DEQ Audit of ESCO

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The NWDA Board of Directors passed the following motion at its Board Meeting on September 20, 2010:

NWDA believes DEQ’s current RFP process for an independent audit of ESCO has not resulted in an equal and inclusionary selection process. As a condition of integral participation by NWDA, NWDA asks DEQ to affirm its commitment to a genuinely independent and objective audit process by withdrawing the current RFP and opening a new one in which all potential bidders are treated fairly and equally. NWDA is seeking modification to the new RFP process to assure that bidders are genuinely independent and objective. The new RFP should include an evaluation of the recent EPA review.

S&L Minutes – Aug. 23, 2010

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NWDA Safety & Livability Committee
Meeting Minutes
Monday August 23, 2010 World Cup 10 A.M.

Present: Mary Ann Pastene, Frank Bird, Karl Doppelfeld, Jade Freeman (Umpqua Bank), Mary Czarnecki, Ron Waters, Carol Sterkel, Pete Colt

Public Comments:

Announcement by Frank about a Coho fundraiser for NWNW fund-raiser by three top guitarists on October 27, Stabtown Festival Booth, Sunday Parkways Booth

Workplan was the only topic on the agenda:

The draft workplan was presented. The draft presented is a combination of workplans from three previously unique committees in the NWDA and the NW District Plan.

There were concerns about crime along I-405 and that successful crime prevention efforts at Couch Park push crime into the residential community around the park.

The general sentiment was that the document was quite dense. The document still needs to be thinned out and needs a summary introduction. It would help if the board of the NWDA helped to set the priorities. A strong workplan is needed in order for the committee to have some autonomy.

GNA= Good Neighbor Agreement


Next meeting World Cup 10 A.M. September 27, 2010
Until changed committee meets fourth Monday of the month

Transportation Minutes – 9/1/10

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NWDA Transportation Committee
September 1, 2010

Members in attendance: Phil Selinger, Juliet Hyams, Karl Doppelfeld,
Greg Aldrich, Dustin Posner, Jeanne Harrison, Ron Walters

Guests: Dennis Harper, Pete Colt, Allan Classen (NW Examiner), Judy
Smith, Thurston Smith, Ellen Vanderslice, Clay Thompson (TriMet), Josh
Collins (TriMet)

The committee and others walked around the SE quadrant of NW, including a stroll down Burnside from 23rd to I405. Some discussion
addressed how urban renewal money could provide wider sidewalks where parking lots front the sidewalk, and address problem intersections.
Other observations included:

– automobile speed and danger around 18th and Everett
– school queuing and idling around St. Mary’s and Cathedral School
– a dangerous bus stop at 20th and Everett, which should at least stop
across that intersection
– obstructions to the sidewalks such as lights, planters, periodical
boxes and signs
– the I405 crossing at NW Couch, which is well traveled but dangerous:
ODOT must add a missing sidewalk
– the park at NW Couch; looks like it will receive plantings but
pedestrian access is lacking

Further debriefing of the walk will occur at a future meeting.

We discussed our workplan, which the board should adopt in Sept.
Motion to approve: Aldrich. 2nd: Posner. Motion carried.

Discussed plans for a booth at Sunday Parkways 9/26.

Some questions arose about when the mayor’s parking ordinance will be
implemented. It’s not known; we should link our website to theirs.

The 26th and Pettygrove greenstreet is underway.

TriMet reps Clay Thompson and Josh Collins discussed the #15 service
restoration to Thurman. The flagger started Monday from 7 a.m to 7
p.m. Will be shorter hours on the weekends. It’s an interim
solution. The permanent solution will add a full span of service on
Sundays. Signs will show a bus turning with the words BUS TURN AHEAD.
Long term, amber lights may signal each approach and may have
regulatory wording such as YIELD. N. McFarland emailed and snail
mailed a process description. TriMet can return to the committee with
final design of amber lights. School buses would activate them too.

The Thurman bridge will close next yr. for reconstruction.

The next mtg., will be October 6, 2010.

H&E Minutes – 9/13/2010

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Present: Bob Amundson, Mitch Ritter, Bob L, Allan Classen (Examiner) Ron Walters (Pres., NWDA Board) Biljana Milkovska, Monica Russell (DEQ) Evan Farnham, Jorjan Parker, Caroline Skinner, Myriam Alaux, Sharon Genasci

Most of the meeting was taken up with a discussion and vote on the DEQ promised independent audit of Esco Corporation. Sharon outlined the history of the committee’s request to DEQ years ago for an independent audit of the plant that would demonstrate how Esco might curtail toxic emissions from the plant.

This year DEQ promised an independent audit and a fair and transparent process. We were told we could find a candidate to apply, but the choice would be with DEQ.

