TransComm Agenda – 12/1/10

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NWDA Transportation Committee
December Meeting Agenda
Wednesday, December 1, 2010 6:00 to 7:30 pm
Good Samaritan Hospital, Building #2, 2nd Floor Conf Room, 1040 NW 22nd Ave

• Introductions 5 minutes

• Updates and current topics
o Cornell Road Task Force – Dustin 5 minutes
o Quick updates
• Slabtown – Greg / Ron 3 minutes
• Green Streets – Jeanne 3 minutes
• Pearl Access and Circulation Study – Jeanne 3 minutes
• Parking – Juliet 3 minutes

• Group identification of near-term project and Issues 30 minutes
o Café tables and A-boards
o Crosswalk safety
o Cleanscapes clean-up concept

• Work Plan review – Identification of topics for exploration 30 minutes

• Adjourn

Planning Committee – 12/2/10

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There will be a meeting of the NWDA Planning Committee Thursday, December 2nd 8:00 a.m. in the CoHo Theater, 2257 NW Raleigh.

The agenda will include:

8:00 Deborah Kafoury, Multnomah County Commissioner. For the last 18 months, Comm. Kafoury has served on the Central City Urban Renewal Advisory Committee (Juliet Hyams has been NWDA’s representative) and has asked to hear comments from the committee regarding the proposed Westside urban renewal area.

8:45 Preliminary discussion of a proposal for 2124 NW Flanders, which will be discussed at a Design Advice Request meeting at the Bureau of Development Services on December 13. See

Board Minutes – October 2010

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Minutes from the October 2010 NWDA Board meeting can be downloaded by clicking on the link below:

NWDA BoD Minutes – 2010 10 18

November minutes will be posted shortly after they are approved at the December Board meeting.

Board Minutes – Sept 2010

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Minutes from the September 2010 NWDA Board meeting can be downloaded by clicking on the link below:

NWDA BoD Minutes – 2010 09 20

Board Minutes – Aug 2010

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Minutes from the August 2010 NWDA Board meeting can be downloaded by clicking on the link below:

NWDA BoD Minutes – 2010 08 16

Board Minutes – July 2010

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Minutes from the July 2010 NWDA Board meeting can be downloaded by clicking on the link below:

NWDA BoD Minutes – 2010 07 19

Board Minutes – June 2010

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Minutes from the June 2010 NWDA Board meeting can be downloaded by clicking on the link below:

NWDA BoD Minutes – 2010 06 14

S&L Work Plan 2010-11

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You may download a copy of the Safety & Livability work plan by clicking on the following link SL-Workplan-2011

The Committee is seeking new members. Please contact Tanya March at if you want to join residents and businesses that are working to improve the safety and livability of the neighborhood.

S&L Minutes – Oct. 25

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Safety and Livability Minutes October 25, 2010

Called to order at 10:10 at the N.W. International Hostel 1818 Glisan

Tanya March (Chair), Mary Ann Pastene, Jade Freeman, Kara Colley, Carol Sterkel, Britta Dietrich

Approved September Minutes

Chair Report:
History behind blending three NWDA committees into one Safety and Livability committee-discussion of the rational.

Old Business:

1) Update on the current new liquor licenses going through the system
2) Update on Work Plan
This was once again not approved by the NWDA board, hopefully will be resolved on Monday November 15, 2010.

3) Where are we on networking for cleanups? There was broad discussion on how to reach out to more volunteers for the Second Saturday clean ups that start at two location Food Front and Umqua Bank 9 A.M. – 10:30 P.M.. Tanya March agreed to try to get more parents involved. Also a desire to get Boy Scoot Troop 69 to coordinate their clean-up efforts around the St. Mary’s property to co-ordinate with these efforts.

Off Agenda

1) There was talk of using crime map on to locate troubled areas in our community.
2) Carol suggested that our committee or the NWDA should have a Facebook group, much like the one for summer concerts
3) Need to create linkages with schools like the Renaissance School, Cathedral, MLC, and Chapman etc…. To determine Park usage and get more individuals involved in Saturday cleanups. There is a way to pre-sign up for cleanups (RSVPs).

New Business:

1) Off leash dog issues: Kara Colley shared her experience with interaction between dogs and children in Couch Park. The internet was down but everyone agreed that using park scan was a viable option for reporting most issues that are not of a 911 nature in our community’s parks.

2) “Training ‘testing’ of parkscan- did not transpire as there was no Internet. Those present felt that business cards with the off leash hours and information on parkscan would be an asset. Carol Sterkel already carries with her information about graffiti removal in the community this could be something we could hand out in a package to key constancies. Kara was concerned that she would not feel comfortable taking images in the park. The parkscan site does not require images; you can report text descriptions.

