Meeting Notes, Neighborhood Advisory Committee to Esco Corp, 11.8. 2013

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November, 8, 2013

The meeting was held at Friendly house, and began with introductions, though no public was there, except for Allan Classen from NW Examiner.
Quarterly meeting dates were set for the next year.

Mary Peveto and John Krallman (NCA, Neighbors for Clean Air)
gave a status report on the air quality monitor planned for Chapman Elementary School. Esco has donated $25,000.00 to monitor at the school. Early December or early January draft plans will be sent out, and training will begin, showing people how to set up the monitor and how to break it down. Among others, they are working with Linda George from PSU. They are planning on students from PSU helping with the monitoring, which will be for particulate, pm10 and pm 2.5.

The draft monitoring plan will be brought to the NAC for approval.

The Subcommittee for the Emergency Response Plan, Bob Holmstrom, NWDA, Tom Giese from NCA, Shannon Huggins and Travis Quarles from Esco, is working on an effective plan, should there be an emergency (fire, baghouse failure etc) at Esco. It will utilize information gathered by NCA in a survey sent out to neighbors asking for their suggestions in such a situation. Ninety neighbors responded. Sharon suggested that NWDA hold a meeting to release to the neighbors the Emergency Response Plan once it is completed.

Regarding the controls that Esco undertook to complete over the five years of their permit, numbers 3 & 10 have been completed now. Currently they are working on dust collection for projects 1,5,6 and 7 (attachment A, GNA). See Portland Neighborhood Advisory Committee (NAC) .com on line.

New binders with 35-40 per cent less phenol are being tested at plant 3 and new binders (still using phenol) are being also tested at plant 1.

There were a couple of violations at the plant during the last quarter, one on July 17, 2013. The baghouse did not function properly, and Esco was fined $2,200.00.

Sharon Genasci


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