Transportation Committee December 4th meeting

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The Transportation Committee will meet at 6:15 on Wednesday, December 4 at 1040 NW 22nd at Good Sam’s Building #2, 2nd floor conference room, with a review of the City’s Comprehensive Plan and Transportation Systems Plan (TSP) being the featured topics in preparation of formal Comprehensive Plan comments and in anticipation of the City’s upcoming TSP update.

See the agenda 12_4_13 NWDA TransCom Agenda (2)

TSP background information is included in these attachments:

TSP Improvements – NW

What is the TSP_TSP and other plans_10-31-13

All are welcome to attend!

Should home sellers disclose air pollution issues?

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A neighbor discusses the arguments in a recent article.

Read the Business Journal article here.

Approved Clean Diesel and Conduct of Construction GNA

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At the November 18th NWDA Board meeting, the “CE John and NWDA Clean Diesel and Conduct of Construction Good Neighbor Agreement: Conway Master Plan” was unanimously approved by the Board of Directors. The agreement is: final draft GNA 5761688_8; with two attached exhibits:

Conduct of Construction Exhibit C – Clean Diesel 10-24-13;

Conduct of Construction Exhibit D BMPs 11 15 13 – tom’s edits

This agreement addresses the following aspects of construction of the Con-way Master Planned properties:

  1. Diesel Emissions Reduction Management
  2. Access Management
  3. Traffic Management
  4. Safety, Security and Construction Site Management

The agreement was originally to be with Con-way, through this arrangement places the term of the agreement in the hands of Con-way’s master developer who will own and manage the projects as they unfold. Thomas DiChiara, Senior Vice President of Development for CE John attended the meeting and expressed the firm’s commitment to clean and well-managed projects in the Northwest district. CE John has already constructed major projects in the neighborhood including the Benevento, the Ida Fuller and Sawyer’s Row. All have received positive feedback from the NWDA’s Planning Committee.

While Exhibit D, above, is in final form, Exhibit C is subject to adjustment as it is employed for the first project, as that technical scoring framework is new and untested.

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality that supported this effort is awaiting final word on a Federal Highway grant that would assist with the retrofit of construction equipment to meet current EPA clean diesel standards.

NWDA has been led in this effort by Board member, Kathy Sharp, and Air Quality Committee Chair, Sharon Genasci, with further support from Board President Phil Selinger and environmental attorney, David Paul. DEQ also provided valued support.

The NWDA is appreciative of the voluntary engagement of both Con-way and CE John in the preparation of this draft agreement. Much work remains to apply the agreement to the first Con-way Master Plan property, Block 296, which will include a New Seasons grocery store. That project is scheduled to break ground in early 2014.

November 18th Board Meeting Agenda

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The November 18th Board meeting will cover committee updates and will focus on the adoption of the Con-way Properties Clean Diesel and Conduct of Construction Good Neighbor Agreement. The meeting will be held at 6 pm at Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital. The agenda will be found at: NWDA_Agenda_November 18 2013 . All are most invited to attend. See the agenda for meeting details.

Meeting Notes, Neighborhood Advisory Committee to Esco Corp, 11.8. 2013

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November, 8, 2013

The meeting was held at Friendly house, and began with introductions, though no public was there, except for Allan Classen from NW Examiner.
Quarterly meeting dates were set for the next year.

Mary Peveto and John Krallman (NCA, Neighbors for Clean Air)
gave a status report on the air quality monitor planned for Chapman Elementary School. Esco has donated $25,000.00 to monitor at the school. Early December or early January draft plans will be sent out, and training will begin, showing people how to set up the monitor and how to break it down. Among others, they are working with Linda George from PSU. They are planning on students from PSU helping with the monitoring, which will be for particulate, pm10 and pm 2.5.

The draft monitoring plan will be brought to the NAC for approval.

The Subcommittee for the Emergency Response Plan, Bob Holmstrom, NWDA, Tom Giese from NCA, Shannon Huggins and Travis Quarles from Esco, is working on an effective plan, should there be an emergency (fire, baghouse failure etc) at Esco. It will utilize information gathered by NCA in a survey sent out to neighbors asking for their suggestions in such a situation. Ninety neighbors responded. Sharon suggested that NWDA hold a meeting to release to the neighbors the Emergency Response Plan once it is completed.

