On November 15, 2010, the NWDA Board approved the Safety & Livability Committee’s work plan for 2011. You may download a copy of the work plan below.

S&L Workplan 2012-2013

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S&L workplan 2012-2013 ver2.pdf

Safety and Livability Committee 2011-2012 Workplan

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NWDA_S&L workplan 2011-2012.pdf

S&L Work Plan/District Plan Comparison

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A comparison of Safety and Livability Work Plan action items to North West District Plan action items can be downloaded  here.

S&L Work Plan 2010-11

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You may download a copy of the Safety & Livability work plan by clicking on the following link SL-Workplan-2011

The Committee is seeking new members. Please contact Tanya March at tlm27@caa.columbia.edu if you want to join residents and businesses that are working to improve the safety and livability of the neighborhood.

S&L Workplan – Draft

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The NWDA Safety & Livability Committee is working on revisions to its proposed workplan. If you wish to comment on the workplan, please download the draft document below and email your comments to Tanya March, committee chair, at March@PDX.edu, or Ron Walters, NWDA President, at RonaldJWalters@hotmail.com.

NWDA – Safety & Livability Workplan 2011 – Draft 7

Work Plan Comments?

We welcome your comments about the Public Safety Committee work plan.