in the middle of the project.

DiChiara–there will be 500 units of new housing by the time it opens.

Genasci–I’m concerned about the relationship to the two side streets, that the building be open to both Raleigh and Quimby, some interest and openness to the side streets. It’s a suburban situation, though the corner entrances helps a lot.

DiChiara–our expectation is that we have some glass on the sides such as downtown Safeway, Whole Foods. We think Raleigh will be a primary street.

Bradley–Motion is now:

Approve subject to the approval of the entire plan and with the restriction that FAR cannot be transferred off the site, open to the side streets and with footings for future replacement building.

All in favor, Welch not voting.

Pinger–the power point at Con-way was well put together.

Walters–if we have 30 minutes at the Board meeting, there might be four slides about this, the motion would be for the board to approve this one piece.

Bradley–a few minutes left, won’t get to the work plan.

The park is still up in the air, Portland Parks Bureau said they didn’t like the idea of two separate parks, one green, on a square. Now they are looking the entire block with the truck repair shop would be devoted to a park and a square. One of the elements we’re looking at is that the square is enclosed in some way, not a squark… One building on the east side and another on the north side, small glass pavilion on the corner. Hardscaped to the west, green to the east.

Quimby reopened but not a public street. Would look like a street, would function as a festival street. A private street, not maintained by the city.

The parks will be maintained by the city.

Walters–Essentially moves the green park to the west of the planned square.

Bradley–there will be another small private but open to the public square at the north end of 21st and possibly another near the church.

Walters–the most detail we have we got two days ago, John Spencer’s memorandum. We should circulate this. We would like it to start sooner rather than later.

Genasci–the adjacent development site may also contribute to the maintenance and not have to rely entirely on the city.

Bradley–dimensions somewhere between 135′ or 145′ x 145′ open area on the square.

SDC’s still need to be put to paper, enough to kick-start the design, and PP&R will go through their procedure for park planning with some provisos for the park and square sections.

Vrilakas–has anyone asked how much someone would pay to have a park per annum?

Bradley–not that I know of.

Welch–I’m hoping we could take a vote on the idea we discussed last week, to encourage the board to attach with their parking plan that we reevaluate the parking limits and requirements for RH and EXd.

Bradley–can we do this next week?

Walters–almost none of that has anything to do with off-street parking.

Welch–in the 1996 set up for the plan paying for off-street parking is allowed as part of the use for funds from a meter district.

That’s how we got into the parking problem was because of the zoning.

Bradley–next week we’ll discuss this; do we want it? Where should it apply? How do we get there.

Next week: half the time on this, half on workplan.

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