Celebrate 10 Years of Northwest Library

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Nov 1, 2011 – 12-5pm – NW Library

Join us for cookies, cake and St. Honore’s chouquettes!

Northwest Portland branch of the Multnomah County library at NW 23rd Ave. & NW Thurman St.

Help Forest Park – Volunteer with The No Ivy League

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The No Ivy League — Get involved!

Drop-in work parties in Forest Park are hosted the first and third Saturdays of each month (except major holiday weekends), 8:45 AM-noon. Join us for ivy removal and trail maintenance. Meet at our Field Headquarters near the Lower Macleay trailhead before 8:45 AM. Wear weather-appropriate, grubby clothing. We’ll provide gloves and tools. For more info, call 503-823-9423.

First and third Wednesdays of each month, 10 AM to 1pm, except major holidays or in case of severe weather. Major holidays include: Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day.

Learn more at noivyleague.com

Safety & Livability Meeting Minutes 10-24-2011

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NWDA _SL_minutes_102411.pdf

NWDA Transportation Committee November Meeting Agenda

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NWDA Transportation Committee

November Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, November 2, 2011 6:00 to 7:30 pm

Good Samaritan Hospital, Building #2, 2nd Floor Conf Room, 1040 NW 22nd Ave

Committee: Greg Aldrich, Karl Doppelfeld, Co-chair, Jeanne Harrison, Juliet Hyams, Dustin Posner, Scott Seibert, Phil Selinger, Co-Chair, Jonathan Winslow

Board President: Ron Walters

Staff: Mark Sieber

  • Introductions, community comments 5 minutes


  • Brief updates and current topics 20 minutes
    • Cornell Road Task Force – Dustin
    • Parking – Juliet
    • Sidewalk management – Jeanne, Phil
    • Line 15 bus layover – Phil
    • Pettygrove Greenstreet – Pearl / Conway – Jeanne, Phil
    • Crosswalk enforcement action on W. Burnside
    • Other – (NW 17th Parking, Thurman speed humps)


  • Requested support for Wildwood Trail bridge over W Burnside – Phil, A Wheeler 5 minutes


  • Work Plan update 30 minutes
    • What have we accomplished in the past year?
    • How do we follow-up on and close unfinished business?
    • What are our greatest priorities for the coming year?
    • Process for revisions and final version for Board approval.


  • Transportation priorities letter follow-up 15 minutes
    • Organizing ourselves to push for the 4 listed priorities.
    • How do we measure success?


  • Conway Master Plan – Discussion on principles and priorities 15 minutes


  • Future topics
    • Parklets (what is their role and do we want to do any permanently?)
    • Conway Master Plan meeting on November 15th, 4 pm at GBD, 1120 NW Couch, 3rd Floor


  • Adjourn

Photo 20 Place Crossing at W. Burnside

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Here is a photo of the new striping, hope it went through..

New Pedestrian Striping 19Ave. 20th Place / Burnside

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Was pleased to see new crossing lines painted at 19th and 20th place this morning. This action is hopefully the first of many to come from the City towards improving this part of our district. Thanks to everyone who helped to make this happen!


Karl Doppelfeld

Transportation Committee Co-Chair

NWNW Response to Appeal of NWDA Decisions by Michael Marino

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NWNW – Marino Grievance Responses 10 18 2011JEBRevis.pdf

Agenda 10-24-11 NWDA Safety and Livability Committee Meeting

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Monday, October 24, 10-11am
Multnomah County Library, 2300 NW Thurman

1. Introductions

2. Approve August and September minutes.

3. New Items:

a) Work Plan approval DRAFT S&L workplan 2011-2012.pdf

b) Possible new committee members:  Pete Colt and Mary Czarnecki

c) Liquor Applications

SNIFF Cafe – 1828 NW Raleigh St.
North of Burnside
Alcohol Impact Area

d) Grants

e)  Nov and Dec. meeting days – Holiday impact.

4. Announcements:

a) Frank Silva has left his role at ONI as Crime Coordinator

b) Complaint Form on website

5. Project Updates

a) Parks

dog issues at Couch Park update

Summer Concerts Seeking Volunteers for 2012

b) Right of Way Obstruction sub committee

c) Emergency Planning sub committee

d) Graffitti and Litter

e) Depave Update


Board Meeting Minutes 09/19/2011

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October NWDA Transportation Committee Minutes

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Meeting called to order 6:05 P.M.

