Volunteers Needed – Inventory Street Trees in Northwest Portland

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With the help of the City of Portland Urban Forestry staff, the Northwest District Association (NWDA) will be conducting a street tree inventory throughout the summer. This inventory will be used to develop a tree stewardship plan for northwest Portland. Volunteers are needed on the following work days (no skills required). Please sign up by visiting the web address

Saturday, September 8, 8:30am-noon, meet at Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center, Bldg. 2, North and South Conference Room, 1040 NW 22nd Avenue

For more information, contact Mary Ann Pastene at safety@northwestdistrictassociation.org.

Thanks to BridgeTown Ministries

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On Thursday, June 28, BridgeTown Ministries arranged for over 60 enthusiastic, young adults to remove graffiti and pick up litter throughout our neighborhood. We would to thank all the folks who cleaned and the wonderful leadership at BridgeTown Ministries for making our neighborhood a better place. We would also like to thank Fred Meyer for hosting the event and to the City of Portland Graffiti Abatement Program for providing supplies.

Historic Bicycle Tour of Northwest Portland

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In the Spring of 2012, the NWDA Safety and Livability Committee and the Historic Preservation League of Oregon partnered to create a Historic Bicycle Tour of Northwest Portland. With the help of Office of Neighborhood Involvement and the the Neighbors West-Northwest Neighborhood Small Grants Program, this tour was printed into a full color booklet full of historic photos, maps and trivia. The tour also inspired a 2012 Pedalpalooza bike ride called “THE DREAM OF THE 1890S IS ALIVE IN NORTHWEST PORTLAND.”

The tour booklet can be downloaded here: NW Bike Tour Booklet2012.pdf.

Volunteer contributions from Norm Gholston, Tanya March, Rebecca Hamilton, and Mary Ann Pastene made the tour and Pedalpalooza ride possible.











Rock Climbing Wall at Wallace Park

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Rock Climbing Wall dates and times for Wallace Park Summer 2012

July 6, 1:45-4:00 PM
July 23, 1:45-4:00 PM
July 31, 1:45-4:00 PM
Sept 8, 6:00-9:00 PM

I am very happy that we have the rock wall in our neighborhood four times this summer including right before the Bike-In movie on September 8, 2012.  Make sure your child has closed toe shoes so that they can enjoy climbing the portable rock wall this summer.

Rock climbing wall at Wallace Park Summer 2011


Graffiti Cleanup Thurs. June 28, 2012

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Join the NWDA, the City of Portland Graffiti Abatement Program, Bridgetown Ministries and the Central City Concern Volunteer Corp as we remove graffiti throughout the neighborhood on Thursday, June 28, 2012, 10am-2:30pm.

We will meet at the top level of the Fred Meyer parking garage, 100 NW 20th Place. No experience necessary. Instructions, supplies and snacks provided.

Bark Chips Arrive and Keep Parks Firework Free

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New Bark at Wallace Dog Park

Wallace Park

The bark chips arrived at Wallace this week.  There were no signs asking users to show compassion for neighbors if their dogs bark excessively.  One of the park’s playgrounds was fenced off.  I talked to park staff onsite and they explained that they hope repairs to the playground structure will occur within a week.  The structure has sagged because of heavy run off compromising its “foundation”.

Couch Park

One of the large stately Elm trees on the western boarder of Couch Park and the MLC black top appears ill.  The tree lost two massive limbs last Wednesday.

Chapman School Field

I reached out to PP&R, ONI and PPS this week about July 4th fireworks concerns.  If you live near Wallace Park please call 911 if you see any fire work usage near the new field.  The swift watch slope above the field, tennis courts, and basketball courts are all typically sites for street bought fireworks.  The new turf of the soccer field is artificial and it will be costly to repair if fireworks land on it.  “Just a Field” group raised the money to install this amenity in record time, let’s help make sure the field is a lasting sustainable asset in our community.


