Transcom Agenda – Nov 3

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NWDA Transportation Committee
November Meeting Agenda
Wednesday, November 3, 2010 6:00 to 7:30 pm
Good Samaritan Hospital, Building #2, 2nd Floor Conf Room, 1040 NW 22nd Ave

Committee Members Expected:
Greg Aldrich, Karl Doppelfeld, Charlie Grist, Jeanne Harrison, Juliet Hyams, Sharon Kelly, Dustin Posner, Scott Seibert, Phil Selinger

Staff: Mark Sieber

• Introductions 5 minutes

• TriMet Line 15 in Willamette Heights update – Josh Collins, TriMet 15 minutes

• Updates and current topics
o Permit L designation removal in the SE corner – Juliet 10 minutes
o Cornell Road Task Force – Dustin 5 minutes
o Quick updates 10 minutes
• Slabtown – Greg / Ron
• Green Streets – Jeanne/Steve
• Pearl Access and Circulation Study – Jeanne
• Parking – Juliet

• Group identification of near-term project and Issues 25 minutes
o Café tables and A-boards
o Crosswalk safety
o Cleanscapes clean-up concept

• St Mary’s traffic / idling problem – group brainstorm 20 minutes

• Adjourn

NW Wilson Sewer Project

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NW Wilson Sewer Rehabilitation Project

Date: October 24, 2010
Contact: Joe Annett, 503-823-2934 or

This project will replace several blocks of sewer pipe that is in poor condition. Construction began the first week of October and is scheduled to be completed in late spring 2011.

This project construction schedule is tentative and may change. You will receive schedule updates as the project progresses.

• NW Vaughn from 30th to 31st avenues: October –November
• NW Nicolai at 29th to NW Upshur: November – January
• NW Upshur from 29th to 28th: December – February
• NW Roosevelt from 30th to 31st: December – February
• NW Wilson from 30th to 33rd: January – March

Construction Method
The city’s contractor is using open trench excavation, which requires several steps:

• Cut trench in pavement
• Remove pavement and material
• Install pipe
• Install lateral lines from the sewer main to the curb
• Backfill trench with sand or gravel
• Install temporary asphalt as work moves forward
• Final paving and restoration
• There may be periods of inactivity during these steps

What to Expect During Construction
The NW Wilson Sewer Rehabilitation Project will have significant impacts to the surrounding community. There will not be construction at all locations at the same time, but at a later date the contractor will bring in a second crew.

• Work hours are 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. The contractor may schedule work during the same hours on Saturdays.
• Parking will be prohibited in some work zones during work hours.
• Some streets will close to through traffic during work hours, but the contractor will maintain local access at all times. You may experience delays getting to your home or business.
• Equipment and material is secured on the street after work hours.
• A city construction inspector is on-site during work hours, and may be able to assist you with construction concerns. Inspectors typically wear a green safety vest and hard hat.
• Sewer service and other utilities won’t be interrupted during construction.

Slabtown Meeting – Nov 1

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The next meeting of the Slabtown Committee will be held Monday, November 1, from 5 to 6:30 pm in the Legacy Good Samaritan Northrup Building 1st floor conference room (2282 NW Northrup Ave.) The agenda for the meeting will be to review and refine the draft of the Urban Design Concept booklet and the supporting design standards prior to a vote on submitting the work to the NWDA Board for consideration.

The Urban Design Concept is a very large file (40 Mb) so it cannot be posted on this site. If you wish to receive a copy of the document via email, please send an email to Ron Walters at

The meeting is open to the public and all interested parties are encouraged to attend.

S&L Workplan – Draft

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The NWDA Safety & Livability Committee is working on revisions to its proposed workplan. If you wish to comment on the workplan, please download the draft document below and email your comments to Tanya March, committee chair, at, or Ron Walters, NWDA President, at

NWDA – Safety & Livability Workplan 2011 – Draft 7

S&L Agenda – Oct. 25

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Agenda October 25, 2010
10 A.M- 11 A.M.
NW International Hostel – 1818 NW Glisan Door

The next meeting of the NWDA Safety & Livability Committee will be Monday, October 25 at 10 am at the NW International Hostel.