Members in attendance:

Ron Walters, Phil Selinger Co-Chair, Karl Doppelfeld Co-Chair, Jeanne Harrison, Dustin Posner, Juliet Hyams, Jonathan Winslow

Excused: Greg Aldrich, Scott Seibert

Guests: Clay Thompson Tri-Met, Shoshanah Oppenheim PBOT, Mauricio Leclerc PBOT, Allen Clausen NW Examiner

TRI-MET / Clay Anderson:

Follow up on line 15 issues – primarily, safety along 27th and Thurman, and convenience breaks for bus operators. Secondary issues regarding bus start-up noise, and certainty that layover position will remain for sometime after a final decision is made. It was noted that TriMet has concluded that the current configuration at NW 27th and Thurman needs to change to be more safe. Thompson mentions info-gathering efforts – perhaps coupled with a leaflet distributed for resident feedback. Parking space removal for Noted that while the NWDA has made its recommendations, all options will remain “on the table” until the close of TriMet’s outreach process.

Committee topics in letter to Tom Miller Director, PBOT

Issue of parking management being treated as a separate topic.

Misconceptions concerning couplets – traffic moves too fast, and unsafe.

W. Burnside as a poorly managed pedestrian setting, especially for anyone who is mobility challenged.

I-405 both at Vaughn and Pearl District portals.

I-405 at Couch St: Greg has proposed that original draft language be changed to propose that a traffic light or a stop sign be installed at this intersection for bike/pedestrian safety. This would replace language suggesting closure of the on-ramp segment between Burnside and Couch.

West Burnside 18th – 21st Ave: Concern for mass pedestrian traffic during Timbers, or other arena events. Narrow sidewalks coupled with tavern pre/post celebrations, exacerbate an already hazardous, traffic dense environment. Goose Hollow / NW residents exiting from MAX/ Jen-Weld for shopping at Fred Meyer are also affected by the excess pedestrian activity. NW 21st-23 ave. also on the radar for crosswalks, signage, and other improvements we hope to see implemented at some point.

NW Thurman at 23rd Place: High traffic intersection serving NW Library, Food Front, bakery, and several other well-visited establishments. Efforts the committee suggests are to implement marked crosswalks, and curb extensions from the top of the “T” intersection

NW 20th / Glisan Pedestrian Protection: Committee proposes curb extensions, and a pedestrian activated signal at this Couch Park location. Recently installed signs and painted crosswalk are appreciated, but more is needed.

The priorities letter all call out sidewalk right of way concerns with the proliferation of “A” board signs, and publication boxes infringing on pedestrians sidewalk space.

Mayors NWDA Board visit / Parking:

No definite answers to Open House questions towards parking in our district. Adams’ comment “I have not made my decision” was prevalent. The Mayor and his staff stayed for over two hours compiling resident concerns. Should have more answers by end of this calendar year. (J. Hyams / K. Doppelfeld)

Cornell Road:

Indication that although speed humps are effective in slowing traffic along Cornell, some wider spaced vehicles are able to evade the humps and continue to speed. Such violators are of course subject to fines. (D. Postner).

Slabtown Master Plan:

NWDA Planning Committee states “population and density studies ready” – traffic and parking studies continue at this time. Transportation aspects of this plan to be deferred to the Transportation Committee.

Shoshanah Openheim and Mauricio Leclerc PBOT:
Implications for streetcar route extension as they apply to our district:

It is estimated that by 2012 streetcar extension from NW (Legacy Hospital) to NE (Lloyd Center via SW) and SE to OMSI will be completed. New fares are expected for this expanded service; fare currently stands at $2.10. Shoshanah will send the new fare structure to Phil for distribution. No streetcar layovers are expected. The streetcar will be expanded over the new bridge by 2015.
Mauricio presented several slides of possible bicycle/auto/pedestrian configurations, mostly along  thoroughfares where the Pearl and NW Districts intersect. Intersection at 10th and Marshall/ streetcar stop will be moved northward and diverters will be installed on Marshall to prevent through auto traffic. The one-way couplet has been extended from 13th to 14th on Lovejoy. A number of other traffic calming changes will be implemented as money is available, including new traffic signals and pedestrian crossings.

Meeting Adjourned 8:15

prepared by Karl Doppelfeld

NWDA Transportation Co-Chair

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