NWDA Board of Directors

The NWDA 14-member Board of Directors meets on the third Monday of the month. The Board Executive Committee meetings two Wednesdays ahead of the Board meetings at the Neighbors West Northwest office to prepare the agenda and to frame issues for the Board’s consideration. The Board roster includes:

Phil Selinger, President – president@northwestdistrictassociation.org
Steve Pinger, 1st Vice President – steve@katsammo.com
Juliet Hyams, 2nd Vice President – juliet@easystreet.net
Wayne Wirta, Treasurer – wlwirta@gmail.com
Josh Olsen, Secretary – josholy@gmail.com
Wendy Chung – wcrossiter@yahoo.com
Rodger Eddy – jgodey@gmail.com
Don Genasci – dgenasci@teleport.com
Karen Karlsson – karen@klk-consulting.com
Kathy Sharp – farmersharp@comcast.net
Page Stockwell – stockwellmaps@gmail.com
Ron Walters – ronaldjwalters@hotmail.com
Bill Welch – bcmwelch@earthlink.net

Roster and terms served as of 8-27-12:
Roster and terms served.pdf

2013 Board Member Orientation packet, which consists of bylaws, articles of incorporation and other materials; 108 pages, 4MB:

Revised April 21st NWDA Board Meeting Agenda

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Attached is the revised April Board meeting agenda reflecting the addition of an update regarding the historic house demolition at NW 24th/Quimby. For your reference:  NWDA_Agenda_April 21 2014 . All are most welcome to these meetings!

Candidates Sought for Board Election

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Upcoming Annual Meeting and Elections

Help shape our great neighborhood!  There is lots going on and your help is needed!

 Date: Monday, May 19, 2014           

Time: 6:00 PM

Place: Wistar Morris Room, Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital, 1015 NW 22nd Avenue, Portland, OR

 If you reside in or represent a business in NWDA, you are eligible to run for the NWDA Neighborhood Board of Directors. View a map at: http://www.nwnw.org/maps/NWDA.PDF. Be a part of the change you seek to sustain. There are several ways you can help:

·         Become a member, attend the Annual Meeting and vote for the best candidates.

·         Consider running for the neighborhood Board of Directors. Terms are two years.

·         Nominate someone who you think offers great enthusiasm, talent and experience to the Board.

·         Extend your engagement by coming to meetings and serving on a committee.

 The deadline for declaring your candidacy in writing (e-mail is accepted) is 5:00 PM, Friday, April 18, 2014. You must be a member of the NWDA to run for office. To register for membership, download a membership application by clicking “Join Us” at www.northwestdistrictassociation.org. Send declarations of candidacy to: NWDA Elections Committee, 2257 NW Raleigh Street, Portland, OR 97210 or email to mark@nwnw.org

 There are eight (8) open board positions plus the presidency. A description of expectation of a Board director is at: NWDA Director Role Description . The description for the Board President is at: NWDA President Role Description. Following the deadline to declare candidacy, there will be a public meeting of the Elections Committee to declare the official slate of candidates at Neighbors West-Northwest, 2257 NW Raleigh Street. For more information, call Mark Sieber: 503 823-4212, mark@nwnw.org

March 17th Board Meeting Agenda

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The NWDA Board will meet on March 17th at 6 pm on its regular schedule.  Highlights will include an update from Legacy Health Systems and a review of the in-progress West Quadrant Planning process.

The meeting agenda and details is: NWDA_Agenda_March 17 2014 . All are most welcome to attend! Irish folk can celebrate after the meeting!

Oct, Nov, Dec 2013 and January 2014 approved Board meeting minutes

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On February 24th, the NWDA approved the following Board meeting minutes for October 2013 through January 2014, with corrections to the draft December 2013 minutes. These approved minutes are:

October: NWDA_Minutes_October 21, 2013

November: NWDA_Minutes_November 18, 2013

December: NWDA_Minutes_December 16 2013

January: NWDA January 2014 minutes

Feburary Board Meeting Agenda

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Attached is the agenda for the February Board meeting: NWDA_Agenda_February 24 2014 . The meeting will recap the February 13th “Meet and Greet” event as well as committee reports and other updates. Neighbors and other guest are most encouraged to attend!

