NWDA Transportation Committee August Meeting Agenda

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NWDA Transportation Committee Agenda Aug 2012


NWDA Q2 2012 Crime Statistics

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Q2 2012: NWDA Q2 2012.pdf
Q2 2011 (for comparison): NWDA_Q2 2011.pdf

NWDA letter to ONI 7-16-12

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NWDA letter to Mr. Marino 7/16/12

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Notice is hereby given that The City of Portland will hold a public hearing regarding its intent to request a finding of equivalent facilitation for the tactile warning strips Portland Streetcar has installed at the Streetcar the platform edges. The public hearing will be held at the following time and location:

July 31, 2012 12:30 – 2:15 PM

City Hall 1220 SW 4th Avenue, Council Chambers (second floor)

Portland Oregon 97214


The City of Portland is taking public comments in accordance with 49 CFR 37.7 regarding its intent to request a finding of equivalent facilitation (an alternative design or technology which provides substantially equivalent or greater access) for an alternate method of compliance with the 2010 Standards for Accessible Design (2010 Standards) Sections 705.2 and 810.5 which require that an accessible rail station have detectable warning surfaces at platform boarding edges. The standards require that detectable warning surfaces shall be 24 inches wide, shall extend the full length of the public use areas of the platform, and shall consist of a surface of truncated domes as required by Section 705 of the 2010 Standards. Streetcar stations require a 15.5 inch gap where there are no detectable warnings so that the bridgeplate can have a flush landing on the surface of the platform.


The City of Portland is seeking a finding for the Portland Streetcar stations. Any interested party may appear at the meeting and present public comments on this issue. An electronic copy of the request will be available at www.portlandstreetcar.org.

Persons who need sign language interpretation or other communication service should contact Andrew Bryans 503-823-4079, TTY 503-823-6868, at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting.

Written testimony and comments regarding the application can also be submitted by Wednesday August 1 , 2012. Please submit to: Shoshanah Oppenheim Portland Bureau of Transportation 1120 SW 5th Avenue, Suite 800 Portland, Oregon 97204 or electronically at information@portlandstreetcar.org

Shoshanah E. Oppenheim

Project Management

Portland Bureau of Transportation

1120 SW 5th Ave, Suite 800 Portland, Oregon 97204

e: shoshanah.oppenheim@portlandoregon.gov

p: 503-823-7677 f: 503-823-7137

Sidewalk Management Subcommittee Minutes, June 22, 2012

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Sidewalk Management Sub Committee Group Minutes
June 22, 10-11am, World Cup

In attendance: Mike Boyer (ONI), Carlos (ONI intern), Fran Goldstein (NWDA), Guy Bodin (Pearl), Jan Valentine (Pearl), Felicia Williams (Downtown), Phil Selinger (NWDA), Mary Ann Pastene (NWDA)

Felicia: Old Town won’t address approving our effort till Sept.; downtown is working on inventory in order to identify abandoned racks and subsequent removal ; it will be on our agenda in July.

Fran: Met with NE Coalition of Neighborhoods, they will bring it up at their July meeting; Alberta Main St. Program will endorse, I expect to get a letter; The NWDA approved the ‘property owner’ letter; will start handing it out.

Phil: I sent Lloyd TMA an email and will follow up.

Jan: PDNA passed a resolution and we completed a similar report like NWDA’s. PDBA is on board and expect a letter of endorsement

Mary Ann: I will contact Nob Hill BA and give them a head’s up about the ‘property owner’ letter

Mike: I recommend we get Old Town’s endorsement before we approach the city in a meaningful way. You should also explore the insurance issue… could be a roadblock to developing any kind of neighborhood monitoring/removal program.

Mary Ann: I will contact Mark at NWNW regarding insurance

Fran: Maybe it’s time we reconnect with PBOT

Phil: I will try to arrange a meeting and suggest to Rich at PBOT to invite Amanda Fritz and/or Mayor’s office if it is appropriate

Mary Ann: Next meeting 10am, 7/27. I will confirm via email if I can reserve World Cup again

NAC Report – 6/28/12

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Report, NAC Inspection of ESCO Plants 1,2 & 3 – 6.28.12

Present: Tom Giese, Neighbors for Clean Air, Sharon Genasci, NWDA AQ Committee, Bob Holmstrom, independent consultant to the GNA process, Jim Karas and Fred Tanaka, ESCO GNA Consultants

The inspection by NAC representatives of the first items in Attachment A of the GNA to be completed was planned to coincide with the inspection of the ESCO dump back process changes by two consultants hired by ESCO, Jim Karas and Fred Tanaka, in order to save time by completing all inspections together.

