Board Minutes – August 18, 2008

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Members Present: Juliet Hyams, Perry Heitman, Tavo Cruz, Steve Pinger, Greg Aldrich, Dan Anderson, Brian Bramlett, Sharon Kelly, Jeff Love, Stephen Metzler, Ron Walters

Members Not Present:
Bud Clark (Excused)
Spencer Burton (Excused)
Kim Carlson (Excused)
Rachel Cody (Excused)

Call to Order
• at 600p by President Juliet Hyams

Call of the Roster
• as noted above
• also in attendance: Allan Classen, NW Examiner; Sandy Stapleton; Lee Stapleton; Michael Marino; Joel Weishaus; Louis Sargent; Carmella Ettinger; Ruth Thomas; Roger Vrilakas; William Wheeler

Prior Board Minutes
• approval of July Board minutes will be continued to the September meeting.

President’s Report
• Board vacancies are proposed to be filled with candidates from the election who received the next two most votes;
• There will be a make-up session for the Board Training scheduled;
Motion 04.04, P. Heitman: approve a letter from Juliet Hyams to the Oregonian regarding their editorial position on the Irving St. Garage proposal, J. Love second;
Motion 04.04 approved

Irving St. Garage
• SHPO indicates that property is unlikely to receive National Register status;
• CoP HPO requires support of owner, which is unlikely;
Motion 04.05, J. Love: appeal the Landmarks Commission decision approving the Irving St. Garage proposal, T. Cruz second;
• S. Pinger: there are fundamental conflicts with background policy goals of the City as well as the Neighborhood. In addition, there are significant ordinance issues;
• R. Vrilakas: would you support the project if it provided setbacks? Pinger yes, Love no, Stapleton no;
• J. Hyams: neighborhood position needs to be heard.
• S. Kelly: too much time spent on this issue;
• R. Walters: a parking structure simply does not belong there;
• P. Heitman: we need to move on to other things, but we have a responsibility to the carry the stated position of the neighborhood residents;
• R. Vrilakas; the developers and the City need to know that we will contest all future proposals brought forward under the flawed ordinance;
Motion 04.05 approved

Bylaws/Policies and Procedures Manual
• Bylaw review for general membership adoption in May 2009;
• Policies and Procedures Manual is for information only and to provide a background on NWDA Board policy positions and their formulation;

I-405 TAC Representative
• There is a current vacancy for the TAC representative

Alcohol Committee Representative

• Oversight Committee for Time, Place, Manner ordinance relative to alcohol licensing;
• Two representatives needed
• Proposed change from annual to bi-annual review;
• P. Heitman will volunteer and he will contact Page Stockwell about continuing as a representative;

Health and Environment Committee Report, Sharon Genasci:
• no report;

Public Safety Committee Report; Pete Colt:
• no report;
Parks and Recreation Committee Report; Pete Colt:
• no report;

Transportation Committee Report; Kim Carlson:
• no report

Planning Committee Report; John Bradley:
• no report

Parking Subcommittee Report; Jeff Love:
• J. Love: new Council structure after the coming election may suggest a review of the contended elements of the NDP;
• T. Cruz: need to review Parking Management Plan proposals re: meters, permits, etc;
• S. Pinger; focus the issues and direct change through policy goals;
• S. Kelly: participate in the process effectively, rather than fighting everything reactively;
• W. Wheeler; reach out for a partnership with the business community;
• R. Vrilakas: establish a liaison to the NHBA;

Staff Report
• no report;
• no announcements;
• adjourned at 730p

Motions Summary:
MOTION 04.04 Approve President’s letter to the NW Examiner re; the Oregonian’s editorial position on the Irving Street Garage proposal (moved by Perry Heitmann; seconded by Jeff Love).

MOTION 04.05 Appeal the Historic Landmarks Commission’s decision to approve the Irving St. Garage proposal (moved by Jeff Love; seconded by Tavo Cruz).

Voting Results for motion 04.04 and 04.05, respectively:

Juliet Hyams, President – Yes, Yes
Perry Heitman, 1st VP – Yes, Yes
Tavo Cruz, 2nd VP – Yes, Yes
Steve Pinger, Secretary – Yes, Yes
Greg Aldrich – Yes, Yes
Dan Anderson-Yes, Yes
Brian Bramlett – Yes, Yes
Sharon Kelly – Yes, Yes
Jeff Love – Yes, Yes
Stephen Metzler – Yes, Yes
Ron Walters – Yes, Yes

Planning Minutes – 09/11/08

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NWDA Planning Cte 9 11 08

John Bradley, Kevin Kenaga, Bill Welch, Steve Pinger, Vanessa Cass, Roger Vrilakas, Don Genasci, Lee Stapleton, Brian Bramlett, Juliet Hyams, Ron Walters, Pete Colt, Allan Classen, Troy Doss, Brian Sheehan.

Bradley—Formal proposal 722 NW 24th, Johnson St. Apartment remodel. Do we want to look more?

Not in NWDA, but an interesting design from Skylabs, just off Burnside on 13th.

** 23rd & Johnson> a request for modification to opening of old entrance next to Three Monkeys.

Lee—this is a design change from traditional façade, a la the yoghurt place by US Bank.