January Board Parking Resolution

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The draft minutes from the very active January 27th Board meeting can be found at:  NWDA January 2014 minutes    The Board also passed a policy statement and resolution on the subject of off-street parking minimum requirements of new development Parking position resolution – adopted January 2014. The next NWDA Board meeting will be on the regular date, February 17th. Thank you to all who attended!

January 27th NWDA Board Meeting Agenda

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Greetings -

A week late this month, the NWDA Board of Directors will meet on January 27th, 6 pm at Good Samaritan Hospital. The agenda includes the usual updates and will feature a discussion of the current intensity of development and the relationship to off-street parking minimums. The agenda is: NWDA_Agenda_January 27 2014 and the DRAFT policy statement is:  Parking position resolution clean – PRS-TC January 2014 v2

The Board will also consider a letter to Metro requesting a forum to consider the coordinated growth for the two sides of the West Hills. That draft letter is: Westside Impact letter to Metro – Jan 2014

All are most welcome to attend. There is an opportunity for community input. Thank you!

December 16th NWDA Board meeting

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The Board of the NWDA will hold its December meeting on Monday the 16th at 6 pm, Legacy Good Samaritan Wilcox ACR 102, 1015 NW 22nd Avenue, Portland OR 97210. In addition to committee updates, the Board will consider next steps in tracking the recently adopted “CE John and NWDA Air Quality and Conduct of Construction Good Neighbor Agreement”. The Board will also consider the distribution of a proposed neighborhood mailing.  The agenda is:  NWDA_Agenda_December 16 2013 .

All are invited to attend this final meeting of the year. The NWDA wishes all of our neighbors and community partners happy holidays and all the best in the New Year!


Approved Clean Diesel and Conduct of Construction GNA

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At the November 18th NWDA Board meeting, the “CE John and NWDA Clean Diesel and Conduct of Construction Good Neighbor Agreement: Conway Master Plan” was unanimously approved by the Board of Directors. The agreement is: final draft GNA 5761688_8; with two attached exhibits:

Conduct of Construction Exhibit C – Clean Diesel 10-24-13;

Conduct of Construction Exhibit D BMPs 11 15 13 – tom’s edits

This agreement addresses the following aspects of construction of the Con-way Master Planned properties:

  1. Diesel Emissions Reduction Management
  2. Access Management
  3. Traffic Management
  4. Safety, Security and Construction Site Management

The agreement was originally to be with Con-way, through this arrangement places the term of the agreement in the hands of Con-way’s master developer who will own and manage the projects as they unfold. Thomas DiChiara, Senior Vice President of Development for CE John attended the meeting and expressed the firm’s commitment to clean and well-managed projects in the Northwest district. CE John has already constructed major projects in the neighborhood including the Benevento, the Ida Fuller and Sawyer’s Row. All have received positive feedback from the NWDA’s Planning Committee.

While Exhibit D, above, is in final form, Exhibit C is subject to adjustment as it is employed for the first project, as that technical scoring framework is new and untested.

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality that supported this effort is awaiting final word on a Federal Highway grant that would assist with the retrofit of construction equipment to meet current EPA clean diesel standards.

NWDA has been led in this effort by Board member, Kathy Sharp, and Air Quality Committee Chair, Sharon Genasci, with further support from Board President Phil Selinger and environmental attorney, David Paul. DEQ also provided valued support.

The NWDA is appreciative of the voluntary engagement of both Con-way and CE John in the preparation of this draft agreement. Much work remains to apply the agreement to the first Con-way Master Plan property, Block 296, which will include a New Seasons grocery store. That project is scheduled to break ground in early 2014.

November 18th Board Meeting Agenda

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The November 18th Board meeting will cover committee updates and will focus on the adoption of the Con-way Properties Clean Diesel and Conduct of Construction Good Neighbor Agreement. The meeting will be held at 6 pm at Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital. The agenda will be found at: NWDA_Agenda_November 18 2013 . All are most invited to attend. See the agenda for meeting details.

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