The agenda for the meeting is as follows:

Approve minutes

Old business:

1. Update three licenses (names)
2. Update work plan (attach)
3. Where are we in networking for cleanups? Volunteers?

New business:

1. Off leash dog issues
2. Training “testing” of parkscan
3. New licenses
4. Grants – should we try

S&L Minutes – Sep. 27, 2010

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NWDA Safety & Livability Committee
Meeting Minutes
Monday September 27, 2010 World Cup 10 A.M.

Karl Doppelfeld (NWDA boardmember), Ron Waters (NWDA president), Tanya March (chair S&L), Frank Silva (ONI), Allan Classen (NW Examiner)..

The focus of the meeting was how the committee could help promote livability via the liquor licensing process. This was predominantly an opportunity for Frank Silvia to explain to us the role the NWDA when licenses are posted in our boundaries. The intention is that in the future the S & L committee will write letters of community concerns, request business plans, and reach out to owners with good neighbor agreements. Boycotts are our last step.

We as a committee were very concerned that we are just outside the “Alcohol Impact Area” that could be soon be passed by city council. We expect our community on the boundary and Couch Park to bear the brunt of the push to inhibit street drinking in downtown. (Attach map to minutes). Frank was clear that this was not just a program targeting homeless there is also issues with suburban youth, we should be prepared for a displacement to NW 21st Ave. Additionally, many retailers have experienced shoplifting of wine/beer and there are also cases of 30-second sobriety. We were advised to request that retailers not sell drug paraphernalia.

There are Four Types of Alcohol Postings we should expect to review on a case-by-case basis:

Level #1 no minors (facility example Marathon Bar)
Level #2 part no minor (facility example Kingston Bar)
Level #3
Level #4

We need to encourage the use of the 911 system when appropriate. Our community is a priority. People who call 911 are not bugging the police.

The second Saturday clean ups (two starting points Food-Front and Umpqua Bank) Sunday Parkways, and Slabtown Festival lacked a strong volunteer base. We need to help facilitate public outreach for the NWDA.

There was serious concern about:
1) The mini-mart opening in the Park 19 facing Couch Park. Mary Ann started a direct letter system, as S&L cannot officially write letters until work plan is approved. (request board action)
2) The evolution of Pizza Shmitza into a pub with live music. Chair had already e-mail Teresa asking about why this is just a change of ownership application. Frank advised that we seek out the business plan. (request more information)

There was no concern:
1) The wine seller on 16th. (no action)

Transportation Minutes – 10/6/10

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NWDA Transportation Committee minutes
October 6, 2010

Members present: Ron Walters, Phil Selinger, Jeanne Harrison, Sharon
Kelly, Karl Doppelfeld,

Members excused: Dustin Posner

Guests: Allan Classen (NW Examiner), Nicole Comer (neighbor), Jackie Gordon (Better Burnside Alliance), Bill Hoffman (PBOT)

We reordered the agenda based on priorities.

Bill Hoffman gave some history and an overview of the Burnside/Couch
couplet project. It started in 1999 and its future is still unclear.
In Old Town/Chinatown people had trouble crossing and the city
couldn’t adjust the signals there without looking at the top of the
st. The product was the Burnside/Couch Recommendations in 2002.
Other issues have since arisen, such as the stcar extension and CCURA.
Any fix will be expensive. TIF will play a role, but a source is
needed to fund improvements. The couplet issue is still alive; one
option allows more left turns on Burnside.

The committee mentioned that, as properties redevelop, setbacks could
be improved, creating a jagged block face. If the bus could come up
Morrison it would offer some options, but how would it turn left? You
could move the stop to the island after the signal goes in.

PGE park soccer will impact the plans.

Dustin: There’s a change in historic traffic patterns on Cornell Rd.;
engineers need to see how modern tools affect cut through traffic.
People can use mobile internet devices to gauge traffic and change
their routes.

The couplet may not be viable; we should reconvene if it revives.
It’s tabled for now.

Jeanne mentioned that phase 1 doesn’t bring amenities. If a phased
approach goes through, we might want to talk about what’s essential
then, not in phase 2.

Comments ensued about not skimping on amenities at 16th. The signal
doesn’t serve peds. It should be in phase 1.

Lower Burnside is a separate project from upper. Upper is linked to
the stcar alignment.

Dustin updated the committee on the Cornell Rd. Sustainability
Coalition. They request support for a Regional Travel Options grant
due Oct. 15. The grant would develop a planning project for a more
multimodal st., reduce traffic and improve safety. Sharon asked how
Cornell fits the RTD grant criteria. The Audubon Society would be a
fiscal agent and allow the coalition to hire consultants and get city

Dustin will draft a letter for NWDA board action supporting the
coalition’s motion supporting the app. and acknowledging the Cornell

The parking permit L designation was removed from our SE corner due to
a sunset provision tied to loss of baseball at PGE Park. Soccer games
will generate more traffic and neighbors weren’t notified of the
removal. The mayor’s pkg. committee will discuss this. Next mtg. is
Oct. 14; reps are Juliet, Dan Anderson and Tavo Cruz.

The board didn’t approve our work plan at its last mtg. Juliet and
Phil to address formatting issue.

Thanks to Karl, Ron and Juliet for representing us at the Sunday
Parkway. Mike Ryerson provided the photos. Saved the materials for
future events.

The Pearl District Access and Circulation mtg. is coming up.

The meeting adjourned at 7:32 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Juliet Hyams and Jeanne Harrison.

H & E Minutes

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Minutes, NWDA Health & Environment Committee

Present: Mitch Ritter, Monica Russell (DEQ) Bob L, Biljana Milkovska, Sharon Genasci

We started the meeting with a discussion about the current status of the independent audit of the Esco plant we requested from DEQ. Sharon and Bob Amundson attended a DEQ meeting today to hear how DEQ proposes to proceed with the audit, since the previous two RFPs have not succeeded.

The first RFP (Jim Karas, Bay Area Air Authority, the only applicant), was closed by DEQ because of a technicality – Karas had failed to sign a cover sheet, and DEQ did not contact him to say it was missing etc.).

The second RFP failed, because all three candidates in the neighbors’ view were industry oriented candidates, who would have provided a second ERM Report (the audit report commissioned by Esco). What the neighbors had requested was an independent audit carried out by a public oriented firm with a history of public health interest work).

DEQ decided to reopen a third RFP with a narrower focus (only odor and particulates/metals). They suggested this be done in two phases, odors first and then particulate/metals. We suggested one phase to save time.

They said neighbors would have no opportunity this time to participate in consultant selection. They did, however, promise to make public health orientation a high priority in the selection criteria.

The committee felt that it was important for DEQ to be more transparent this time, in notifying neighbors of applicants and their resumes. They also wanted a timetable
as Esco’s permit expired in August of 2009, and this audit clearly relates to writing the new permit.

The committee feels it is important for neighbors to assist DEQ in selecting the auditor for Esco.

Sharon updated the committee on the Rules letter we sent to the DEQ PATS (Portland Air Toxics) Committee. It will be presented to the committee in December.

People made suggestions about the new committee Work Plan, which is being rewritten.

Bob L explained the changes he has made at our suggestion to the Odor Form to make it more workable.

Mitch talked about strengthening our media contacts.

Board Agenda – Oct. 18

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The next meeting of the NWDA Board of Directors is Monday, October 18, at Chapman School, from 6 to 7:30 pm. The meeting agenda is attached.

All meetings are open to the public and everyone is encouraged to attend.

NWDA BoD Agenda – 2010 10 18 -1

TransCom Agenda – Oct. 6

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The NWDA Transportation Committee will meet this Wednesday, October 6, at Good Samaritan Hospital. The featured topic is a continued discussion of the Burnside-Couch couplet with the focus on W. Burnside, west of NW 16th. Bill Hoffman and Ross Swanson from PBOT will be our guest presenters and help us through discussion.

NWDA Transportation Committee October agenda

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