Publication distribution boxes/newsracks have become a neighborhood eyesore. They are magnets for graffiti, vandalism, and neglect. Advertising A-board have also proliferated, creating a sidewalk obstacle course. The Safety and Livability is committed to improving this neighborhood wide problem. We are addressing this issue at two levels:

Quarterly inspections: Four times a year, two willing volunteers inspect and document the condition of the boxes along NW 21st and NW 23rd. Publishers are then notified and reminded of their responsibility to maintain the boxes and remove graffiti.

Sidewalk Management
: This subcommittee consists of Phil Selinger and Jeanne Harrison working with the Safety and Livability Committee and representatives of the Downtown and Pearl Neighborhood Associations and the Friendly Streets organization. The goal of this committee is to protect and enhance the streetscape environment. More information can be found under the Transportation tab.

Downtown Neighborhood Association Letter of Support for Newsrack Changes

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DNA Newsrack support letter.pdf

Old Town Chinatown Neighborhood Association endorses NWDA Newsrack Management Effort

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On September 4, 2012, the Old Town Chinatown Neighborhood Association endorsed the NWDA Newsrack Management Effort. Thanks!

Portland Downtown Neighborhood Association endorses NWDA Newsrack Management Effort

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A big thank you to the Portland Downtown Neighborhood Association for endorsing the NWDA 4-step Newsrack Management Effort at their August 28, 2012 board meeting.

Alberta Main Street endorses NWDA Newsrack Management Effort

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A big thanks to Alberta Main Street for endorsing our newsrack management effort. Read their endorsement here: Alberta Main Street letter.pdf

PDBA endorses NWDA Newsrack Management Effort

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The Pearl District Business Association recently voted to endorse the NWDA 4-step effort to manage newsracks in the public right of way. Read their full endorsement here:

PDBA Support of Managing City Newsracks 7 12 12.pdf

PDNA Endorses NWDA Newsrack Managment Effort

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A big Thank You to the The Pearl District Neighborhood Association who recently voted to support the NWDA Newsrack Management Effort!

Read their full report here: PDNApubBoxStudy.pdf

Sidewalk Management Subcommittee Minutes, June 22, 2012

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Sidewalk Management Sub Committee Group Minutes
June 22, 10-11am, World Cup

In attendance: Mike Boyer (ONI), Carlos (ONI intern), Fran Goldstein (NWDA), Guy Bodin (Pearl), Jan Valentine (Pearl), Felicia Williams (Downtown), Phil Selinger (NWDA), Mary Ann Pastene (NWDA)

Felicia: Old Town won’t address approving our effort till Sept.; downtown is working on inventory in order to identify abandoned racks and subsequent removal ; it will be on our agenda in July.

Fran: Met with NE Coalition of Neighborhoods, they will bring it up at their July meeting; Alberta Main St. Program will endorse, I expect to get a letter; The NWDA approved the ‘property owner’ letter; will start handing it out.

Phil: I sent Lloyd TMA an email and will follow up.

Jan: PDNA passed a resolution and we completed a similar report like NWDA’s. PDBA is on board and expect a letter of endorsement

Mary Ann: I will contact Nob Hill BA and give them a head’s up about the ‘property owner’ letter

Mike: I recommend we get Old Town’s endorsement before we approach the city in a meaningful way. You should also explore the insurance issue… could be a roadblock to developing any kind of neighborhood monitoring/removal program.

Mary Ann: I will contact Mark at NWNW regarding insurance

Fran: Maybe it’s time we reconnect with PBOT

Phil: I will try to arrange a meeting and suggest to Rich at PBOT to invite Amanda Fritz and/or Mayor’s office if it is appropriate

Mary Ann: Next meeting 10am, 7/27. I will confirm via email if I can reserve World Cup again

Newsracks on Your Property – What You Can Do

Did you know that the City of Portland code Title 17/Public Improvements ‐ Chapter 17.28.020 specifies the responsible party for side‐walk management as the owner of the property that abuts the right‐of‐way? This makes the property owner responsible for newsrack encroachments which are placed haphazardly by publishers. To lean more and steps you can take, download: Newsrack Removal Letter_Building Owner.pdf

NWDA Newsrack Effort

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PDF file documenting NWDA’s current effort to manage newsracks located in the public right of way: SMS-newsracks.pdf

Sidewalk Management Subcommittee Meeting Minutes 4/13/2012

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Sidewalk Management Subcommittee Meeting

April 13, 2012, 10-11:30am

World Cup Coffee, 1740 NW Glisan

In attendance: Fran Goldstein (NWDA), Phil Selinger (NWDA), Felicia Williams (Downtown), Bob Wright (Downtown), Allan Classen (NW Examiner), Guy (Pearl), Jan Valentine (Pearl), Kathy (Pearl), Jeanne Harrison (NWDA) and Karen (ONI intern)

Immediate Strategy – volunteers to collect neighborhood association and other relevant non-profit letters of support over the next few months, through personal contacts, outreach, etc. Volunteer list:


Hosferd Abernathy – Jean Harrison

Goose Hollow – Mary Ann Pastene

Multnomah Villagge – Mary Ann Pastene

Montavilla – Mary Ann Pastene

Sellwood – Mary Ann Pastene

Richmond  – Jean Harrison

Killingsworth – Fran Goldstein

Mississippi – Fran Golstein

Pearl – Jan Valentine

Old Town – Felicia Williams

Downtown – Felicia Williams

Humbolt – Felicia Williams

King – Felicia Williams

Lloyd District – Phil Selinger


Venture Portland – Mary Ann Pastene

Willamette Pedestrian Coalition – Jeanne Harrison

Pearl Business Association – Jan Valentine

Next Strategies – generate features/benefits of plan for publications and get buy in from them; reconnect with PBOT folks.

We will meet again on June 22, 10am at World Cup to get updates

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