Minutes, NWDA Air Quality Committee 7.8.13

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NWDA Air Quality Committee Meeting Minutes

Present: Bill Welch, Cynthia Casas, Phil Selinger (Pres., NWDA) Evan Farnham,
Jorjan Parker, Bob L, Sharon Genasci

First, Sharon briefed the committee on the latest in the negotiations with Con-way and C.E. John over a Clean Diesel and Conduct of Construction GNA agreement for the Con-way master plan area in the N E corner of the neighborhood. Several new developments included funding from CMAQ funds that would be administered through Kevin Downing of DEQ, who has been working with the clean diesel group since October, 2012.

This funding would go mostly to retrofit construction equipment destined for the Con-way area, assuming that match from Con-way and C.E. John of 10.27 per cent can be agreed.

Kevin also notified the group of other funding that might be available to the group to pay for a third party person to oversee the project, making sure that all equipment on site is retrofitted to the agreed level or new.

To date Con-way has not agreed to the tier 4 retrofit level (95 per cent reduction of diesel emissions) or to having a third party person on site daily to oversee construction vehicles, making sure that all vehicles on site are retrofitted to the agreed level.

The next scheduled clean diesel meeting with Con-way is on July 23rd. Con-way promised to deliver an answering draft of their own version of a Clean Diesel and Conduct of Construction GNA
agreement on July 11th. NWDA presented them with our draft GNA at the last meeting in June.

Next up was a discussion about the odor complaints. Bob L and Sharon described the continued complaints about ESCO odors. One local resident who lived near ESCO has moved out of the area to Irvington area, where the air is much better he says. He described strong daily odors of overheated brakes and other chemical smells that all came from ESCO.

New complaints are turning up on Wilson Street, where residents, working with us are trying to find the source of the odors. One resident complained that she could no longer find anyone at DEQ available to talk to when complaining of odors.

Bob l said he would investigate this.

Cynthia made some suggestions to improve the brochures. Sharon and Kathy plan to hand out brochures at one of the concerts in the park series on Thursdays.

Sharon handed round a Friends of Family Farmers letter to DEQ regarding the new Nuisance Strategy.

Finally, Sharon pointed out that a retired member of the Committee had called her about a strange sign up in Wallace Park, listing ESCO emissions and seemingly a warning, but signed, ‘ESCO’. No one knows who put up several such signs, but ESCO is determined to take them down.

Sharon Genasci, Chair, NWDA AQC


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