Board Minutes – July 21, 2008

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Board Members Present: Rachel Cody, Juliet Hyams, Perry Heitmann, Jeff Love, Greg Aldrich, Dan Anderson, Kim Carlson, Bud Clark, Sharon Kelly, Stephen Metzler, Ron Walters
Not Present: Brian Bramlett, Spencer Burton, Tavo Cruz, Steve Pinger

Call to Order
• at 600p by President Juliet Hyams

Call of the Roster
• as noted above;
• also in attendance: John Bradley, Allan Classen, NW Examiner; Sandy Stapleton; Lee Stapleton; Sharon Genasci

Prior Board Minutes
motion 03.03: approved as written with noted corrections

New Business/Written Motions
• Spencer Burton has resigned his Board position

President’s Report
• Landmarks Commission hearing reviewing Irving St. Garage has been re-scheduled to July 29 2008 at 200p;
• Website ???
• Training for Board members will follow this report;
• Talking points for Landmarks Commission hearing:
• pedestrian safety;
• spot zoning;
• Peak Oil Task Force goals;
• Comprehensive Plan goals;
motion 03.05A P. Heitman: to approve talking points, second R. Cody;
• K. Carlson: Transportation Comm. approved pedestrian improvements;
• R. Walters: meaning of Trans. Comm. approval?
• P. Heitman: Trans. Comm. is advisory to Board.
• S. Metzler: visual impact of large brick wall?;
• J. Bradley: subjective, but not in conformance w/ Portland Character guideline;
motion 03.05A approved;
motion 03.05B J. Love: to disapprove Trans. Comm. action, second P. Heitman;
• K. Carlson: would prefer Board to re-confirm its June 16 motion;
motion 03.05B failed;
motion 03.05C K. Carlson: to re-confirm its June 16 motion opposing the Irving St. Garage, second R. Walters;
• S. Kelly: the new proposal has addressed every pedestrian safety issue that had been raised;
motion 03.05C approved

Board Member Training

Committee Reports
• Air Quality Committee; Sharon Genasci:
• website ???
• ESCO permit ???
• Public Safety and Parks Committee; Pete Colt:
• no report;
• Transportation Committee;
• Irving St. Garage, parking issues ???
• 23rd Ave. reconstruction ???
• Planning Committee;
• Con-way:
• no specifics from Conway;
• NDP has provisions regarding development capacity;
• next step would be pre-application meeting;
• GSH MOB and Parking Structure:
• notes distributed from pre-application meeting;
• next step may be Design Advise Request;
• not within historic district;
• Trans. Comm. ???
• S. Metzler is coordinating Green Streets design, project fronts Pettygrove Green Street;
• Central Portland Plan:
• some of NWDA may be added to CPP study area – cautionary note (?);
• Miscellaneous:
• Planning Committee has a representative on the Tree Regulation Committee;
• Policy Plan calls for walking guide to the historic district, Board support for grant application to write booklet ???;
• Parking Committee – no report

Staff Report
• no report

• no announcements

• adjourned at 730p