RICAP, some items flagged. Louvers would be exempt, also whether or not in NWDP min FAR 1.5:1 in CM etc. Should residential be counted?

Pinger: Streetcar System Plan folks want an audience with this group. Next week

North Pearl Plan
Bradley—last week, T1 (#8) called out to 175’ from 100’, some via bonuses.
What are bonuses? Doesn’t seem to have been a lot of planning for a park or how the height relates to the skyline.
Doss—Park issue was raised with Saltzman, who sent a letter of interest to Planning Commission. Timing? Could be raised at Council on the 24th. Re Skyline, we did some not-great diagrams, developer did some. Shading analysis didn’t seem to affect greenway.

Genasci—does park include marina area?
Doss—they don’t control it, still a question mark. Owned by Sheriff’s dept. Feds have issue with habitat impacts.

Bradley—so we need to work out how to plan here. Not objection to height by bridge. Could look at this through Central City Plan. Clearly outside original realm of N. Pearl.

Doss—we reported what the workgroup and NWDA said, position to maintain 100’ height limit. Riverscape team tenacious and convinced PC otherwise. On South side of bridge, general acceptance of 75’ bonus, then past PC linked to FAR, and PC and Design Commission linked it to Central City Plan. Riverscape, however, will move forward now. Our recommendation for Riverscape is not to give the 75’. We heard more ‘no’s’ than ‘yea’s’. Limit to 100’ and look at in Portland Plan, but this wasn’t accepted. This was the public view; we disagreed but presented your POV as recommendation.

The Summit Properties next to Centennial Mills will ask for the 75’ back but not additional FAR. Goes back to original plan concepts.

Pinger—General concern about bonuses in the N. Pearl generally, while we would like these used to put mass near ramps. Massing and Urban Design need to be addressed.

Doss—S. of railroad tracks height is unlimited. Sculpting height in Portland Plan is just beginning discussion, not propositional yet.

Pinger—we’re looking at it in relationship with work already done in NW District Plan with mitigation on the W. side of the highway ramps.

Doss—Majority of stakeholders, including PDNA, were willing to let go the height, to mitigate monotonous skyline which is developing. Will call for different base FAR and transfer rules. Admittedly something of an experiment.

Pinger—applauds objective, not means. Encore is example.

Doss—we have added façade length requirements, higher will be shorter facades. Conversation with Design Commission had a list of modifiers. Commission is concerned about inappropriate juxtapositions.

Pinger—thinks he understands PDNA’s preference, but when it comes to T1 we want the massing near the bridgehead.

Doss—when we go through process for staff recommendation takes about 18 months, gets to shared aspirations of group. As it goes into legislative process it can be changed based on response by City Council to concerns presented by individual stakeholders.

RE Park: Bradley: Legistlative quid pro quos not allowed.

Doss: Can’t do by exaction. Monumentally challenging through another incentive. Riverscape won’t say thanks for the 75’ well give you a full park…

Bradley—this lot is very particular, some specifics are where’s the park?

Doss—Can legitimately ask this of Commissioner Saltzman. Planning Commission thought a link between height and park made sense, but you can’t force anyone into it.
Seawall is developed a Riverscape, Centennial Mills will fill in. It would be great if there was a public park at the end of the greenway trail.

Welch—it needs to be visible. Genasci—development needs to offer both physical and visual access by it’s configuration. Perhaps a small master plan for that area would give confidence.

Doss—Design Commission is well aware of this, the green blob has showed up on any number of urban design sketches. Commission not likely to let this go by. Can’t require it—a taking—and BoP can’t finance it.
If a building comes in for review in next 12 months, will be addressed.

Bradley—Transportation Cte has voted to oppose plan as stated, mitigations being an optimistic increase in mode split and a TMA. There’s a lot of concern that the Pearl will develop density but will offload traffic problems into NW District.

Doss—all things considered, a minor FAR boost over what’s allowed now. We ran the model over and over and didn’t find it increases off the area congestion. Heavily reviewed by ODOT, who is also concerned. On the flip side, we don’t think we can do more than this, by right. Limited more FAR since that would have an impact. Scaling back some of the residential bonuses, trade offs throughout the spectrum of the plan.
Rick Michaelson has asked questions about the couplets in NW, as had Transportation committee. We’re hearing from many sources about transportations concerns in NW from this plan.

Bradley—Michaelson was chair some years ago. There’s a longstanding policy of the neighborhood to de-couple streets, for various reasons.

Stapleton—there’s an emphasis on more family housing, and families use more individual vehicle transportation.

Doss—Hoyt Street Properties request said can’t meet goals of community which brought in many other interests. Successful in affordable housing to date, but not diversity of housing. Better bonus for family housing. Preapp from Ed McNamara 137 unit family project, 60% income K-5 (8?) and preschool. Nearby in the Pearl.

Bradley—re bonuses for schooling, community amenities?
Doss—K-8, Daycare, Community Center, Library (later.) If a public school, will stay open.
Bradley—Daycare, community center dicier.
Doss—trying to figure out what is the right commitment, developer needs to show they have a provider, and the developer would hurt self since high cost retail space would be vacant until another provider was engaged for the public purpose. IF they’ve said they’ll do daycare, for example, we require it be there at least ten years. Up to owner of property to see it happens. Pretty good sign in current plan implementation.

