Comprehensive Plan Meeting – November 6th

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A joint committee meeting of the NWDA Transportation and Planning Committees on:

November 6th at 6:30 pm

at Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center

1015 NW 22nd Avenue, Wistar Morris Room, 1st floor

will focus on the new phase of the Comprehensive Plan (“Phase II”) which will launch an online mapping and comment application. Bureau of Planning and Sustainability staff will be on hand to explain Phase II and connect with the community about items specifically relevant to the area. The agenda is:

11_6_13 NWDA TransCom Agenda (2)

 The public is invited! Learn how to comment to the city via an online comment and mapping tool.

 Guest: Joan Frederiksen, Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability

City Advisory Committee Opportunities

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The City advisory committee opportunities listed below were received from Joan Frederiksen of the City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability on October 28th. Her e-mail address is if you have questions.

New Advisory Committees Forming:

Transportation System Plan: The Bureaus of Transportation and Planning and Sustainability have initiated the process to establish a Transportation System Plan Expert Group as a component of the City’s Comprehensive Plan update. You may have already indicated your interest, which has been forwarded to the Bureaus, but there is a required application process for interested community members. The link to the application and to information about the TSP Expert Group is: Deadline is November 8, 2013. Please contact Courtney Duke 503-823-7265 or Rachael Hoy 503-823-9715 with questions.

 Institutional Zoning Project:  This project will develop new campus institution zoning procedures and standards, and identify infrastructure investments that could facilitate institutional employment growth. The on-line application and description of the Advisory Committee scope of work can be found here: Deadline is November 22, 2013.  Please contact John Cole 503-823-3475 with questions.

 Mixed Use Zones Project:  The Mixed Use Zones Project will develop new mixed use planning and zoning designations that can be applied to implement the Centers and Corridors concepts that emerged with the Portland Plan and proposed with the Comprehensive Plan.  The project will focus on the City’s commercial and central employment zones, and the places outside the central City where these zones are applied. The on-line application will be available by October 28th and will be accessible on this web page:  Deadline is December 6, 2013. Please contact Barry Manning 503-823-7965 with questions.

 Existing Community Involvement Committee recruitment:

The Bureau of Planning and Sustainability is currently recruiting for individuals to fill vacancies on an existing Community Involvement Committee for the Comprehensive Plan and three new Advisory Committees as the project moves into Task 5: Implementation. Community members and technical experts are needed for the Transportation System Plan, Mixed Use Zoning Code Project and Campus Institution Zoning Update advisory committees. More information on these applications are noted below with key contacts to call with questions.

Community Involvement Committee: This is an existing committee that is filling vacancies. As a member you will review and provide input on the public involvement efforts for the Comprehensive Plan Update. The advisory committee makes recommendations to the Portland Planning and Sustainability Commission (PSC) and project staff on ways to maintain and improve public involvement activities to ensure outreach efforts for the plan are as inclusive and effective as possible. Click here to learn more about this committee and fill out an application: Deadline is November 1, 2013.  Please contact Marty Stockton (503-823-2041) for more information about this committee.

NWDA Transportation Committee – September 2013 Minutes

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NWDA Transportation Committee

Wednesday, September 4, 2013; 6:15 p.m.

Good Samaritan Hospital, Building#2, 2nd Floor Conference Room, 1040 NW 22nd Ave

Committee Present:

Jeanne Harrison (Co-chair), Jonathan Winslow (Co-chair), Dustin Posner, Diana Brown, Greg Aldrich, Juliet Hyams


Phil Selinger, Ron Walters

Also Attending:

Julie Gustafson (Portland Streetcar), Allan Classen

Jonathan opened the meeting at 6:18 p.m. Introductions followed.

Portland Streetcar Updates/Fare Increases

Julie Gustafson gave a number of updates relating to the streetcar: 1) a new dining, retail, and entertainment guide is now available; 2) an app will be available Tuesday to allow buying tickets and passes; 3) the 3rd annual mobile music fest will be October 12 from 6 – 10 pm; 4) three new vehicle are on line, the fourth will be on line by the end of September, and the 5th by November 5) there will be a number of service interruptions in September but they won’t impact service in NW.

Fare increases are being considered (the annual pass went up to $200 on September 1) for single ridership tickets. Three prices are being discussed: $1.50, $2.00, and $2.50. Each has pluses and minuses. Most committee members favored $2.00 as being the simplest, but it was suggested that the ticket be good for all day instead of for $2.00.

