NWDA Board Meeting Minutes

Board meeting minutes must be approved by the Board at a subsequent monthly meeting. Therefore, minutes are typically posted to the NWDA website approximately 5 weeks after the date of the meeting.

Oct, Nov, Dec 2013 and January 2014 approved Board meeting minutes

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On February 24th, the NWDA approved the following Board meeting minutes for October 2013 through January 2014, with corrections to the draft December 2013 minutes. These approved minutes are:

October: NWDA_Minutes_October 21, 2013

November: NWDA_Minutes_November 18, 2013

December: NWDA_Minutes_December 16 2013

January: NWDA January 2014 minutes

January Board Parking Resolution

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The draft minutes from the very active January 27th Board meeting can be found at:  NWDA January 2014 minutes    The Board also passed a policy statement and resolution on the subject of off-street parking minimum requirements of new development Parking position resolution – adopted January 2014. The next NWDA Board meeting will be on the regular date, February 17th. Thank you to all who attended!

NWDA October 7th Work Plan and Budget Meeting Minutes

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NWDA October Work Plan and Budget Meeting 2013 meeting minutes – prs

NWDA September 16th Board Meeting Minutes

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NWDA September 2013 meeting minutes – prs

NWDA August 19th Board Meeting Minutes

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NWDA August 2013 meeting minutes

Meeting Notes – 5/20/13

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Meeting notes for the NWDA 2013 Annual Meeting & Election and May Board meeting are now available for download. Please note that these meeting notes are in draft form and will only become official minutes when approved by the Board at an upcoming meeting. They are posted as is for timely communication with interested parties.



NWDA Board Meeting Minutes 04-15-13

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NWDA Board Meeting Minutes 03-18-13

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NWDA Board Meeting Minutes 2-25-13

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NWDA_Minutes 022513.pdf

Board Meeting Minutes 01-28-13

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