Colt—any variances for stores, other ways to keep people for leaving neighborhood? Limited parking? Did model take into account Con-Way and Legacy.

Doss—ConWay has some ideas, and they’re big. They have to come in after this. We could do a never-ending set of models, but will do incrementally. Parking—as designed in 1990—has been cut back, lowered rations to rest of Pearl District, down by approx. 1/3. Store: 40,000 sf floorplate. Small development area, Safeway will service it.

Bradley—T1 is isolated, early plans called for retail on Naito, small community, which is now gone.

Doss—it’s a tough site, not sure how it was brought into city. Opportunity lost in 1990 when came into Central City Plan, should have had a master plan.

Welch—have you taken steps to hammer the Port to not take such steps in the future?

Doss—Gil would not handle T1 north, if it came in, in the same way. Once the up-front provisions are given you can’t take them back.

Vrilakas—why is it you can speculate on mode splits in future?

Doss—not speculative, followed up on. We actually give you guys more rights to comment on development in your area. If we were to say that yes, there’s room for 3:1 at Con-Way, that would preclude you’re looking at it when it develops “already promised.”

Sieber—so, it’s incremental. When the N. Pearl is done, would it be possible if the modeling for Con-Way site showed there wasn’t capacity, would that prevent increases?


Sieber—if there was not enough capacity for the existing zoning, would that level of development still be allowed as otherwise a takings?

Doss—we’re confident that there is capacity for the current zoning, we’ve worked on that for a while.

In future, Con-Way, Blanchard School and Lloyd area developments would all be related in their demand on the transportation system and we’ll need to rethink how we do that kind of transportation demand planning.

Transportation Minutes – September 3, 2008

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NWDA Transportation Committee
Meeting Notes
September 3, 2008
5:30pm –7:50pm
Northrup Room at Legacy Good Sam

Members present: Kim Carlson, Scott Siebert, Joel Weishaus, Jeanne Harrison, Stephen Metzler, Devin Liebman, Sharon Kelly, Bud Clark, Greg Aldrich & Charlie Grist. Note that all members of the committee were present!

Guests: Ron Walters, Mark Sieber, Chris Smith, John Montague, John Spencer & Juliet Hyams.

In response to the check-in question, meeting attendees offered the following topics for future Transcom meetings:
• sidewalk cafes and sidewalk cafes in the parking lane of the street, smoking at sidewalk cafes,
• pedestrian curb cuts,
• pedestrian rights
• sidewalk closures for construction,
• driveway spacing
• streetcar, bike/streetcar conflicts
• overall parking policy/plan for the neighborhood including parking garages (comprehensive approach to parking),
• lack of bike parking,
• cross committee communication and coordination, access into the neighborhood,
• NW Clean Sweep issues.

Eastside Streetcar Loop connection to the existing streetcar alignment. Two options are being considered for joining the eastside loop at the westside of the Broadway Bridge. The Northrup loop would benefit NWDA and the Pearl. Scott Siebert moved, and Jeanne Harrison seconded, to recommend that the NWDA board support the Northup loop design and allow Kim Carlson and Chris Smith to finalize a letter to submit to the board. 8 voted in favor, 0 opposed, and 1 abstention.

North Pearl District Plan will be considered by City Council on September 24th at 2:00pm. Stephen Metzler moved, and Bud Clark seconded, that the Transportation Committee recommend that the NWDA board oppose the proposed North Pearl District Plan until a transportation plan and funding mechanism is in place to support the proposed increases to the floor area ratio (FAR), and that the city consider the cumulative effect of all the planned development in the area, and demonstrate that there will be no increased traffic impact to NW Portland. Unanimously approved.

Update on the NW Streetcar Discussion Work Group survey results. Kim Carlson, with help from Jeanne Harrison, Sharon Kelly, Stephen Metzler and John Spencer discussed explained the process, the outreach effort, the survey response success and what we have learned. We discussed the highlights of the report being drafted and how it will address concerns raised by responders. The report recognizes the Northwest District Plan. Feedback from the attendees was favorable.

Legacy parking garage update provided by Ron Walters, NWDA board member and effected neighbor. The planned garage will be on the block surrounded by Overton, Northrup, 21st and 22nd. There will be 600 parking spaces, mostly above grade, and some office space. Entrances are being planned for both Overton and Northrup, however the streetcar on Northrup may interfere with an entrance on that side. The building will be 6 or 7 stories tall with a skybridge over Northrup to connect the garage to other Legacy buildings. This new garage will replace 400 parking spaces currently leased by Legacy, for their employees, on the Con-way site and under I-405. The committee expressed a desire to have Legacy come to a future Transcom meeting.

Stephen Metzler, our liaison on the Planning Committee has requested a list of transportation issues, impacts & opportunities relevant to potential development at the Con-way site. Suggestions should be sent electronically to both Stephen Metzler and Scott Seibert who will compile the suggestions to be reviewed at a future Transcom meeting.