Take Pride in your Neighborhood – Remove Graffiti and Pick up Litter Saturday, May 14

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Take pride in your neighborhood –
Help remove graffiti and pick up litter Saturday, May 14

With the help of Ms. Denay Love of CleanScapes, the Northwest District Association is expanding its Saturday, May 14, 2nd Saturday litter clean-up to include graffiti removal. This special graffiti  cleanup  will meet rain or shine from 9am -10:30am at Umpqua Bank, 467 NW 23rd Ave. Everyone is welcome to come lend a hand to remove graffiti and pick up litter along NW 23rd St. Ms. Love will provide supplies and training and volunteers will receive pastries and coffee.

“We are happy to help with this effort.” says Ms. Love, “We look forward to cleaning up Nob Hill, for the residents, for the businesses and for the shoppers.”

According to Tanya March, Co-Chair of the NWDA Safety and Livability Committee, “Graffiti is a problem in our district. Our new Graffiti Task Force it working to develop a long-term plan to address the problem. We thank CleanScapes for organizing this graffiti cleanup. We would also like to thank Food Front Coop, Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital, Trader Joe’s and Umpqua Bank who have helped out with our regular 2nd Saturday litter patrols. ”

Please RSVP to mpastene@comcast.net if you are would like to help with the Saturday, May 14 graffiti removal.

A 2nd Saturday Litter Patrol will also be meet on Saturday, May 14 at Food Front Coop, 2375 NW Thurman St. from 9am-10:30am.

CleanScapes offers solid waste services and streetscape maintenance. They are located at 2525 NW St. Helens Rd.,  Portland OR 97210.

Transportation Minutes – 4/6/11

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NWDA Transportation Committee
April 6, 2011
Good Samaritan Hospital, Building #2, 2nd floor Conference Room
1040 NE 22nd Avenue

Committee Members Attending:
Phil Selinger, Co-Chair
Jeanne Harrison
Dustin Posner
Karl Doppelfeld

Members Absent:
Charlie Grist
Juliet Hyams
Scott Siebert (excused)

Pete Colt, Resident
Jonathon Winslow, Resident
Nicole Comer, Resident
Ron Walters, NWDA President
Mark Cox, Resident
Carol Sterkel, Resident
Alan Clausen, NW Examiner

Introductions began at 6:05 after Phil called the meeting to order.

Community Comments
Pete Colt commended Phil and the committee for the changes he had noticed.

Committee Co-Chair
Phil noted that Juliet Hyams was stepping down as Co-Chair, but will be staying on the committee. He asked for volunteers to take that position. Karl Dopplefeld said he would be interested in that position.

Cornell Road: Dustin said the Cornell Road group did not meet in March. They are pursuing another grant proposal with Metro.

Ron noted that the Slabtown Plan has been adopted by the NWDA Board with the goal of securing a private development agreement with Con-Way. The NWDA Board and Slabtown reps felt that would be the best way to get what the neighborhood wants. Con-Way is willing to move forward and work on a master plan. They are holding weekly meetings with John Bradley, Steve Pinger, Don Genasci and Ron. They are working through the elements of the Slabtown Plan and the NWDA Neighborhood Plan. Eventually a tentative plan would go to NWDA Committees and the NWDA Boad for review and ultimately to the City for adoption.

Phil asked if anyone had been talking to other property owners in the area. Dustin noted that is important that any agreement run with the land and not be limited to the current property owner. In response, Ron noted that the master plan would not cover anything other than a majority of Con-Way’s property and that City approval would run with the land.

Dustin and others met with the prospective developer of the Con-Way parking lots fronting NW 23rd and behind McMeniman’s. They are planning on 179 rental units, primarily studios, with .75 parking spaces per unit. Retail spaces would front NW 23rd.

Pettygrove Green Street
A subgroup of the Pearl District Circulation and Access Committee will meet on April 7.

Pearl District Access and Circulation Committee
Jeanne noted that the Lovejoy/Northrup couplet was discussed and the committee voted to extend the Lovejoy portion one block west. The committee also pushed for more changes at the streetcar stop at Marshall (NB) to improve bicycle safety.

Ron provided an update on the NW Parking Stakeholder Advisory Committee. A different group is charged with dealing with the Zone L permit area to limit parking by Timbers fans. This group wants the area to be larger and the time frame shortened. The City has promised ‘aggressive’ enforcement. Ron is putting SurveyMonkey on the web site to find out how residents and others think the parking plan is working once games have started. The feeling is that there needs to be a more comprehensive plan to deal with the estimated 5,000 cars that will be looking for parking in the area. The next meeting of the Parking Stakeholders Committee will be April 19 and adjustments to Zone L will be on the table.

Transportation Projects Work Session
The rest of the meeting was devoted to mapping the transportation needs that people had identified. Phil will also look at the log sheets that people filled out and create an overall map that the committee can use.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

Submitted by,
Jeanne Harrison

Timbers Feedback Meeting

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011
Metropolitan Learning Center – 5:00 to 8:00 p.m.
2033 NW Glisan Street – in the Auditorium

Transit Access: TriMet Bus #17 or #15

It’s been almost a month since the Portland Timbers inaugurated the newly renovated Jeld-Wen Field, and we want to hear how it’s going for you.

Come join us at the Metropolitan Learning Center for the “Listening Lounge.” You will have an opportunity to talk and listen to staff from the Timbers organization, the Portland Bureau of Transportation, Community Policing and Trimet. Tell us what you think about neighborhood livability issues, parking permits, public transportation and business and resident impacts.

For more information contact Kyle Chisek at the Portland Bureau of Transportation, 503-823-7041.

Portable Sign Regulations

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A-signs, sandwich board signs, and portable signs are regulated by city code:


Background Information on Liquor Licensing

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Background information on Liquor/Alcohol Licensing:

LLAG Report 1-9-03 – updated 2008

Future of LLAG v1

Service Calls vs. Alcohol License Density


Background Information on Dumpsters

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Background Information on Dumpsters in the Right-of-Way:

2002 Ombudsman Annual Report

CROW Presentation to NWDA S&L COmmittee 3-21-11

NWDA Dumpsters Letter 8 30 06

NWDA re Containers ROW 10907

Ombudsman CROW Report 2005

Safety and Livability Minutes, April 18, 2011

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Minutes of the April 18, 2011 Safety and Livability Committee meeting can be found here.

Safety and Livability Minutes March 2011

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Minutes of the March 2011 Safety and Livability Committee meeting can be downloaded here.

Board Minutes – Feb. 2011

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Minutes from the February 2011 NWDA Board meeting can be downloaded by clicking on the link below:

NWDA BoD Minutes – 2011 02 22

S&L Letter to Police Dept., Mounted Patrol 3/11

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A letter dated March 23, 2011 to the Portland Police Department’s Mounted Patrol from the Safety and Livability Committee can be downloaded here.

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