Workplan Approved

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The Slabtown Plan Committee workplan and initial member list was approved unanimously by the NWDA Board at the August 17 Board Meeting.

The Committee plans to hold its first official meeting in early September. Meetings are open to the public. Details will be posted as soon as they are available.

To receive updates about the Slabtown Plan Committee, sign up for email updates on the upper right side of this page. The approved workplan can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

NWDA Slabtown Workplan

Proposed Slabtown Workplan

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The proposed Slabtown Plan Committee workplan and initial member list will be submitted for approval to the NWDA Board at the next Board Meeting on Monday, August 17.  You can download a copy of the proposed workplan below.

NWDA Slabtown Plan for Approval

City Council Meeting August 19 Regarding NW District Plan

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City Council Hearing Scheduled For Wednesday, August 19 Regarding NW District Plan Status

Recent Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) rulings that affect the zoning designations and land use regulations for parts of Northwest Portland will be clarified at an upcoming council meeting.

Changes to be considered on August 19. In 2005, LUBA sent back the ordinance adopting the Northwest District Plan. A 2009 ruling indicated that the ordinance’s changes to zoning and regulations are not effective. City Council will consider a Resolution clarifying that the zoning designations and regulations in place before the ordinance was adopted are currently effective. The Resolution will be considered on August 19 at 9:30 A.M. in Council Chambers, City Hall, 1221 SW Fourth Avenue.

In the future, City Council may consider a new ordinance re-adopting some or all of the zoning designations and regulations in response to LUBA’s ruling. A public hearing is tentatively scheduled for September 23, 2009. Additional notice will be sent prior to this hearing.

If you wish to be notified regarding any future changes or decisions, please contact our reception desk at 503-823-7700 and ask to be added to the NW Plan Mailing List.

For additional information, visit:

or contact Brian Sheehan at 503-823-3111 or

H&E Minutes – August 3, 2009

NWDA Health & Environment Committee
Minutes – August 3, 2009

Present: Caroline Skinner, Monica Russell (DEQ) John Krallman (Lewis & Clark Law School) Kitty Midson, Elizabeth Patte,Bob L, Allan Classen (Examiner), Seshu Vaddey, Marcelle Catuvid, Stacey Vallas, Chuck Johnson, Lisa Selman, Mary Peveto, Paul Koberstein (Cascadia Times), Chandra Bird Tucker, Biljana Milkovska, Sharon Genasci

The meeting opened with a report from Monica about the status of the Esco permit. The permit expires in August. And though the permit application Esco submitted is far from complete, DEQ will not work on drafting the new permit or planning a hearing for the neighbors for at least six months.

Mary Peveto reported on her meeting with Dick Pederson, Head of Oregon DEQ, after consulting with neighbors on ‘asks’. Following are some bullet points from the meeting:

– She asked DEQ to put their Title V permits on-line (they are currently working on doing this).

– Mr. Pederson is concerned about the neighborhood’s lack of confidence that DEQ will use its discretion to force industry to clean up air emissions.

– He will investigate the source (s) of unburned fuel and natural gas odors reported in H & E odor complaints.

– He will investigate the possibility of facilitating an independent audit of Esco Corporation.

– He promised to get back to her in good time with answers to her questions.

The group discussed the upcoming meeting of the Portland Air Quality Workgroup organized by Representative Mitch Greenlick. Several neighbors at the meeting will attend and contribute, including Mary Peveto, (Neighbors for Clean Air). Carter Webb from Esco is also presenting at the meeting.

The group discussed the idea of approaching EQC (Environmental Quality Commission, which oversees ODEQ) with a proposal to adopt the Precautionary Principle. This principle, more widely used in Europe, holds industry to proof that industrial emissions will do no harm.

Sharon reported 66 odor complaints received between June 16.09 and July 30 09. 39 of these were for Esco, 2 for Greenway Recycling, 9 for “natural gas, unburned fuel smells”, 2 for an unknown industrial area source and 4 for Papa Hyden’s smoke. Several of these said the odors were daily – too many to report, and that the odors are getting worse.

Monica spoke about TRI data (Toxic Release Inventory) the source for the USA Today article on industrial air pollution and schools. She said DEQ has no oversight authority for TRI reporting – to test the truthfulness of the reports.

Finally, ODEQ plans a 4.6 percent increase in permitting costs. Title V permitting is fully funded by mainly the costs to industry of the permits.

– Sharon Genasci