Work Plan

The group reviewed the changes that Jeanne had made and generally approved of them. They also suggested some additions. Under Action Items 1., c) will add, “, including advocating for additional transit service”. Under Action Items 1., a new action j) will say, “Participate in NW Naito Parkway street design.” Under Action Items 3., e) will add, “including connection of NW 20th.” Under Action Items 5., a new action e) will say, “Track Swift Watch efforts.” Under Action Items 6, a new action e) will say, “Completion of sidewalks on I-405 overpasses – Burnside, Couch, Everett, and Flanders.” Under Administration, Scott Siebert’s name is deleted. Greg made a motion to approve the updated work plan as modified. Dustin seconded the motion. It was approved unanimously.


Comprehensive Plan Update

Diana and Jonathan led a discussion about the draft Comprehensive Plan update. There was still some question about what a town center designation would mean for our neighborhood. The discussion moved to what projects are in the TSP (part of the Comp Plan) and which ones aren’t. It was agreed that there should be a project that would moderate speeds on couplets with new signals. There is also a need for a new project for reconstruction of NW 23rd from Lovejoy to Vaughn. A third new project would complete development of the bike greenways in the neighborhood. Discussion will continue on this topic next month.


Swift Watch

Jeanne said the parking permit program failed because there was insufficient return ballots, but the returned ballots were mostly voting no.

Thurman Street Bridge

Jeanne said the latest info from the City said that some trees were being cut down (with the City Forester’s permission) to allow for utility relocation.

Sidewalk Management

The BDS is going forward with enforcement. Jonathan noted that we should track street seats as well.

Future Items

Juliet said that we have a substantial amount of money in the “umbrella fund” and should think about what we want to do with it. She suggested some could be used for upcoming communication outreach brochures. Someone suggested that we ask Kim Carlson to come to the next meeting to discuss options since she led the effort to sell the umbrellas.

Dustin suggested we ask someone in to provide info on earthquake preparedness including what could happen to infrastructure, including I-405 overpasses.

The meeting adjourned at 7:40 p.m..

NWDA Transportation Committee – October 2013 Minutes

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NWDA Transportation Committee

Wednesday, October 2, 2013; 6:15 p.m.

Good Samaritan Hospital, Building#2, 2nd Floor Conference Room, 1040 NW 22nd Ave

Committee Present:

Jeanne Harrison (Co-chair), Jonathan Winslow (Co-chair), Dustin Posner,


Phil Selinger (excused), Ron Walters, Juliet Hyams, Diana Brown, Greg Aldrich

Jonathan opened the meeting at 6:30 p.m.

Work Plan

It was agreed to pass on the work plan to the NWDA Board as it had been approved at the last meeting.


Umbrella Fund

Brainstorming resulted in a number of potential uses for the Umbrella Fund dollars. These included: signage for stairways to indicate pedestrian routes; streetcar stop enhancements; wayfinding signs, e.g., the “Walk There Route”. We agreed to do more research and bring the ideas to the December meeting.


Swift Watch

Jeanne reported that neighbors have said that there were definitely improvements in the Swift Watch activities.

Committee Priorities

It was suggested that this was the time to reacquaint PBOT with our priorities in the light of a new Director.


Dustin said there had been a meeting at the end of September. The group wants upper Cornell designated as a Parkway (similar to SW Terwilliger) to justify lower speed limits.

Sidewalk Management

People are reporting that enforcement has started on A-Board signs and there have been some improvements along 23rd and 21st.

Future Items

At the December meeting, we will request a briefing on Bike Share in addition to talking about the Umbrella Fund. Jonathan will follow up on the Bike Share briefing.

Jeanne reminded the group that the next meeting will be a joint meeting with the Planning Committee on November 6 at 6:30 in the Wiskar Morris Room at Good Sam. The purpose of the meeting is an update from BPS staff on the Comprehensive Plan update.

The meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

Upcoming Issues:

Earthquake Preparedness, Bike Share, Street Seating, 4 Priorities Updates, Discussion on City’s Pilot Project to Enable Community Uses on Unpaved Streets

NWDA Transportation Committee – August 2013 Minutes

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NWDA Transportation Committee

Wednesday, August 7, 2013; 6 p.m.

Good Samaritan Hospital, Building#2, 2nd Floor Conference Room, 1040 NW 22nd Ave

Committee Present:

Jeanne Harrison (Co-chair), Jonathan Winslow (Co-chair), Dustin Posner, Diana Brown, Ron Walters, Phil Selinger


Greg Aldrich

Also Attending:

Steve Pinger, Wendy Chung

Jonathan opened the meeting at 6:20 p.m. Introductions followed.

