Slabtown Plan Committee

In November 2011, the Slabtown Plan Committee was dissolved. Further work on the Slabtown development process will be conducted by the Con-way Master Planning Working Group, which consists of Ron Walters, Steve Pinger, Don Genasci, John Bradley, and Phil Sellinger.

Slabtown Square – Public Meeting, Wed. April 29

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Slabtown Square Development Public Outreach Meeting
5:30-6:45 p.m. Wednesday April 29th
Legacy Good Samaritan Auditorium
Building 2
1040 NW 22nd

The NWDA Planning Committee will report the status of the design of the Slabtown Neighborhood Square. All members of the public are encouraged to attend to provide input.

Slabtown Association

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Neighbors interested in forming a Slabtown business / community association are invited to a public meeting to hear general goals and possible directions for the organization:

Tuesday, March 19, 8 a.m.

Holiday Inn Express, West Hills Room

2333 NW Vaughn St.

Survey About Square in Con-way Masterplan RESULTS

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Download the results of our on-line survey about the proposed Con-way area public square design. The survey also included a question on the importance of specific items to be included in a possible construction Good Neighbor Agreement with Con-way (see page 6 of the pdf).


Survey About Square in Con-way Masterplan

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Please take a moment to complete a short online survey about the square that will be built in the Con-way Masterplan area.

As a bit of background, in 2009 and 2010, NWDA led a community-driven planning process that resulted in an urban design concept for the Slabtown neighborhood in Northwest Portland. Based on the results of an online survey and five workshops, the neighborhood’s top priorities were defined as parks, squares, and open spaces; pedestrian- and bike-friendly streets; and creating a historically significant iconic focal point. In 2011 and 2012, to advance the goals and priorities of the neighborhood, NWDA participated in the development of a masterplan for a 17-acre parcel of land owned by Con-way.

The masterplan was approved in August 2012. Roughly 25% of the masterplan area is dedicated to a park, square, and pedestrian walkways. Portland Parks & Recreation will lead a pubic process to design and develop the public park. The square will be part of a private development site, which will be located on the western half of the block between NW 20th and NW 21st and NW Pettygrove and NW Quimby. As part of the masterplan agreement, the public will have an enhanced role in the design of the square once a developer is identified.

In anticipation of this design process, Don Genasci, an NWDA Board member and architecture professor at the University of Oregon, has arranged to have roughly twenty students design visions of the Slabtown square as a part of their course work. NWDA is excited to review a wide variety of creative student ideas and designs to help inform the future design of the square.

We would like to supplement the formal masterplan guidelines and design standards with your opinions and ideas about what would make a great neighborhood square.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

Final Con-way Masterplan

The final, approved Con-way Masterplan is a 131 page document.

Pages 1-43 (18MB): 12 0827 Con-way Master Plan_FINAL-part1.pdf

Pages 44-85 (9MB): 12 0827 Con-way Master Plan_FINAL-part2.pdf

Pages 86-100 (30MB): Conway Master Plan FINAL-part3.pdf

Pages 101-110 (18MB): 12 0827 Con-way Master Plan_FINAL-part4.pdf

Pages 111-131 (2MB): Conway Master Plan FINAL-part5.pdf

Con-way Masterplan Approved – 8/27/12

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Today, the Hearings Officer approved the Con-way Masterplan. NWDA testified in support of the plan, with several conditions. No one testified in opposition to the plan. Con-way submitted proposed revisions to the masterplan to accommodate NWDA conditions and requests. The Hearings Officer closed the record. Con-way will incorporate the approved revisions into the final version of the Masterplan.

NWDA’s testimony and Con-way’s proposed revisions are available for download here:



Con-way Master Plan Comments & Responses 08-10-12

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Conway NWDA Transportation Comments – July 2012.pdf

August 2012 Response to Comments.pdf

8424 20th Street Extension r.pdf

8424 20th Street Extension_appendices.pdf

additional comments.pdf

Con-way Master Plan Document 07-17-12

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12 0712 Conway Master Plan Book-CURRENT.pdf 28MB file

Con-way Master Plan Document 04-24-12

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April 24, 2012 Con-way Master Plan document (27MB): 12 0423 Con-way Master Plan.pdf

Con-way Masterplan – 5/10/12

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Con-way has completed the final draft of its Masterplan to be submitted for design review, which is expected to occur in late June or July.

NWDA is currently reviewing the document and intends to provide feedback to Con-way in advance of design review. We welcome input from the community. If you would like to receive a copy of the document by email, please send a request to Ron Walters at It is a long document (over 100 pages) and a large file (66 MB) that is too large to post on the NWDA website.

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