Slabtown Minutes – 5/24/10

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Slabtown Plan Committee
Meeting Minutes
May 24, 2010
5:30 to 7:00 pm
Northrup Building, 2282 NW Northrup Ave.

Committee Members Attending: Ron Walters (co-chair), Don Genasci (co-chair), Greg Aldrich, Mary Czarnecki, Dan O’Brien, Steve Pinger, Bill Welch

Committee Members Not Attending: Peggy Anderson, Craig Boretz, John Bradley, Brian Bramlett, Patricia Gardner, Dan Volkmer

Guests Attending: Fran Goldstein

No Motions.

No Votes.

*** End of Minutes ***

Meeting Summary:

The meeting was called to order at 5:42 pm.

For the first 10 minutes of the meeting, Committee members discussed the planning context for Slabtown Plan process, including an update on the Remand, the NDP masterplan provision, and the potential Central City URA.

The final student open-house style presentation for Slabtown Phase III will be June 3 from 6-9 pm at the General Automotive Building on NW Park. The presentation will be put on by U of O so the NWDA and Slabtown Committee do not need to do any preparation. The Slabtown Committee will provide feedback forms to attendees to solicit input, ideas, and preferences regarding Phase IV planning.

The Committee proceeded to discuss the Slabtown Plan Phase IV workplan, which was passed by the NWDA Board of Directors at the April Board meeting. The Phase IV workplan is available for download here.

The majority of the meeting was dedicated to discussing the process for executing the Phase IV workplan. The Slabtown Committee created a Slabtown Workgroup that will meet daily starting July 1 to consolidate the three student planning concepts into a single vision and mastplan. The work group will be led by Don Genasci and supported by one or more of the student designers that worked on Phase III. Committee members and others will be invited to participate as available. Detailed meeting times and dates will be determined in June. Anyone interested in participating should contact Don at for more information.

The Slabtown Workgroup will develop a single masterplan concept using all available sources of public input from Phase III, including:
– Slabtown online survey
– Community workshops 1 – 4
– Feedback from final student presentations

The masterplan should strive to be consistent with the Northwest District Plan. Departures from the plan will be noted.

The Workgroup will meet with the full Slabtown Committee on the second and fourth Mondays of July and August to obtain feedback and guidance. As needed, the Workgroup will meet with other NWDA committees and conduct additional online surveys to solicit input and preferences from the community.

The Slabtown Committee noted that numerous big decisions will be incorporated into the neighbhorhood masterplan concept that will not have been vetted by NWDA, residents, the City, Con-way, and other stakeholders, including but not limited to the following:

i. Expanded streetcar service? Routes?
ii. How many parks and squares? Where?
iii. Treatment of 23rd and Vaughn? Off ramp?
iv. I-405 mitigation?
v. Iconic landmarks? Historic considerations?
vi. Density and height?
vii. Parking? How much and where?
viii. Green streets?
ix. Community center and public buildings
x. Public services such as district energy
xi. Sustainability, energy policy, eco-building

To deal with this, the Committee plans to provide a limited number of alternatives and options in its plans. The Committee will provide appropriate caveats and disclaimers to appropriately position the masterplan concept. By the end of August or early September, the Slabtown Committee expects to have documents ready for review by NWDA and others.

After the Slabtown masterplan concept is completed – in September and October – the Slabtown Committee will develop form-based design standards that will provide guidance for converting the planning concepts into implementable code.

The latter part of the meeting was dedicated to outreach. The Committee explored ideas on how to engage the public in the planning process and keep the community up to date on progress. Ideas included displaying the masterplan concepts on large design boards in storefronts on NW 21st and 23rd, displaying the boards at events such as the Slabtown farmers market, NWDA election, Slabtown festival, etc.

The Committee briefly discussed fund-raising. The Committee believes it will have adequate funds to execute Phase IV. If additional funds become available, the Workgroup would consider hiring a second student designer for the summer.

Finally, the Slabtown Committee meeting, originally scheduled for June 14, conflicts with the NWDA elections. The Slabtown meeting has been rescheduled for Monday, June 7, 5:30 to 7:00 pm in the Legacy Northrup Building first floor conference room at 2282 NW Northrup Ave.

The meeting adjourned at 7:04 pm.

Slabtown Plan Presentations

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The final Slabtown Plan student design concepts will be presented on Thursday, June 3rd, from 6 to 9 pm at 411 NW Park Avenue, 3rd floor (the General Automotive Building at Flanders).

Please join us to review the three masterplan concepts and eight buildings designed by U of O students based on input from the Slabtown Plan community workshops and online survey. These three planning concepts will provide the starting point for Phase IV of the Slabtown workplan, which will run from June to October.

Make Slabtown part of your first Thursday plans in June!

