AQC Chapman Monitoring Report

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AQC Chapman Monitoring Report 5.17.17

Report from the AQC to the NWDA Board, Annual meeting Monday, May 22, 2017
As the representative to the NAC (Neighborhood Advisory Committee), formed under the ESCO
Good Neighbor Agreement (GNA), I was asked to attend a special meeting held at ESCO
Corporation recently to discuss the outcome of the Chapman School Monitoring Project, which
was taken over and run by Neighbors for Clean Air approximately two years ago. ESCO
allocated $25,000.00 to cover the costs of the monitoring for particulate and VOCs
During the approximately year long negotiations on the GNA, ESCO refused to allow any
monitors on their fence line, so neighbors could determine whether the new controls being
installed were in fact working appropriately. Instead ESCO offered $25,000 for monitors placed
at Chapman School. Bob Amundson, who conducted monitoring for the NWDA Air Quality
Committee said at the time that Chapman School was not a suitable place to put monitors for
ESCO emissions, because of wind direction blowing away from the school. The school was also
not close enough to the plant to ensure that emissions were coming from ESCO.
Neighbors for Clean Air worked with an outside consultant, and staff and students from PSU.
The funds were spent on buying equipment that turned out to be inadequate and on lab costs.
At a recent meeting at ESCO we were told that the data is inconclusive, and NCA and PSU refuse
to do any more work on the project to supply information about several months of missing
ESCO has now closed Plant 1, but Plant 3 will continue to operate as usual. Members of the Air
Quality Committee are concerned about dust from Plant 1 contaminated with asbestos and
heavy metals released into the neighborhood during demolition and reconstruction at the site.
Sharon Genasci, NWDA Board Air Quality Point Person


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