Slabtown Phase IV

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On April 19, 2010, the NWDA Board unanimously approved the work plan for a Phase IV of the Slabtown Plan Committee.

Download Slabtown Workplan – Phase IV

H & E Minutes, 4.12.10

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Present:  Bob L, Elizabeth Patte, Allan Classen (Examiner) Monica Russell (DEQ) Bob Stacey, Paul van Orden, Paul Koberstein, Sharon Genasci

First on the agenda was a discussion with Bob Stacey, candidate for Metro President, about air pollution problems in NW Portland, and how Metro might be able to help with these.  A very good discussion followed. He was knowledgeable about air pollution in NW PDX, and with his long experience in planning is highly aware of  the necessity in seeking compact development (with its conjunction of employment and residential) for the businesses to be clean.  He argued for a strong regional standard.

Paul van Orden, a candidate for County Commission, is also knowledgeable about air pollution, as he worked in New Jersey for a regulatory air authority.  In PDX he does the noise program at the City.  He is very supportive of neighbors’ efforts to clean up the air.

Paul Koberstein spoke about his research on carcinogens and heavy metals in our airshed.  He also spoke about his spot us web site (see attached).  He  needs support from the neighbors for his continued investigative reporting on NW Portland air pollution.  He has been researching and writing on these issues for a year now.

Bob L described the new odor complaint form that he designed to replace the one on Survey Gizmo, which is now requiring payment monthly.  Neighbors are asked to look over his new form and make any suggestions.

DEQ has set up a telephone conference with Andy Ginsberg and Nina De Concini to talk about the independent audit at Esco.  They have drafted an RFP for the audit.
We have requested that Bob Holmstrom, Bob Amundson and Sharon Genasci be included in the call.

DEQ also scheduled a telephone conference call for April 30th  @ 8:00 am. for neighbors to testify to the EQC (Environmental Quality Commission) about the benchmarks changes for ethyl benzene, lead, manganese and mercury.  DEQ agreed to set  up a call-in number for neighbors.

Sharon Genasci, Chair

Slabtown Article

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Visit to read an excellent article by Jennifer Coughlin about NWDA’s Slabtown Plan Project.

Board Minutes – February 2010

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NWDA BoD Minutes – 2010 02 08

Board Minutes – January 2010

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NWDA BoD Minutes – 2010 01 25

Trans. Minutes – Mar. 3, 2010

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NWDA Transportation Committee
Minutes of the March 3, 2010 mtg.

Attendees: Juliet Hyams, Mark Sieber, Devin Liegman, Phil Selinger, Scott Seibert, Dustin Posner, Jeanne Harrison, Tavo Cruz, Ron Walters, Greg Aldrich

We discussed the future of the committee. We need volunteers for the following roles:

– representative to the Pearl circulation committee chaired by Mauricio Leclerc
– a liaison from transportation to the planning committee regarding green sts

Jeanne Harrison volunteered to be the green streets rep. She commented that many pieces are ready to fall into place on the project. We (Sam) should get the respective bureaus together. Perhaps Tom Miller
can help.

Ron will ask the Slabtown committee for a Pearl representative. Jeanne will attend the planning committee tomorrow.

Juliet reviewed progress on the parking issue.

Scott moved that the committee ask the board to ask the mayor to uphold the resolution from last fall. Dustin 2nd. Motion passed.

Scott will draft a letter with a signature stamp and send to Juliet for 3/12 mtg. w/Adams.

Phil reported on the statuses of various transportation plans:

– The bike plan is approved.
– The Cornell Road Sustainability Coalition is trying to build consensus for its planning efforts. Paul Smith and Peter Stark may pursue MTIP money, which is 4 years out.
– The Portland Plan people could present a neighborhood-sized version to us, could address issue of 20-minute neighborhoods. Could this be for our annual mtg.?
– The Regional Transportation Plan is in the final stages of adopting the state-approved version of the plan; it translates to the transportation system plan, which applies at the local level.

Ron reported on the Slabtown committee. Survey results are on the website. The next workshop is 3/18. The stcar figures prominently in all students’ work, as does a connection to the river.

Mark — Legacy Shared Parking: We are supposed to get regular reports from them. They may expand the hours and lot. The ordinance expired in 2004, council never adopted the CTMP. It needs renewal; s/b with Legacy, Nob Hill and the NWDA. It was supposed to be park of the 2003 pkg. plan.

Legacy workers can park adjacent to the hospital.

Why is the shared pkg not used more? Should there be an automatic renewal plan? Is signage adequate? Should there be bulletin boards at transit stops?

The committee adjourned at 7:30.

– Juliet Hyams