Board Minutes 12-17-12

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A quorum of board members was not present, therefore no official actions or votes were taken.


Board Meeting Minutes 11-19-12

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1.25.13 NWDA AQC Notes, NAC (Neighborhood Advisory Committe to ESCO) Meeting

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Notes, Neighborhood Advisory Committee to ESCO Corporation
Meeting at Friendly House

NAC reps. present: Aubrey Baldwin, Earthrise Law Center, Tom Giese, Neighbors for Clean Air, Mary Peveto, Neighbors for Clean Air, Bob Amundson, NWDA (Northwest District Association) and Sharon Genasci, NWDA

Aubrey Baldwin chaired the meeting as usual. She announced that Carter Webb has retired and introduced two new ESCO employees, who will represent the company at NAC meetings. They are Travis Quarles, EIT Environmental Specialist and Jay Fagan, Site Manager, Plant 3.

She pointed out that NWDA is entitled to three alternates and three regular representatives to the NAC. At this meeting Jorjan Parker, NWDA representative was absent, Kathy Sharp is an NWDA alternate and Sharon suggested that Bob Holmstrom be a second alternate for the NAC inspections. Kathy is a current NWDA Board member, and Bob, an engineer has worked with AQC over the years, and already has been on several ESCO inspection tours.

The next business was a report from Aubrey Baldwin and John Krallman regarding the compliance inspection tour of ESCO’s new pollution controls (nos. 2 & 9) under the Good Neighbor Agreement (GNA).

They confirmed that No. 9 was in place. This was to,”add/improve procedures on EAF (electrical arc furnace) operations that directly affect capture. Evaluate additional control mechanisms for EAF capture systems and high canopy hood dampers. Optimize operating procedures and provide routine training.”

However, for No. 2, “Add control to Air Arc Cutting-Lower Finishing”, John Krallman suggested that ESCO weigh dust removed by the new baghouse before and after installation of the controls, before the NAC signs off on confirmation.

Sharon Genasci pointed out that without proper monitoring by the neighborhood (not in the GNA) it is difficult to truly confirm that new controls are working.

Regarding the complaints procedure, ESCO reported that some complaints had insufficient information for them to investigate properly. It was decided to solve this problem, that NWDA would send their complaints from ( directly to ESCO.

ESCO reported current work to use new lower phenol binders.

The NAC voted to do email voting to choose when to do the next inspection tour.
Submitted by Sharon Genasci, Chair, NWDA AQC (Air Quality Committee)

NWDA Board Meeting Agenda 1/28/13

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Monday, January 28, 2013, 6:00 to 8:00 pm

Legacy Good Samaritan, Building #2 Conference Room, 1st Floor, 1040 NW 22 Ave.

Agenda: NWDA_Agenda012813.pdf

Supporting Documents:
Parking Requirements for Residential Development in NW Portland.pdf
AQC work plan.pdf
Planning Committee Work Plan 2012-13 plan.pdf
Statement of the Problem final draft.pdf

Executive Committee Minutes – 1/16/13

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NWDA Executive Committee
January 16, 2013
8-9am, NWNW Office, 2257 NW Raleigh St.

Members attending: Ron Walters, Phil Selinger, Steve Pinger, Juliet Hyams\
Members excused: Mary Ann Pastene
Guests: Mark Sieber

Meeting called to order at 8:07 am.

The group discussed the agenda for the next NWDA Board meeting on Monday, January 28. The Board meeting is one week later than normal so as not to conflict with Martin Luther King Day. By consent, the January 28 agenda will include motions to approve the 2012-2013 workplans for the Air Quality Committee and the Planning Committee. The Board will also discuss the status of the NW Parking Plan/TMA, the Con-way good neighborhood agreement, and a request by the Sylvan Heights Neighborhood Association. The formal agenda will posted to this website by Monday, January 21.

Meeting adjourned at 9:12 am.

Minutes, NWDA Air Quality Committee

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Meeting, NWDA Air Quality Committee

Present: Kathy Sharp, Bob L, Kevin Downing (DEQ) and Sharon Genasci

We met at Silver Cloud Inn in the breakfast room, and the primary subject for the meeting was the effort towards a good neighbor agreement with Conway to use clean diesel specifications in their construction contracts for the Conway master plan area over the next ten years. Conway projects will include housing for six thousand new residents, workspace for three thousand new workers a public square and a park etc.

The project will continue for around ten years, bringing quantities of diesel particulate pollution into our already compromised airshed, unless there is agreement specified in the contracts (as in New York and California for example) to use construction equipment that is retrofitted to a good standard. We are working with the NWDA Transportation Committee to devise a route through the neighborhood as well, that will protect residents as much as possible from fumes and dust.

Juliet Hyams, Kathy Sharp, Kevin Downing (DEQ) and Sharon Genasci have been meeting with Conway’s lawyer, Jill Long for some months in hopes of reaching agreement on an effective clean diesel good neighbor agreement between Conway and the neighborhood.

One of the next steps proposed by AQC is a meeting at Beth Temple Israel or some other venue to show the EPA documentary, “Breathing Clean by Building Green”. The goal is to offer neighbors most impacted by the construction and developers and contractors interested in the Conway area, the opportunity to see the advantages to everyone in adopting clean diesel in the construction work.

We also discussed the need to upgrade the AQC website, which is out of date, and Sharon reminded everyone of the ESCO public tour to validate new controls installed at ESCO under the GNA with ESCO. The tour is scheduled for January 17th at 9 am. Kathy Sharp hopes to arrange to represent NWDA on the tour.

Finally, a meeting of the NAC (neighborhood advisory committee, established under the ESCO GNA) is scheduled for January 25th at 9-11 am at Friendly House. The public is welcome to attend.

Sharon Genasci, Chair, NWDA AQC

One Less Item of Street Clutter

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The pay phone in front of Blue Moon has not functioned in years.  I was happy that I will no longer be cleaning tags off of it.  I took this image of it being removed yesterday.IMG_4705







Type of License: New Outlet-Full on Premises

Comments Due: 2/9/2013


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Type of License: New Outlet- Limited on Premises

Comments Due: 2/11/2013


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Good Afternoon Neighborhood Advisory Committee,

This e-mail is a notification under section 4.9.1 of the Good Neighbor Agreement of an upset that required notification to a governmental authority. On Wednesday, January 9, the Griffin dust collector, which captures emissions from portions of the Doghouse pouring and cooling process, shut down between 8:54 AM and 10:20 AM. A heat was poured and was cooling in the Doghouse during this period. ESCO personnel discovered the problem at approximately 10:15 AM and immediately restarted the dust collector. ESCO notified DEQ by phone message at 11:20 AM and commenced an investigation into the cause. There were no excess emissions noticed by employees and no complaints have been received.

Our initial investigation determined that the controls for the dust collector were inadvertently reset to default settings the previous night during routine electrical work and the dust collector stopped after five hours of operation on Wednesday morning, per the default settings. We have corrected the settings for the dust collector. A written report will be sent to DEQ with more details of the event and investigation, and will also be provided to the NAC.


Shannon Huggins
Public Affairs Manager


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