Response to the NWDA December Park Ranger Letter

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Dear Ms. March,

Since I am leaving PP&R effective December 30th, I will pass on your letter.  However, with my leaving, there will be a gap in any enforcement efforts and I would anticipate very little ranger capacity to patrol any parks (let alone the NW parks) for the foreseeable future.


Kurt Nelson


NW Parking Plan Update – 12/28/11

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The NWDA Ad Hoc Parking Committee (the Committee) continues to work with representatives of the City and other stakeholders, both through the Mayor’s Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) and through separate outreach, toward finalizing the NW District Parking Plan. The specifics of the Plan remain in flux, as additional comments are received and incorporated, and new stakeholders provide input. Furthermore, we anticipate that the plan will remain flexible once adopted, to respond to changing variables and optimize its performance.

There are many exceptions, but generally speaking, it appears that many residents support some sort of parking regulation, while many neighborhood businesses oppose it. (At the outset, some business leaders opposed the Plan, while the Nob Hill Business Association (NHBA) supported the Plan subject to revisions. The NHBA recently shifted their position, and they now oppose the Plan.) Some interested parties have already begun direct lobbying of City Council members in an effort to kill or delay implementation of the plan for an indefinite period of time.

The City circulated a now outdated Executive Summary approximately two months ago. A new version will be circulated soon, and it should incorporate a number of potential revisions, including:

1. Extension of the majority of time stays to three hours;

2. Expansion of the central commercial meter/permit area toward Burnside Street;

3. Reduction of the hourly rate, possibly to $1.25/hour (from the proposed $1.60/hour); and

4. Phase-in of the upper NW portion of the neighborhood (the “Chapman Area”).

Other changes are also under discussion, including subsidies for low-income permit holders, and inclusion of the Hillside Neighborhood in the SAC process. We have also requested that the City provide additional information regarding formation and operation of the Transportation and Parking Management Association (TPMA), as well as additional outreach efforts to residents and businesses.

Once the new parking Plan materials have been circulated, the Committee expects to solicit further comments from NWDA members, either via the web or a public meeting.

Ultimately, whatever Plan is adopted – IF it is adopted – will be the product of extensive compromise and negotiation among all parties. The Committee continues to support the adoption of a rational parking plan, in an attempt to deal with a difficult parking situation that will only become worse as the economy accelerates and additional residential and commercial development projects come online in the neighborhood. The final plan should more effectively allocate a scarce resource – unrestricted on-street parking – while balancing the needs of residents, businesses, and visitors to the neighborhood.

Dec. 2011 Letter to Park Ranger

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NWDA_SL_December Ranger Letter.pdf

Tour Fire Station #3 with the Safety & Livability Committee

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Join us for a tour of Fire Station #3 on Monday, January 9, 10:45am!

The Safety and Livability Committee will tour Fire Station #3 at 10:45am on Monday, January 9.

This tour will be the second half our regular monthly meeting. From 10-10:30 am we will meet in the meeting room at World Cup (corner of NW Glisan and 18th). We will then walk to Fire Station #3 (NW Johnson at 17th) for a tour.

Join us for our meeting or simply meet us at the Fire Station! Everyone is welcome.

Volunteers needed Sat. Jan. 14–pickup litter & remove graffiti

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Help clean up the neighborhood and get to know your neighbors!
Food Front Coop, 2375 NW Thurman St.
Saturday, January 14, 9-10:30am, rain or shine
Volunteers receive pastries and coffee!
Please join us and help pick up litter and remove graffiti!

New NW Crime Prevention Coordinator – Jenni Bernheisel

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Jenni Bernheisel has been part of the Office of Neighborhood Involvement’s crime prevention staff for several years and will now be supporting many of the NWNW neighborhood associations, including the NWDA district.   For more information, please feel free to contact her at Currently her phone number is still being transitioned, but will eventually be the same number you had been using to contact Frank Silva. A message from Jenni –

Crime Prevention is so much more than number crunching and predicting crime trends. As your neighborhood Crime Prevention Coordinator, I bring a variety of skills and experiences that will benefit the neighbors of Northwest Portland. My interests range from neighborhood watch, prescription drug abuse prevention to elder safety and personal safety.

I am a native Oregonian and have spent most of my life in Portland. I have a good understanding of the concerns of neighbors in many areas of the city. I have lived both on the west side and in northeast Portland. For a good part of the last four and a half years I have worked with neighborhoods in East and Southeast Portland. I am not only your Crime Prevention Coordinator; I am also your neighbor. What matters to you, matters to me!

In Crime Prevention, we are known to do a great deal of situational crime prevention. An example of this is the work that I did at the NE 82nd Avenue and Jonesmore Max platform and TriMet bus stop. The Madison South neighborhood had begun working with Crime Prevention to address the safety concerns on the Max platform. When I took over, the platform was not well lit, the foliage was overgrown, and riders did not feel safe. After several years of working with partners such as PBOT, ODOT, East Precinct, neighborhood associations, area businesses and TriMet, we were able to improve the platform safety. We also addressed traffic/pedestrian safety on 82nd Avenue by building a median barrier that funnels pedestrian traffic to safely cross 82nd Avenue by using the marked crosswalk. Long term problem solving and partnering led to a healthy neighborhood solution for all.

I have also proudly served on the board of Ride Connection for almost four years. I have been the secretary of the board for three years. Ride Connection is an organization that provides free transportation for seniors and people with disabilities. Please take a look at the Ride Connection website for information on their many services at . Ride Connection is a non-profit that has a number of programs that are catered to its many riders and believes that transportation is a human right.


In my personal time I volunteer with the Portland Police Bureau’s WomenStrength program as an instructor. WomenStrength is a program that provides free self-defense training for women of all ages and abilities. Classes are offered year round and in locations all around Portland. You do not need to live in Portland to take a class! Working with women in this capacity is extremely rewarding on a personal level and also ties in with the mission of the Crime Prevention Program. Go to and click on WomenStrength for current class schedules and volunteer opportunities.

As a Crime Prevention Coordinator, I also have the opportunity to identify needs in the community and develop and implement programs to address those needs. In 2009 I identified a nationwide trend to take back prescription medications for safe disposal and drug abuse awareness. I started a Prescription Drug Turn In program for Portland. This is a program that offers the community a one day, safe disposal option for unused and expired prescription medications. The police bureau incinerates the medications, so that they do not go into our precious water supply. The service is free and anonymous. After the first one day drug turn in event held in East Portland in 2009, the program went citywide! A strong partnership between Crime Prevention and the Portland Police Bureau has allowed for several years of successful events and the availability of a safe disposal option for the community. This program is also an effort to raise awareness about the dangers of prescription drug abuse among teenagers and the gateway of OxyContin to Heroin use. If you can’t wait for the next one day turn in event to dispose of medications, please go to your nearest Portland Police Bureau precinct and drop your medications in the green MedReturn box during lobby hours. For a list of drop box locations and a list of acceptable items for disposal, please go to .

These are a few of the activities and projects that I have been involved in during my time as a Crime Prevention Coordinator. I look forward to taking on new challenges and working with neighbors and businesses in the Northwest area of Portland!

Jenni Bernheisel
Crime Prevention Coordinator
The Office of Neighborhood Involvement





Liquor License Application – Fish Sauce

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407 NW 17th Ave FISH SAUCE.pdf

Liquor License Application – Emanon Cafe

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1000 NW 17th Ave EMANON CAFE.pdf

Liquor License Application – Slabtown

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We have received a liquor license application for a change in ownership of an existing Restaurant in the NORTHWEST DISTRICT neighborhood.  SLABTOWN located at 1033 NW 16TH AVE has applied for change in ownership with full on premises sales license which allows the sale of distilled spirits, malt beverages, wine and cider for consumption on the premises.  The application contact is:  DOUGLAS M ROGERS – 503-358-0916.

Following is the information captured on the business information form:
Seating capacity           Restaurant 38
Entertainment                Live Music, DJ Music, Coin-operated Games
Menu                            Lunch/Dinner
Hours                           Noon-2:30am 7 days a week
If you are aware of any existing problems or concerns at this location, please notify Theresa Marchetti ( or at (503) 823-3092 by JANUARY 19, 2012.

Changes in ownership are typically routine paperwork, however, if there is a good neighbor agreement in place or identified problems at the location it can provide an opportunity for problem solving.  If you have concerns regarding this license, please list the concerns in writing and remember they must be related to crime, alcohol, alcohol related behavior or drugs.  Traffic, Parking and Trash are not considered during the licensing process at OLCC.   Please let Theresa Marchetti know if you have any questions.
Thank you.


1033 NW 16TH Ave SLABTOWN.pdf

2010-2011 Fiscal Year Statements

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NWDA CT-12 Report FY 10-11 (Balance Sheet).pdf
NWDA CT-12 Report FY 10-11 (Income Statement).pdf

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