Graffiti Removal – Sat. May 8

Please join NWDA, local businesses, residents, and elected officials as well as representatives from ‘Goodbye Graffiti’ and ‘Youth Employment Instititute’ on Saturday, May 8th, for a morning of graffiti removal in Northwest Portland. This great initiative is organized by the Office of Neighborhood Involvement as part of its Graffiti Abatement Program.

Volunteers should meet in the Trader Joe’s parking lot on NW Glisan at 9:00 am. Graffiti removal and re-painting efforts are expected to last until noon (or so) but join us for a much or as little as you can. All necessary equipment and supplies will be provided. We use a soy bean derivative to remove graffiti and recycled paint from Metro to paint over graffiti.

Dress for a mess, which isn’t a bad as you might expect.

For more information, visit the ONI website at or contact Marcia Dennis at or 503-823-5860.

Trans. Minutes – Apr. 7, 2010

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April NWDA Transportation Committee Meeting Minutes
April 7, 2010, 6:00 p.m.

Present: Mark Sieber, Dustin Posner, Devin Leibmann, Jeanne Harrison, Greg Aldrich, Mark Schmidtman (Umpqua Bank), Juliet Hyams, Allan Classen, Phil Selinger, Ron Walters, Janet Filips Legacy, Steve Pinger

Joel Weishaus and Bud Clark are no longer committee members. Kim Carlson wants to stay on it. We should confirm Sharon Kelly’s intentions. Scott Seibert is no longer the co-chair.

Jeanne reported on the Pearl Circulation and Transportation Plan. Pettygrove greenstreet is a high priority for the Pearl too. They are updating their ROW standards and Pettygrove is one of the ROWs to be updated.

Steve Pinger commented that a meeting regarding the Pettygrove greenstreet two years ago with the city and others produced action items which included the reclassification of Pettygrove and the initiation of an “early starts” pilot project. He noted two events since then: 2 developments on Pettygrove have been relatively easy to bring into conformance. 26th and Pettygrove is harder to get into alignment. The draft NWDA greenstreet plan proposes to reduce the curb-to-curb width by 8 feet, increasing the planting area to the N. side, and provide curb extensions at all intersections. The roadway width is analogous to NW Quimby. There would be 2 travel lanes and 2 parking lanes in 28 feet. The Pearl proposes a 20’ roadway width with no parking from the 16th to 11th. Good support from 2 projects is developing. They aren’t concerned about parking. The city’s issue is parking revenue.

We should collaborate with the Pearl. The greenstreet needs to be understood as the gain of neighborhood parks and their connection rather than in terms of the loss of parking. Make Pettygrove an extension of the Fields Park.

BES wants to get the neighborhood to manage greenspaces. That should come with money. The precedent is that grants don’t work. Under the freeway affects ODOT. We need a street reclassification and to designate a section.

The remand starts at Pettygrove and may present an opportunity. Jeanne mentioned that the Pearl committee is identifying issues:
– a Lovejoy/Northrup couplet
– a Flanders pedestrian bridge
– circulation around the brewery
– possibly changing the N. Parkblocks street directions with the bike improvements
– NW Naito Parkway
– cross section for NW Marshall
– street standards for NW 13th, 14th (truck street), and 15th
– more signalized crossings
– a Transportation Management Association (TMA)
– pedestrian bridges over Naito Parkway

The process should continue through the Spring of 2011

There will be a Pettygrove workshop — no dates yet — and 3 open houses. Another transportation analysis and modeling evaluation criteria and preferred circulation plan. It’s a very ambitious process. They will meet monthly, Mondays or Tuesdays. They need modeling if changing 2-way sts to 1-way.

Members (Justin?) observed that Naito is part of NW, and ped bridges will speed traffic.

Mark reported on proposed cutbacks to the Northwest Clean Sweep Program, noting that the neighborhood might want to make sure that at least the storm sewers are kept clear.

Jeanne also gave a brief update on the City’s proposed Sidewalk Management Plan, which has become controversial, pitting downtown merchants with homeless advocacy organizations. There is also the notion of merging this with the other sidewalk management regulations pertaining to cafes and street furniture. Dumpsters are also a pert of this picture, with our neighborhood’s Dan Anderson tracking the growing list of requested exemptions.

Ron provided a very brief process update for the Slabtown Plan, noting that there is interest in putting in more resources and time (via the U of O students) to produce a single plan scenario.

The committee also discussed topics for future committee consideration. These include bikes and bike corrals, trucks on NW Vaughn, reconfiguration of the NW 26th & Pettygrove mailboxes to eliminate the unsafe crossover of cars accessing the curbside mail drop-off.
Meeting adjourned at 7:25 pm.

Respectfully submitted with edits from Phil Selinger and Steve Pinger,
Juliet Hyams