Fence around playground at Wallace Park (hopefully for only one week)


Response to 06-14-12 Sidewalks/ROW complaint

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Northwest Public House’s  does have a license to operate a sidewalk cafe. PBOT inspected the location the week of 06/11/12 and found it to be in compliance and provide the necessary clearance.

The property is in a commercial zone (see portlandmaps.com), which means that noise cannot exceed 60db at their lot line during the day, 55db at night (10pm-7am). Normal conversation ranges from 50-60db. If you think there is a noise violation, I would recommend you file a noise complaint at http://www.portlandonline.com/bds/index.cfm?c=42438.

NWDA Air Quality Committee Minutes, 6.18.12

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Minutes, NWDA Air Quality Committee meeting

Present: Bob L, Myriam Alaux, Kathy Sharp & Sharon Genasci

We met at a new location at Good Sam Hospital, which was not a great meeting place.

Bob L started things off with a discussion about the Esco Good Neighbor Agreement
as it applies to odor complaint procedures and the websites. We are finding a number of problems with the way the GNA odor complaints agreement is being implemented by Esco . To summarize:

1. The agreement was intended (on our side) to be more transparent. Our understanding when signing the GNA was that ESCO would investigate complaints from all sources naming ESCO, let us know what operations were going on during the time of the complaint and where it was in the plant. Previously, ESCO had refused to follow up complaints and let us know what part of the plant was in operation at the time of the complaint.

Note: Now we find that a password is required to access the ESCO investigation into the complaint, and neighbors must enter their complaints on ESCO’s website, in order to have their complaint investigated at all. Approximately four days later Ethics Point (company hired by ESCO to deal with complaints) will email the ‘report key’ to the person complaining. This enables her to look at the results of the investigation into her complaint.

2. In negotiating the GNA we agreed that all complaints would go to everyone on the NAC (Neighborhood Advisory Committee), to ESCO and to DEQ – and that all existing odor complaint websites would continue, and that ESCO would set up their own website, so complaints would go directly to them too. ESCO also promised to provide wind, speed and direction on their website.

Note: ESCO does provide information about the operations in the plant at the time of the complaint, but only if neighbors complain on ESCO’s website. A password is required, so only the person complaining has this information. Wind, speed and direction are not provided to the public, but used by ESCO in determining what process in the plant caused the problem.

3. ESCO agreed to keep a log of the complaints and information gathered about the complaints. Neighbors thought that this information would be available on ESCO’s website. It is only available through a NAC representative, who must go to the plant to see the log after making an appointment in advance.

4. On ESCO’s website, the odor complaint is one of three options, it is called,
‘making a report’, which may be confusing for some people.

5. Ten out of eleven complaints were not submitted on ESCO’s website recently (quite a few were submitted on our website, www.portlandair.org) This means that the public would not have access to ESCO’s response for most complaints, except through a NAC representative looking at the log at ESCO.

Note: This whole process is confusing and not transparent as agreed. Having to use a password is contrary to the whole idea, since we have nothing to hide here, and ESCO presumably would want the neighbors to know they are trying hard to be more open and responsive to the serious problems they have imposed on neighbors for many years.

The group then discussed the following from the GNA about the duration of the agreement:

10.1 “This Agreement shall commence on the Effective Date set forth above and shall remain in effect for the term of the Renewed Permit and any period during which the Renewed Permit is administratively extended and shall expire on the date that the Renewed Permit is again renewed or is terminated by DEQ.”

This of course means that the Good Neighbor Agreement with ESCO will be in place, not just for five years, but until a new permit is negotiated, which in the last permit took several years. So that would be a 20 per cent estimated reduction of emissions over probably more than five years.

Sharon has published on the NWDA Air Quality website the achievements of the Committee (originally Health & Environment Committee) from 1992-2012.

We decided to allow Kitty Midson to take down the Facebook page on our website, as we don’t currently have any interest in maintaining it.

The members present agreed not to have an air quality forum this summer, but instead to participate in other events with our brochures and tables.

Sharon Genasci

S&L Committee letters to PPD and Crime Prevention 06-19-12

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Mounted patrol in Couch Park




Board Meeting Minutes 06-05-12

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