August 13th Safety and Livability Meeting

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The Safety and Livability Committee has been reconstituted and is again meeting on the second Tuesday of the month, starting with August 13th at Good Samaritan Hospital, Wilcox Building B, 1015 NW 22nd Avenue. The agenda is as follows:

08132013_NWDA Safety and Livability Meeting Agenda

The next meeting of this committee will be on September 10th. Bring your ideas or concerns about committee livability to this group. All are welcome!


NWDA August 19th Board Meeting Agenda

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The NWDA Board will meet in August at 6 pm at Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital, Wilcox Building ACR 102 at 1015 NW 22nd Avenue, Portland. The agenda and the draft July Board meeting minutes are:

NWDA_Agenda_August 19_2013_draft

NWDA JuLY 2013 meeting minutes – prs

All are welcome. We look forward to seeing you there!

Northwest Parking Plan Amendments Adopted

On July 31st the Portland City Council considered a set of amendments to the Northwest Parking Plan that the Council considered and adopted last December. The Council was pleased to hear that both the business interests and the NWDA believed the amendments are a much needed improvement and that indeed all parties were on board with the proposed revisions. The amendments were unanimously approved at that first reading. The amendments are outlined as follows:  Exhibit A vs2

These amendments are also reflected on the map of the Northwest Parking District as follows:  NWDistrictParkingManagementPlan5 .

Pending a schedule for procurement of the parking meters, the plan will be implemented in a single phase – as soon as early 2014. Note that the plan calls for monitoring and adjustment with input from a stakeholder Advisory Committee. The NWDA will be a part of that group and will do its best to represent the collective interests of the neighborhood. Note also that the NWDA called for specific parts of the plan to be reviewed and reconsidered within one year of implementation.







NAC (ESCO GNA Neighborhood Advisory Committee) Meeting Notes, 7.31.13

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NAC (ESCO- Neighborhood Advisory Committee) Meeting Notes 7.31.13

Present: ESCO, Jay Fagan, Travis Quarles, Shannon Huggins, Kelley Egre

Chair, Aubrey Baldwin, Neighbors for Clean Air, Tom Giese, John Krallman,

NWDA, Sharon Genasci,

We skipped introductions, since we all knew each other. John Krallman gave a status report on the plans to put air monitors near Chapman Elementary School. ESCO provided $25,000.00 under the NAC agreement for this purpose. Neighbors for Clean Air are monitoring under the guidance of Denny Larson from Global Community Monitor. They will sample for PM2.5 and PM10 and metals analysis for 40 heavy metals, beginning some time in October.

John suggested that ESCO should have some sort of advertising to put on the fence – who is monitoring and who is paying for it etc.

Aubrey reported on the Annual Public tour on April 30th. There were six attendees from the neighborhood. The purpose was for ESCO to provide an overview of the equipment, including new controls under the NAC. People were taken to see plants, 1, 2, and 3.

It was decided that the NAC should create a subcommittee to deal with an ESCO Emergency Response Plan. The Subcommittee would provide information to neighbors in case ESCO has a baghouse failure for example. There is a certain timeframe when ESCO is allowed to continue to operate after a failure of the baghouses. We were told that ESCO had an hour to correct the problem, and then must shut down if the problem is not fixed in that time..

During the discussion Sharon raised the past problem with the plant of failing to notify DEQ immediately when there is a failure. Under past permits DEQ allowed the company not to report 10 per cent of the time. In a past check of DEQ records, we found ESCO had not reported any failures. due to this 10 per cent language in the permit.
A check should be made this year to see whether ESCO has reported any failures under the new permit.

NWDA needs to propose someone for this committee.

Travis Quarles and Jay Fagan gave an update on the Attachment A projects under the NAC agreement.
First, No. 10 – “Take corrective actions to reduce fugitives on thermal sand reclaim baghouse by installing course fraction separator to improve collection and reduce wear on baghouse.” Travis reported that ESCO had trouble with the separator, so now they have installed a short term solution.

No. 5 a. “ Install thermal oxidation or alternative control technology on sand coating pug mill.
b. Substitute a low phenol binder system for the binder system on which the phenol emissions factors in the Title V Permit are based. The new low phenol binder system will achieve a combined reduction in phenol emissions from all Plant 3 sources of at least 35 to 40 per cent.” The new lower phenol binder to be used in plant 3 will be tested on August 19th. ESCO is still (after 15 years) looking for new binders for Plants 1 and 2.

Finally, Aubrey raised the question of the signs found in the neighborhood, which read,
“High Tolerance Area for manganese “etc., signed, ESCO. These did not originate from ESCO, and no one at the meeting knows who put them up. However, when asked for a “NAC response to the signs” Sharon pointed out that neighbors are free to protest the continued emissions from the plant. Sharon brought 40 odor complaints since the last NAC meeting on April 26th from neighbors. Neighbors are complaining that under the new GNA odors continue, making life, especially for those nearest the plant, very difficult particularly on hot summer nights.

Sharon Genasci, NWDA NAC representative, Chair, NWDA Air Quality Committee

NWDA Transportation Committee – August 2013 Agenda

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NWDA Transportation Committee
Wednesday, August 7, 2013, 6:15 to 7:30 p.m.
Legacy Good Samaritan, Building #2, 2nd Floor Conference Room, 1040 NW 22nd Ave


Committee Members Attending: Jeanne Harrison, Jonathan Winslow, Dustin Posner, Greg Aldrich, Juliet Hyams, Diana Brown, Ron Walters, Phil Selinger

Also Attending: Wendy Chung, Steve Pinger

Call the Meeting to Order and Introductions 6:15


West Quadrant Update (Steve Pinger) 6:20

Traffic Issue at NW Irving between NW 17th/18th (Wendy Chung) 6:35

Work Plan Review (All) 6:45

Comprehensive Plan Draft Review (Jonathan and Diana) 6:55



Parking Plan (Phil) 7:05

Sidewalk Management (Jeanne) 7:10

Street Seats (Jonathan) 7:15

Cornell Road Sustainability Coalition  (Dustin) 7:20

NW Couch/I-405 (Phil) 7:25

Adjourn 7:30


NW Front Avenue Street Design NW 9th – 21st

Local Streets Paving Priorities

Bike Share Program

Work Plan Update

Comprehensive Plan/TSP Projects