Help Clean Up the Neighborhood Saturday, June 11

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Please join the Northwest District Association and help clean up the neighborhood on Satuday, June 11, 9-10:30am.
There are two locations to choose from: the north litter patrol meets at Food Front, 2375 NW Thurman; the south litter patrol meets at Umpqua Bank, 467 NW 23rd Ave. Basic supplies, a trash drop off, and snacks will be provided.
These clean ups are held the 2nd Saturday of every month.

Trans Comm June Agenda

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NWDA Transportation Committee
June Meeting Agenda
Wednesday, June 1, 2011 6:00 to 7:30 pm

Good Samaritan Hospital, Wilcox Annex CR # A (basement level), 1015 NW 22nd Ave

Note: This is just off the parking lot by the dumpsters!!

· Community Comments

· Sunday Parkways – July 24th – Rich Cassidy, PBOT

· Updates and current topics

o Cornell Road Task Force

o Slabtown

o Pettygrove Green Street

o Parking – Juliet

· Update on TriMet issues and special June 8 meeting

· Burnside pedestrian safety
· Projects List – setting priorities

Couplets: Next Steps?

Summer meeting schedule

· Adjourn

Modification – Le Happy

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Liquor License Extension of Premises

Le Happy
John Brodie
1011 NW 16th Ave.
Portland, OR 97209

This premises has requested OLCC approval to add 2 sidewalk tables and 6 additional outdoor chairs. These additional outdoor seats would be used from 5PM to 12 midnight, Monday through Saturday. There would be no other changes in operation.

If anyone wishes to provide the Commission with factual information concerning whether there is a basis to grant or deny this license under the OLCC’s licensing standards, please write me at the following address:

Attn. Eric Hildebrand
PO Box 22297
Milwaukie, OR 97269

If you have any questions, please call me at (503) 872-5197. Please respond to this letter within 14 days of this letter’s date so that we can process this application in a timely manner. We will share your information with the applicant, make it a part of the public record and consider it when making a final decision.

Special Transportation Mtg, Wed, June 8

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Special NWDA Transportation Committee Meeting
Wednesday, June 8, 2011, 6 pm
Friendly House, NW 26th/Thurman Street

There will be a special meeting of the NWDA Transportation Committee for the purpose of meeting with neighbors and stakeholders who might be concerned or affected by the operation of TriMet’s Line 15 on NW Thurman Street west of NW 27th & Thurman Street. This will be a continuation of the discussion started as part of the Committee’s May 4th meeting.

The meeting will focus on impacts of the current bus layover at NW  27th/Thurman on surrounding residents and businesses. Mitigation measures for the present location as well as potential alternative layover locations will be discussed. Discussion may extend the conversation regarding evening schedules raised at the TriMet meeting last summer. The Transportation Committee will hear points of view and may make a recommendation to the NWDA Board of Directors to present a position/proposal to TriMet and/or the City. TriMet representatives may again be in attendance. Any position of the NWDA Board of Directors is advisory and substantive decisions/actions remain with TriMet and/or the City and does not preclude additional neighbor input to those agencies.

Background text description can downloaded here: NWDA Outline of 27th – Thurman issue

Background photos can be downloaded here: NWDA – Line 15 layover discussion reference photos

Questions may be addressed to Transportation Committee co-chair, Phil Selinger, at

Annual Meeting Minutes 6/14/2010

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NWDA Annual Meeting Minutes – 2010 06 14

Board Meeting Minutes 4/18/2011

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NWDA BoD Minutes – 2011 04 18

S&L Committee Minutes 5/23/2011

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May 23 S&L minutes

S&L Committee Meeting Minutes 4/25/2011

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SL April 25 2011 forMP

05-11 Park Monitoring

Tanya March reported the following through ParkScan:

Couch Park:

Wallace Park:

CleanScapes to Service Public Trash Cans

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CleanScapes will be servicing public trash cans located in Northwest Portland.  Besides emptying the cans, CleanScapes will also pressure wash the exterior to remove graffiti and clean the cans. Click the image below to view a map of the pubic trash cans and their service schedule :


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