NWDA Air Quality Committee Meeting Minutes

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October 12, 2015

Present: Kathy Sharp, Bob L, David Arrow, Dale Feik, Sharon Genasci

First off a discussion about train idling. One person on our Committee has a problem with diesel fumes in his apartment. The management of his affordable housing (Reach building on Lovejoy Street approach to Broadway Bridge)does not want monitors for diesel particulate on the building. No reason was given. Likewise, Bud Clark Commons homeless housing does not allow monitors. It is clearly a serious issue when management of public low income housing refuses to explore whether tenants are exposed to carcinogenic air pollution. We have had several complaints from tenants about diesel odors in their apartments from Amtrak idling all night long.

The Committee is pursuing other possibilities.

Next we took up the question of ESCO’s five year DEQ permit renewal, due in a year’s time, and the renewal of the ESCO GNA (Good Neighbor Agreement).

The current GNA was agreed by Neighbors for Clean Air and the then President of NWDA. The AQC was unhappy that the agreement accounted for only a 20 per cent reduction in highly toxic emissions and no monitoring allowed. The AQC also objected to no controls being placed on Slinger Bay, the building on 25th and Vaughn. The Committee wrote a Minority Report contesting the agreement,and is now looking for an environmental lawyer with expertise in air pollution to represent NWDA’s Air Quality Committee in any new ESCO GNA agreement.

Sharon announced the upcoming DEQ Air Toxics Advisory Committee meeting to set a new benchmark for diesel on October 21st.

Sharon Genasci, Chair, NWDA Air Quality Committee


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