West Quadrant Plan Update

Steve Pinger provided an update of the West Quadrant Plan, which includes two areas of NWDA – fronting commercial along the north side of Burnside and the old Terminal One area. This is one of three plans that are being done to update the Central City Plan. The northeast plan is done and the southeast plan is just starting. (Despite the term, quadrant, there are only three sub-districts.) After the presentation, Steve asked what our issues are. The group identified the following: the Burnside corridor, all of the crossings of I-405, the Flanders bike/ped bridge, Pettygrove green street, streetcar extensions, river taxis, bike connections to downtown, high-capacity transit, traffic capacity and volumes at NW portals – Cornell, 23rd/Vaughn.

Traffic problem at NW Irving at NW 17th/18th

Wendy Chung who lives on NW Irving is concerned about the number of cars driving into NW Irving at NW 18th, which is marked with Do Not Enter signs because it is one-way for one block. She asked for suggestions to make the street safer. It was suggested that she contact PBOT to report the problem, which is exacerbated during Timbers games.

Comprehensive Plan Update

Time did not allow for discussion of the Comprehensive Plan update.

Work Plan

Phil announced that there will be a special NWDA Board meeting on October 7 to review committee work plans. That means our work plan will need to be revised at the next meeting and finalized no later than the October 2 meeting. The group agreed that the work plan should be largely left intact and updated rather than overhauled.



Metro’s Enhancement Projects

150 % list is under review. A decision on a 100% list will be made at the end of October. The next meeting will be at ODOT on September 11.

Jeld-Wen Meeting

Jeanne reported (Ron had left by this point) that Ron and Tavo attended the meeting at Jeld-Wen regarding operations and impacts. Litter pick-up is improving with a new contractor who covers the area outside the stadium later after games. Other aspects seem to be going well. The program in place for the Timbers could also cover the Thorns if attendance at their games exceeds 10,000.

Street Seats

Jonathan said that two street seat permits have been issued in the neighborhood. The one at Bartini is already in place and the one at Dick’s Kitchen has been approved and should be up in a couple of weeks.

Dustin said there was nothing new to report on the Cornell Livability Group.

Jeanne had noting new to report on the Sidewalk Management subcommittee.


The meeting adjourned at 7:45.

October 10th Planning Committee Meeting Minutes

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2013-10-10 NWDA Planning Cte

NWDA October 7th Work Plan and Budget Meeting Minutes

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NWDA October Work Plan and Budget Meeting 2013 meeting minutes – prs

NWDA September 16th Board Meeting Minutes

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NWDA September 2013 meeting minutes – prs

NWDA Air Quality Committee Minutes

Minutes, NWDA Air Quality Committee Meeting


Present: Kathy Sharp, Phil Selinger, Bob L, Evan Farnham, Jorjan Parker, Sharon Genasci

We met in the Breakfast Room at the Silver Cloud Inn and started the meeting with an update from Kathy and Sharon about the NWDA-Con-way Clean Diesel & Conduct of Construction GNA that they have been negotiating (along with Phil Selinger, Board President, Kevin Downing, DEQ and David Paul, NWDA lawyer) for just over a year. The next negotiating meeting will be on October 28th. First, we did not get the Penstemon grant we applied for ($100,000.00) to pay for third party oversight (now called NWDA validation).

To date we have agreed with Con-way on:

• EPA Tier 4 emission rating (or EPA equivalent for retrofit equipment) the standard rating for all significant equipment on the construction sites.

• A NWDA designee with appropriate safety training will be allowed onto the site to validate the equipment logs and conduct on-site spot checks of equipment against those records.

• The GNA Provisions will apply to any and all construction contracts and subcontracts in the Con-way Master Plan area over the next ten years.

• Contractors will keep records of construction equipment and the extent of use.

• Mediation that is conducted by an agreed upon source , i.e., Resolutions Northwest, to address disagreements in the execution of the GNA.

Kevin and Phil have also worked with a tool used in Chicago that measures emission management performance. With inputs such as model year, time on site etc. It assigns a numerical value to equipment, providing the contractor and NWDA validator a way of assessing progress in reducing emissions, and a way to arrive at exceptions.

These are at this stage informal agreements, as we do not yet have a final GNA agreement signed. But the good progress is cause for optimism.

Bob and Sharon spoke about the odor complaints, which at this time of year usually are reduced, because the wind characteristically blows to the north this season, and through the industrial area into our neighborhood in summer months. We are, however, getting quite a few odor complaints from North and NE Portland, mainly from the Swan Island area.
Sharon Genasci

NWDA Board Meeting, October 21st

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The NWDA Board will meet on Monday, October 21st for its regular October meeting. In addition to updates and committee reports, the meeting will focus on the current draft of the Conduct of Construction Good Neighbor Agreement with ConWay, Inc. All are most welcome to attend!

NWDA_Agenda_October 21 2013_draft

NWDA 2013-2014 DRAFT Budget

Conduct of Construction GNA Board Review – Oct 13 (1) (2)


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