Jim Karas was the Independent Auditor of ESCO, supported by our committee and hired by DEQ. His report and suggestions to reduce air pollution at the plant formed part of the Attachment A adopted by ESCO following the GNA.

First at Plant 1 (#8, Attachment A) we saw the signs and closed doors in Slinger Bay and other parts of the plant. Workers are instructed to keep doors closed (except when they have to open them to bring in materials etc.). It is hard to say whether this is working, unless you watch the doors daily. But the signs and worker training are good.

#15, we were shown operators using control equipment at workbenches, for welding etc. Again, if workers routinely use these controls, it is excellent. An unplanned visit would be the only way to see if they are routinely used.

Then in Plant 3 #4 we saw the seal leaks and openings on P3 pouring and cooling shakeout. We saw emissions. However, I could not honestly say if they were reduced, because this was my first sight of this process.

Finally, we were shown in both plants examples of omitting the dump back procedure – pouring from one ladle to another to increase purity of the metals. They eliminated this high pollution process by getting the required purity in the first batch. This one batch method took place under a bag house, an improvement on former dump backs, that took place underneath open windows, fumes going directly outside.

All of the above are in the right direction. However, I saw a great amount of smoke rising from the processes, and since I had not been through the plant since the 1990s, I was not able to determine that this was indeed less pollution.

Needless to say, if we had a monitoring program attached to the GNA, we could actually tell whether there is less pollution on an ongoing basis.

Sharon Genasci

AQC Minutes – 7/9/12

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Minutes, NWDA Air Quality Committee – 7.9.12

Present: Kathleen Sharp, Bob L, Nancy Jackson, Neighbors for Clean Air,
Allisa Keny-Guyer (Rep, House District 46) Sharon Genasci

We started the meeting with a discussion of the odor complaints – how they are working under the GNA. Two bugs that we saw are still the need for a password, and that ESCO only investigates odor complaints on their own website.

Our own odor form (i.e. the AQC preferred form available at http://www.portlandair.org/odorcomplaint), which we developed years ago, we think is the most useful for gathering information about the odor events. However, another unresolved problem is that DEQ alters information on our form before sending it on to ESCO, so some of this information gets lost. Another problem is the question of sharing.
We agreed during GNA negotiations that all complaints should be shared among all participating groups. We find that we get our own complaints and those from ESCO, but not those originating from NCA.

Finally, ESCO under the GNA only allows NAC representatives to go to the ESCO plant to view the odor complaints log. Sharon Genasci went recently to view the log, and ESCO kindly allowed the log in its entirety (15 complaints) to be sent to NAC representatives. It includes investigations of production within the plant during the time of the odor event, and consideration of wind speed and direction at the time. People who do not put down the time on their complaints lose the effectiveness of the investigation, because ESCO cannot determine which part of the plant was operating during the event.

Currently, we have asked ESCO if they are willing to put the log results of their odor complaints research on the NWDA website (or the ESCO GNA website with a link to ours).

Sharon shared a draft of her report to the Board about the NAC inspection on June 28th of the Attachment A improvements under the GNA.

Alissa spoke about her support for our work. She has an advanced degree in Public
Health. She had some suggestions about communicating with appropriate legislative committees about air quality problems in the neighborhood.

Kathy and Sharon plan to do tabling on July 26th at Couch Park.

Sharon Genasci

Aug.2 2012 Street Closure Notice

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In conjunction with First Thursday, August 2, Mt. Hood Meadows will celebrate the grand opening of its new office located in the Pearl District.

Attached is the Neighborhood Association Notification Letter required by Application for Street Closure Permit required by the City of Portland.

We hope you can stop by and visit us during the event.

Best regards,

Dave Tragethon Executive Director

Sales, Communications & I.T.
Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort


Grand Opening of our new Pearl District Office

Thursday, August 2    5 – 7:30 PM


1202 NW 17TH AVENUE • PORTLAND, OR • 97209
DIRECT | 971.373.8111 FAX | 971.373.8119


Con-way Master Plan Document 07-17-12

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12 0712 Conway Master Plan Book-CURRENT.pdf 28MB file

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