NWDA Air Quality Meeting Minutes, December 9, 2013

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Attendees: Kathy Sharp. Bob L, Bill Welch, Phil Selinger, Evan Farnham, Jorjan Parker.

Absent: Sarah Taylor, Sharon Genasci, Myriam Alaux.

Update on Con-way Agreement:  The agreement has not been signed yet. No problems just waiting for final review and signing.  There is still a green light on the CMAQ (Congestion, Mitigation and Air Quality) funds just no time line on their availability.  The CMAC funds are the funds that will retrofit equipment.

   The NWDA board has a motion on the agenda for Monday, December 16th to create a working group of three representatives to follow and monitor the agreement.

Motion 5: The NWDA Board charges each of the Air Quality, Planning and Transportation Committees to appoint one person from each committee as an ad hoc “CE John and NWDA Air Quality and Conduct of Construction Good Neighbor Agreement” (GNA) monitoring group, to remain active over the life of the GNA, with replacement representation over time as appropriate. That group will further designate a person to perform on-site monitoring as prescribed in the GNA. The work of that group is to be guided by the Board President and/or the Air Quality Committee chairperson.

Discussion of meeting with Alex Yale :  Sharon and Kathy met with Alex Yale, an architect for Anderson Construction, working on a project just south of the New Season’s site.  He met with us to be briefed on the Clean Diesel Agreement.  He expressed interest in meeting the same standards in their project.  Anderson Construction has met with the planning committee.

Odor complaints:  There have been no new odor complaints.  Bob has added Kathy to receive complaints while Sharon is away.


Cascade Rubber Products,  Next Steps?  Cascade Rubber Products does not hold a permit. Kathy will follow-up with DEQ.

Responses to meeting with Josh Alpert, the Mayor’s Sustainability Policy Director:  The meeting was requested by Josh to brief him on the Clean Diesel Conduct of Construction Agreement and air pollution concerns in the neighborhood..  Kathy was unable to attend because of work. Sharon briefed and felt the meeting went well.  She also shared concerns expressed at the Air Quality Committee of the impact of restaurants and other small sources.  They are currently handled on a case by case basis with no attention paid to the overall impact on air quality..  Josh expressed that it was important for the city to play a part in cleaning up Portland.

   The NWDA executive committee expressed displeasure that the meeting was held without notifying the board, the executive committee or the NWDA president.  There was much discussion.

What’s in our Air?  Sharon and the NWDA Air Quality Committee branded the slogan “What’s In Our Air” with its use as the title for a documentary and lawn signs.  Neighbors for Clean Air picked it up and used it for their URL.  Members of the NWDA tried to persuade NCA not to do that and subsequently purchased NCA.com.  Recently a trade of URL’s was pursued and failed.

Northwest Street Tree Opportunity

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Friends –

With the arrival of 2014, we might be thinking of ways to improve our properties, our neighborhoods and the environment. With this in mind, we call your attention to a street tree planting program, described below and in more detail with: itreepdx@portlandoregon.govNW – Goose Hollow letter 2013-14 (draft) offered by the City’s Bureau of Environmental Services. While our community is pretty well “forested”, there are many holes to be filled in. Consider adding a tree to your street frontage or pass this to a friend or neighbor who might be interested. Note that the deadline for signing up is January 10th.

Best wishes for a healthy and “green” new year!

Phil Selinger

NWDA Board President

December 23rd, 2013

City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services is offering free street trees to properties in the Northwest District and Goose Hollow neighborhoods.

Street trees offer many benefits to you and your community.  Tree canopy captures stormwater, calms traffic, cleans the air, and reduces the urban heat island effect.  Trees also increase property resale value and help make greener and safer places to live and work.  You can be part of a large-scale effort to restore our city’s urban forest and to enhance watershed health.  Join your neighbors and local businesses by signing up for trees!

Tree types and locations will take into consideration sight lines along with various setbacks and clearances for proper spacing.  Environmental Services will select hardy, urban-tolerant trees that fit the space available.  The goal is Right Tree, Right Place.

Tentative timeline:

             January 10th, sign-up deadline

Jan 13th – 24th, street tree inspections, property owner follow-up

Jan 31st, opt out deadline

early Feb, tree list finalized, trees ordered, trees assigned to properties

late Feb – mid March, tree planting

To learn more about this special offer to have free street trees planted adjacent to your property, please call or email the tree program today. The deadline to sign up is Friday, January 10th.  You can cancel later on but if you don’t sign up now, you miss the opportunity to see your tree potential.

 Environmental Services Urban Tree Canopy Program

503-823-TREE (8733)


December 16th NWDA Board meeting

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The Board of the NWDA will hold its December meeting on Monday the 16th at 6 pm, Legacy Good Samaritan Wilcox ACR 102, 1015 NW 22nd Avenue, Portland OR 97210. In addition to committee updates, the Board will consider next steps in tracking the recently adopted “CE John and NWDA Air Quality and Conduct of Construction Good Neighbor Agreement”. The Board will also consider the distribution of a proposed neighborhood mailing.  The agenda is:  NWDA_Agenda_December 16 2013 .

All are invited to attend this final meeting of the year. The NWDA wishes all of our neighbors and community partners happy holidays and all the best in the New Year!


NWDA Air Quality Committee Agenda 12.9.13

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• Update on Conway Agreement, CMAX funds, NWDA Board meeting.

• Discussion of meeting with Alex Yale, architect for Anderson Construction, a developer
working in the Con-way area.

• Odor complaints

• Cascade Rubber Products, 1828 Quimby. What will be the next step?

• Responses to meeting with Josh Alpert, the Mayor’s Sustainability Policy Director.

• What’s in Our Air? Should we do business cards to educate about odor complaints and
promote our work?

Hope to see you there.

Kathy Sharp, Acting Chair, NWDA AQC