3) New license: One for Cha Cha Cha Mexican Taqueria 305 NW 21st, to include sealed containers of liquor in to-go orders. Discussion was minimal, seemed like there were no impact concerns. Would just save the purchaser a trip to Trader Joes around the corner.

4) Grants (We had not heard yet from Portland Parks Foundation regarding I-405 grant possibility for Couch Park.) Movies were perceived to be a nice next step for parks. There were three members of the Summer Concert Committee (not a NWDA committee) they supported this independent effort. The committee thought that this effort should focus on a Summer Movie night in Wallace Park. That this could be a great way to do the outreach to promote the committee’s work plan and raise awareness of various efforts within the NWDA. Carol stressed the need to get NW Examiner support- in kind to get the word out there about the movie night.

Transportation Minutes – 11/3/10

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NWDA Transportation Committee Minutes
Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Members present: Greg Aldrich, Jeanne Harrison, Juliet Hyams, Sharon Kelly, Dustin Posner, Phil Selinger, Ron Walters

Guests: Mark Schmidtman (Umpqua Bank), Josh Collins (TriMet), Clay Thompson (TriMet), Allan Classen (NW Examiner)

Members Excused: Karl Doppelfeld

Staff Excused: Mark Sieber

The meeting was called to order at 6:06 pm. A welcome and introductions were made.

Approval of October Meeting Minutes: It was noted that NWDA Board Secretary, Steve Pinger, had some concerns that the minutes didn’t appropriately represent his suggestions with respect to the Transportation Committee Work Plan, but it was noted that, regardless, the minutes do reflect the conversation at the meeting that Steve did not attend. It was then noted that it had been decided that the Committee’s minutes did not need to be approved; but they were regardless, unanimously.

TriMet Thurman Street Signal Installation: TriMet provided an update and handouts regarding the changeover of street signage warning motorists and cyclists of the Line 15 bus turn movement at NW Gordon and Thurman Streets. The three “passive” signs in place today will be replaced with bus-activated flashing lights. A pressure sensitive senor will be placed in the pavement near-side of the intersection at the existing bus stop, out of the flow of traffic and so as not to be activated by other large vehicles. School buses will also be able to use this arrangement. Activation will be wireless. If traffic tends to trigger the flashers excessively, the roadway can be restriped to be more restrictive over the sensor panel. Work will commence later in November and should take 3 weeks to complete. A lane may need to be closed for a short time during installation. Phil suggested that the illustrated flasher sign says little about the purpose of the sign and that maybe the existing signs could be installed in tandem with the new flasher/sign. Neighbors fronting the signs will be consulted individually by TriMet and TriMet will send the diagrams to all neighbors on their mailing list.

Parking Permits: Juliet reported that she had little information, but followed up as noted at the last meeting that the City had removed the Zone L parking permit zone in the SE corner of the neighborhood, presumably linked to the cessation of baseball parking management agreement. It is unknown, but assumed that the start of the soccer season would reestablish as similar plan, though it is also unknown what resources are available for enforcement. Juliet will contact Katja Dillmann in the Mayor’s office and Phil will talk to Ramon Carona at PBOT. Sharon noted that management has been piecemeal to date.

Cornell Road Speed Bumps: Dustin updated the Committee on how his inquiry via his recent PSU Transportation class rekindled consideration of installing new speed bumps on Cornell Road. An emerging plan would rebuild the existing 4 speed bumps as “speed tables” with a pair of slots that would allow emergency vehicles to pass with much reduced impact on speed (10 versus 40 second net time delay). Two speed tables would be added. This installation would be part of a demonstration project for this new design. Peter Stark, Chair of the Cornell Road Task Force, asked the NWDA to write a letter to the City supporting this project. Dustin drafted a letter that, as revised, would be from the NWDA Board. The Transportation Committee unanimously approved the letter (except it would come from the Board rather than this committee).

Slabtown Plan Update: Ron provided an update with backup from Greg. The Plan report is to be published with 3-D images and nice drawings – looks great. The Plan will go to the Board for approval. Ron indicated that development projects in the Slabtown area would be reviewed by the NWDA based on their compliance with the Plan. He noted that Steve Pinger has concerns over the Plan approach that still needs to be addressed. Sharon and Phil shared those same concerns at least in part – how strict would compliance from developers need to be? Ron noted that Conway is supportive. Sharon cautioned that there is perception that the NWDA Planning Committee might have too much authority – being overly prescriptive. There was also some question as to how the Plan agrees (or not) with the Northwest District Plan and that the Zoning Code and the Northwest District Plan would still have to dictate development limits. Jeanne noted that to the extent it goes beyond existing zoning it could be confusing. Ron noted that the Plan does explicitly provide some flexibility for implementation. It is intended to inform other discussions and studies – a starting point for developers. Ron noted that the report is a 40 MB file. It was suggested that a hard copy be kept at the office for everyone’s reference. Ron closed by noting that the Plan is largely unchanged for that presented to the Committee a few months ago – green streets, shared parking, wide sidewalks, etc.

