Responses to reports made on the Report a Problem tool.

Response to 7-5-12 Noise Complaint

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Thank you for your email about the post on your site. Please know, we take all feedback seriously and in fact, within the last month installed a noise abatement system to redirect the noise away from neighboring apartments. We did this on our own accord in an effort to be a good community member.

A little history for you, immediately after our building’s construction in October 2006, the City of Portland measured our decibel levels and agreed they were within the legal limit.  In May of 2007, we went through that process again, based on a neighbor’s complaint from a building that added a floor, placing their balcony a mere 30 feet from our HVAC machines.

Developers have built and sold residential apartment and condominium units all around our existing building.  The latest residential building is just 10 feet away.  With each new building comes a new complaint and with each of those, we have taken prompt, positive action. We believe our behavior has been neighborly and honorable and that we have followed the law and existing building codes.  As mentioned above, the City of Portland has already agreed with us on these points.

Overall, we will continue to work to be a collegial neighbor within the ever-changing tapestry of our neighborhood, and provide life-saving services and programs to many members of our Northwest Portland neighborhood.

Warm regards,

Jenna Cooper-Gross, APR

Director of Communications, DoveLewis

1945 NW Pettygrove

Portland, Oregon 97209

Office: 503.535.3381

Cell: 503.880.8881

Twitter: @dovelewis

Facebook: DoveLewis

Response to 06-14-12 Sidewalks/ROW complaint

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Northwest Public House’s  does have a license to operate a sidewalk cafe. PBOT inspected the location the week of 06/11/12 and found it to be in compliance and provide the necessary clearance.

The property is in a commercial zone (see, which means that noise cannot exceed 60db at their lot line during the day, 55db at night (10pm-7am). Normal conversation ranges from 50-60db. If you think there is a noise violation, I would recommend you file a noise complaint at

Response to 10/1/11, 10/22/11, 5/13/12, 5/16/12 Noise Complaints

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The owner has installed signage and implemented a process to notifiy customers of neighbor concerns.

Complainant was also advised to address further noise complaints to the City Noise Officer at 503-823-7350 or file online  at

Response to 6/1/12 Crime and Safety Complaint

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This is a problem the City has to address. Please make a report, online, here:
They are generally pretty responsive. Once an investigation starts, you can then follow the progress of the complaint by submitting the address at and looking under the permits/cases tab. Looks like there have been previous nuisance cases filed at this address as well back in 2010.
I would encourage you to get other effected parties/neighbors to file similar complaints. Like in most cases, there is power in numbers. It’s pretty easy for the city (or any organization for that matter) to dismiss a single complaint, but when many different folks mention the problem, it raises the issue’s priority. The City’s online report form makes it pretty easy to take action.

Response to 11/08/2011 Noise Complaint

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Response to barking dog complaint:

This is an irritating problem, and it is difficult to address.Information and possible solutions to a barking neighborhood dogs can be found here: