Slabtown Masterplans

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The Slabtown Workshop No. 4 presentations are available for download by clicking on the links below:

Workshop No. 4 – Design Group 1

Workshop No. 4 – Design Group 2

Slabtown Workshop 4 – Design Group 3

The Slabtown Committee expects to put the masterplan concepts on public display in the storefront of one or more businesses on NW 21st or NW 23rd in April.

H & E Minutes – 3/08/10

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Health & Environment Committee
Minutes – 3/8/10

Present: Bob Amundson, Bob L., Biljana Milkovska, Caroline Skinner, Elizabeth Patte, Sharon Genasci

We started off the meeting with a discussion about the Earth Day event at Food Front on April 24th from 11-4pm We planned some things for the table, reproductions of Paul Koberstein’s articles etc. volunteer shifts etc. we will leave to our April meeting.

Sharon raised the issue of more odor complaints over March 1 and 2 about the fuel smells. One neighbor moved her children out of the house. I decided to check out complainant’s addresses, and other sites to find the source of the odors. I travelled with Monica Russell, who also planned to investigate for DEQ at the same time. We found no odors at neighbor’s addresses, and then we went to the barrel yard (Meyers Containers) on St. Helens Road which one neighbor felt was the source of the odor.

We found nothing there, but the workers suggested we go to Carson Oil, located directly north of Meyers. Carson Oil provided a worker to take us round the parking lot, where the storage tanks (small, well kept) were located, and the tankers are filled there. It had no odors and was quite clean. Finally, we went to the tank farm, where Chevron, Kinder Morgan and ConocoPhillips are side by side. Some of the tanks look very old and rusty, and the odor was horrific. We agreed it was strong enough to account for odors in the neighborhood when wind blows in the right direction.

But the report from DEQ when we got back (after Monica reported our findings) was that Carson Oil needed more investigation, and perhaps, Meyers Containers, but no mention of the tank farm. (the companies’ permits are up for renewal).

I subsequently sent a complaint about this to Dick Pederson Head, DEQ, Because we were misinformed when DEQ said, no source of the odor was found. This resulted in the Examiner publishing the wrong information as well.

The oil companies permits are up for renewal, and a meeting is scheduled for March 10th to discuss the permits, and get answers from DEQ for our questions before the public hearing, which I requested.

We are still working to manually put all the odor complaints into our system, but that is progressing.

– Sharon Genasci

Slabtown Minutes – 3/4/10

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Slabtown Plan Committee
Meeting Minutes
March 4, 2010
5:30 to 7:00 pm
Northrup Building, 2282 NW Northrup Ave.

Committee Members Attending: Ron Walters (co-chair), Don Genasci (co-chair), Wayne Clark, Mary Czarnecki, Steve Pinger

Committee Members Not Attending: Greg Aldrich, Peggy Anderson, Craig Boretz, John Bradley, Brian Bramlett, Patricia Gardner, Dan O’Brien, Dan Volkmer

Guests Attending: Fran Goldstein (neighbor, workshop moderator)

No Motions.

No Votes.

*** End of Minutes ***

Meeting Summary:

The meeting was called to order at 5:40 pm.

Attendees reviewed and discussed the three masterplan concepts presented at Slabtown Workshop No. 3 for approximately a half hour. The three masterplans will be further refined for final review at Workshop No. 4 on March 18. Workshop No. 4 will be held from 6 to 8 pm in the downstairs room at NNCC, where Workshops No. 1 and 2 were held.

Workshop No. 4 will be organized similar to Workshop No. 3. After a short introduction, each design group will have 30 minutes to present their masterplan in the form of a slide presentation. Students will answer questions from the audience. The Workshop will conclude with a moderated open discussion of attendees’ questions, suggestions, preferences, and comments. Community members will be invited to make suggestions about the buildings that the student designers will design in Phase III of the Slabtown workplan.

The design groups will have significant leeway to present as they see fit. However, the student designers have been asked to address several key points that will facilitate understanding of the main differences between the plans:

1) Please relate defining elements of your masterplan to the community program of requirements and preferences survey. Describe focal points, iconic landmarks, historical considerations, parks and squares, mass transit, sustainability, bike and pedestrian friendly features, community center, etc.

2) Be explicit about overall development statistics such as estimated density (FAR), maximum building height, incremental parking spaces, additional construction square footage, amount and size of parks, etc.

3) Relate the masterplan design to the Northwest District Plan. Note where there is strict adherence to the plan and where their are significant departures from the District Plan.

The Committee discussed ways to improve outreach to increase community involvement and awareness of the Slabtown plan. It was agreed that it would be desirable to print posters for display in the neighborhood. The Committee expects to display the three masterplan concepts on boards in public locations on NW 21st and 23rd after Workshop No. 4.

Workshop No. 4 is the last workshop of phase II of the Slabtown workplan. Committee members will meet with students in early April to help develop a program of requirements for phase III of the workplan. During phase III, student designers, as part of the course work, are required to design a building in one of the masterplans.

Final presentations of the masterplan concepts and building designs will occur in early June. Date and location are TBD. It is expected that the community will have an opportunity to attend an interim design review in May. Date and location are TBD.

The meeting adjourned at 7:04 pm.

Slabtown Meeting – Mar. 4

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The next meeting of the NWDA Slabtown Committee will be held Thursday, March 4, in the Legacy Good Sam Northrup Building first floor conference room at 2282 NW Northrup Street, near the corner of NW 23rd Avenue, from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm.

The meeting agenda is as follows:

1. Review Masterplan Concepts from Workshop No. 3 – 20 min.
2. Prepare for Workshop No. 4 – 20 min.
3. Outreach & Awareness – 20 min.
4. Phase III (April to June) – 20 min.
5. Wrap up and next steps – 10 min.

Note: This is a Committee meeting, not a Community Workshop, though the meeting is public and anyone interested is encouraged to attend.