Regarding the controls that Esco undertook to complete over the five years of their permit, numbers 3 & 10 have been completed now. Currently they are working on dust collection for projects 1,5,6 and 7 (attachment A, GNA). See Portland Neighborhood Advisory Committee (NAC) .com on line.

New binders with 35-40 per cent less phenol are being tested at plant 3 and new binders (still using phenol) are being also tested at plant 1.

There were a couple of violations at the plant during the last quarter, one on July 17, 2013. The baghouse did not function properly, and Esco was fined $2,200.00.

Sharon Genasci

NWDA Air Quality Committee 11.11.13

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NWDA Air Quality Committee Meeting
November 11, 2013

Present: Judy Grace, David Arrow, Kathy Sharp, Bob L, Phil Selinger, Max Brunke, Sarah Taylor, Mike Liefeld (City of Portland) Sharon Genasci

Mike Liefeld, Enforcement Program Manager, Bureau of Development Services, City of Portland, was our invited guest. Some people on our committee are having problems with restaurant smoke and food smells occupying their homes and gardens. It occurred to us that it would be good to speak with the enforcement officer at the City about tools available to citizens to correct this situation. It also seemed like a good opportunity to think of our airshed as a commons, owned by all of us, and necessary to our lives. We wanted to know what is being done on the policy side in this state to regulate the many new and changing businesses that use the airshed to get rid of their smoke and gaseous waste.

First, it was gratifying to learn that unpermitted odor complaints can be addressed at the City by calling Michael’s office at 503 823 2633 or submitting an online complaint form at, and click on the Enforcement tab. Businesses that are permitted are enforced through the DEQ. In citing an odor complaint it is always important to include the source of the odor if possible. His office has code authority to levy fines or set code enforcement fees up to $600.00/month if the standard of the code is found to have been violated. He suggested that the best way to trigger a City investigation is to keep a log of the odors, time, duration and place over a period of some days. This gives the City people an idea of the frequency and duration of problem odors. The odor must exceed fifteen minutes to violate the code.

We also discussed the policy side for these types of emissions. Policy would most likely fall under the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability. Little is being done, as far as any of us knows. It was suggested that someone at the City level should be doing research to see how cities in California, for example, are regulating new business’ emissions into the airshed through smokestack requirements for scrubbers or other means. We decided to write the City asking for information.

Kathy, Phil and Sharon then briefed the group on the latest regarding the Clean Diesel & Conduct of Construction Good Neighbor Agreement (GNA), which is now with CE John, rather than Con-way. CE John is the developer for the New Seasons Store (starting construction in January, 2014, owner of various other Con-way properties, and is the main developer in the Con-way Master Plan Area.

Phil, Kathy, David Paul (NWDA attorney) and Sharon met on November
11th with Con-way attorney, Jill Long and CE John representative, Tom Di
Chiara. This was probably the last of the meetings taking place over a year to develop a GNA with high standards that would protect the neighborhood from diesel particulate, a known carcinogen. The final draft of the GNA is being prepared by Jill Long, but the group is feeling that few issues remain now between the two parties.

Finally, a couple of neighbors at the meeting live in the Pearl in a tower block on 9th and Lovejoy. They described problems with fuel and other odors at their 14th floor apartment. It was thought that some of the odors may come from Amtrak or from barge loading on the river.

Sharon Genasci

NWDA Air Quality Committee Meeting Agenda

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NWDA Air Quality Committee Meeting Agenda,

(November 11, 2013, Breakfast Room, Silver Cloud Inn, NW 24th Place & Vaughn, At 7:00 p.m.)

• Michael Liefeld, Enforcement Program Manager, Bureau of Development Services, City of Portland will discuss City rules regarding air pollution and small businesses. Lisa Higgins, Manager of Papa Haydn will participate in the discussion.

• Feedback from Kathy and Sharon about the status of the Clean Diesel & Conduct of Construction GNA, which continues now with CE John taking the lead from Con-way.

• Website issues/ideas

• Other business

NWDA Transportation Committee/Planning Committee Joint Meeting

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NWDA Transportation Committee/Planning Committee Joint Meeting

November 6, 2013; 6:30 – 8: 00 P.M.

Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center; 1015 NW 22nd Avenue

Wiskar Morris Room, 1st floor

Guest: , Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability


6:30 Introductions

6:45 Presentation by  on the Comprehensive Plan update

7:30 Questions and Discussion

NOTE: This is a new time and location for this meeting only!