Pearl Green Streets Committee: Jeanne reported that the Pearl Green Streets Committee met last week with Jeanne, Steve Pinger and Don Genasci present. The committee considered scenarios for NW Pettygrove, mainly focused on parking options. Staff noted that each option (other than standard street design) had enough green street swales to handle the projected run-off. The NWDA continues to advocate for a more narrow, 2-way travel area cross sections, but the City has held to 20’ for the accommodation of emergency vehicles. This possibly sets a precedent for green streets in the NWDA area. Property owners would like to have subgroup meetings to consider the options on a block-by-block basis. Big trees are another consideration and one concern is that the curb strip will need to be wider on one or both sides of the street to accommodate such trees. At least one sidewalk is to be 13’ wide. The City Forester will be consulted. The NWDA Transportation Committee felt that provision for big trees on one side in conjunction with wider sidewalks was a good scenario.

Pearl Access and Circulation Study: Jeanne noted this group also met. The topic was whether streets in the Pearl should be one-way or two- way. Patricia Gardner was pushing for two-way streets (in contrast to her position in the past for the Burnside-Couch couplet). North/South streets were given extra weight because they would continue the downtown’s one-way streets. Jeanne noted that this could set a pattern for east-west streets in the NWDA area (Slabtown). This committee considered two perspectives on the question: 1) the lack of through streets does not generate enough traffic to justify one-way streets or 2) Dustin noted that there is already a couplet system in place that regulates the flow of traffic – why mess with it?

Parking Committee: Juliet noted that the parking committee work is moving along, albeit slowly. The representative for Singer Properties demonstrated an outrage at the recent NW Examiner article. The NWDA is holding to its position not to use parking meter revenue for parking garage construction. Real issues are just beginning to be discussed. Juliet noted that there is to be a November meeting, but the process is not likely to make its end-of-year ordinance preparation date.

Leaf Pick-Up Service: The City will begin to charge property owners for leaf pick-up service to the neighborhood, reflecting a tight City budget and the neighborhood’s historic desire to have this done. The issue for the neighborhood, however, is that there was not adequate process or notice to the community. It was noted that the City is considering an Opt-Out option. PBOT will discuss this on November 10th at 5:30, Co-Ho Theater. PBOT Director Sue Keil will be present.

NW 26th & Pettygrove Green Street: Dustin noted that a motorist drove across the sidewalk and damaged the new bio swale. A removable bollard is needed at the crosswalk to block such malicious actions in the future. Phil will try to track down a person at PBOT to address this.

Proposed URA Boundary: Dustin questioned why the draft URA boundary extends beyond the MLC School from the east to include the properties on the east side of NW 21st. There were mixed Board comments as to if/how this inclusion might put those stable properties at risk. Not resolved was how the NWDA would seek to modify the boundary accordingly, though there was consensus to pursue such an adjustment.

The next agenda item on Near-Term Projects and Issues was postponed for lack of time, but the Committee was asked to consider small projects or initiatives that might be implementable in the near term, even within a time of a constrained City budget. We will discuss this at a future meeting.

St Mary’s School Drop-Off Car Queuing and Idling: Parents dropping off children at St Mary’s School line up along NW Davis and ultimately foul traffic on NW 18th. They insist on getting to the door of the school versus distributing themselves on side streets or using the large parking lot across the street to drop off kids. There was considerable open discussion on how to approach this problem and who to approach to get it resolved. Juliet has started to look into it – so far through a St Mary’s parent contact. Using the big parking lot off of NW Davis Street is not likely to be the solution. Board member Tony Cadena would be a good resource to better understand the dynamics. There was some notion that the problem is getting a bit better. Some curb cut arrangement along Davis Street would make sense or the possible use of the vacated/blocked street between Davis and Everett Streets for these cars. There is no known existing Good Neighbor agreement. There needs to be a parental culture shift. There was consensus that the problem needs to be better defined. This would help in presenting the problem to the school or to the City. The City should be consulted if the school is not interested on addressing this.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Phil Selinger, Committee Co-Chair

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