Our committee chose Jim Karas from Bay Area Air Authority (38 years experience). He has experience working with foundries. And he is known for his work on behalf of the public.

Only Jim applied for the RFP in the first round of bids at DEQ. DEQ found his application ‘non responsive’ because it lacked a signature on a cover sheet. He had an electronic signature agreement with ODEQ, but they did not contact him to tell him what was missing. DEQ sent a letter via US Postal Service to inform Jim that there was a second, revised RFP but Jim did not receive the letter until the day before proposals were due. He was not able to submit a proposal to meet the deadline.

Prior to and/or during the second RFP process, DEQ contacted at least three other potential applicants by phone and/or email to encourage them to submit a proposal. DEQ did not contact Jim Karas by phone or email. H&E representatives asked that Jim Karas be included but DEQ said state bidding rules prohibited such an action.

Instead, they offered two spots for neighborhood representatives on a 5-person DEQ committee to select one of the three candidates in the second RFP. The candidates are the California Cast Metals Association, Mehrdad Moghimi Environmental Engineering, and Sage Environmental Consulting. Based on reviewing company websites, the H&E Committee determined that none of these applicants would be acceptable for performing an objective, independent, and credible audit of ESCO.

H&E voted unanimously to advocate for the following course of action:

NWDA believes the current RFP process was managed improperly and provided unfair advantage to some applicants over others. NWDA will not participate in the selection process and will object to efforts to move the current RFP forward. NWDA is asking that DEQ withdraw the current RFP and open a new one in which all potential bidders are treated fairly and equally. NWDA is seeking modification to the new RFP process to assure that bidders are genuinely independent and objective. The new RFP should include an evaluation of the recent EPA review. With these modifications, NWDA would participate in the evaluation process for the new RFP.

We will present a motion to this effect to the NWDA Board at Monday’s meeting on September 20th.

H&E has scheduled a meeting next week with DEQ’s Nina DeConcini and Keith Johnson. Subject to the approval of the NWDA Board, H&E will convey NWDA’s position.

Bob L is working on improvements to the Odor Complaint Form to make it more user friendly. He is also planning to coordinate with Ron Walters when an update of the NWDA website takes place.

Thanks were offered to Caroline Skinner for her leafletting.

Ron Walters has been invited to the ERM meeting at Esco on September 20th.

Finally, the new H & E Workplan is under revision. We will have a copy for the Board’s review soon.

Sharon Genasci, Chair, NWDA Health & Environment

NW Wilson Sewer Project

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This project will replace several blocks of sewer pipe that is in poor condition. Construction is scheduled to begin the week of September 26th.

The Cities contractor is currently scheduled to begin work on NW Vaughn Street. Once work has started at this location an extended schedule will be submitted and you will receive further notification within the next few weeks. Construction will take six months to complete all locations.

Construction method
The city’s contractor is using open trench excavation, which requires several steps:
• Cut trench in pavement
• Remove pavement and material
• Install pipe
• Install lateral lines from the sewer main to the curb
• Backfill trench with sand or gravel
• Install temporary asphalt as work moves forward
• Final paving and restoration
• There may be periods of inactivity during these steps

What to Expect During Construction
The NW Wilson Sewer Rehabilitation Project will have significant impacts to the surrounding community. There will not be construction at all locations at the same time, but at a later date the contractor will bring in a second crew.
• Construction work hours are 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. The contractor may schedule work during the same hours on Saturdays.
• Parking will be prohibited in some work zones during work hours.
• Some streets will close to through traffic during work hours, but the contractor will maintain local access at all times. You may experience delays getting to your home or business.
• Equipment and material will be secured on the street after work hours.
• A city construction inspector will be on-site during work hours, and may be able to assist you with construction concerns. Inspectors typically wear a green safety vest and hard hat.
• Sewer service and other utilities won’t be interrupted during construction.

For more information, contact Joe Annett at 503-823-2934 or

Streetcar Construction

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Please be advised that track installation in the Pearl will occur Sept 7, 2010 to Nov 4, 2010.

· NW Lovejoy will be closed from 9th to 12th
· NW Northrup will be closed between 10th and 11th
· NW 10th will be closed between Johnson and Marshall
· NW 11th will be closed between Johnson and Northrup – garage access will be maintained
· NW 9th will be open in both directions
· NW Marshall will be open in both directions
· Driveway and garage access will be maintained
· Pedestrian access will be maintained

· Streetcar service will be replaced with bus service Sept 13 – Sept 26, 2010
· Work hours 6:00AM—11:00PM

For further information, please contact:
Kay Dannen at 478-6404 or

Construction updates available at: