NW District Parking Plan Presentation 09/16/11

Slides of Mayor Adams’ presentation to the NWDA Board on 9/16/2011 can be downloaded here:

NWD Parking Presentation – District Meetings 9-12-11 [4].pdf

NWD Vitality EDH.pdf

Park(ing) 2011

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Thanks to everyone who stopped by the NWDA Park(ing) Day park at NW Glisan at 21st on Friday, September 16, 2011. The weather was great. We enjoyed visiting with our neighbors. Also, thanks to everyone who donated food to the NW Portland Ministries Food Pantry.


Use of Chapman School’s Synthetic Turf Fields

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Rules for Use of Chapman Elementary School’s  Synthetic Turf Fields –

This field is open to the community EXCEPT:

  • During school hours and Portland Public Schools athletic events
  • When a prior reservation has been made with Portland Parks & Recreation
  • Under circumstances mandated by Portland Public Schools

Please contact Portland Parks & Recreation at 503-823-2525 to reserve time on the field.

Fields are for the dedicated use of PPS students during school hours and during PPS athletic events.

The following are prohibited on synthetic turf fields:

  • Pets
  • Food – including sunflower seeds
  • Beverages (except water)
  • Golf clubs and/or golf balls
  • Tobacco products
  • Spitting
  • Chewing gum


NW District Parking Plan Open House

An open house for the proposed NW District Parking Plan will be held:

Thursday, October 13

Metropolitan Learning Center, 2033 NW Glisan St.


Board Meeting Minutes 08/15/2011

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Help clean up the neighborhood Saturday, October 8

Two locations to chose from.
Food Front Coop, 2375 NW Thurman St.
Umpqua Bank, 467 NW 23rd Ave.
Volunteers receive pastries and coffee! Please join us and help pick up litter!

Agenda S&L Sept. 27th 6:30-7:30 PM

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Agenda for S&L 27th of September at 6:30 PM:

September 27, 2011. 6:30 – 7:30 pm, Legacy Good Samaritan, Building 2 Second Floor Conference Room
1040 NW 22nd Avenue.

1. Introductions

2. Approve last month’s minutes.


3. New Items:  

a) Mural Proposal for: The Empress Condominiums (20 NW 16th Ave)

Mural as proposed on wall

This is a very simplified sketch of the overall mural concept. The pipes will be multi-colored and many more silhouettes will be placed around the pipes at various angles (in an Escher-like fashion). One of the main pipes will read “Rose City”; the others will have the business names from the Empress Commercial spaces (these will be easily changed as businesses come and go). The sky will be a sunrise scene looking over Mt. Hood and the buildings will be recognizable monochromatic renderings of some of Portland’s landmark buildings, with the Empress most prominent. The overall simplicity of the design lends itself not only to the urban setting, but also to ease of maintenance (in the unfortunate case of vandalism and the obvious case of necessary commercial changes).

b) Liquor Applications

Taste on 23rd

2340 NW Westover Rd. Peruvian Restaurant

c) Is there interest in pesticide free parks program?

d) New Members Vote Pete Colt & Sasha Welford

e) Protecting Chapman’s new artificial turf how to get community involved to support new rules.

5. Committee Business

 a) meeting times review

b) Work Plan

c) Grants  



4. Project Updates should be at end just before public comments

a) Sub-committee A-boards, newspaper boxes and sidewalk cafes

 b) Graffiti Adopt a Block

c) Park Monitoring

d) Depave Update

e) Emergency Planning


7. Public Comment


Health & Environment Committee Minutes 9.12.11

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Minutes, NWDA Health & Environment Committee




Bob l, Bob Davies, Allan Classen (examiner) and Sharon Genasci


Most of the meeting was taken up with discussing the current draft of the Good Neighbor Agreement, and working on a minority report regarding the GNA.  The committee feels that, while the GNA could potentially provide wonderful relief from Esco’s air toxic emissions, it is  a binding, legal contract with NWDA and other neighbors (with many restraints) and it should provide controls on slinger bay, a building on 24th and Vaughn with four large roof vents, fans beneath, that has been the source of fugitive emissions from Esco for the many years our committee has worked on this problem.


The current GNA draft also omits any fence line monitoring or a substitute for this, which would provide neighbors information about emissions from the plant during the five year period of the GNA, when Esco has gone public, may have new management, increased production with more emissions, and we will need to know what we are breathing.


So a minority report was agreed, and those unable to be at the meeting have voted

by telephone on the H & E  GNA Minority Report, which will go to NWDA Board members.  (voted yes, Bob L, Bob Davies, Caroline Skinner, Evan Farnham, Biljana Milkovska and Sharon Genasci).


Bob L brought examples from the NWDA website of the new complaint form being suggested, and we decided we want to keep our current odor form, which works quite well, and provides much more information about the source of the odors and its effect on the neighbor reporting it.


Sharon Genasci, Chair, NWDA Health & Environment Committee




Safety and Livability Committee Meeting Minutes 08/2011

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09/2011 Safety and Livability Committee letter to Police Dept.

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police 09-11.pdf

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