Mill Creek Residential, the developer of the apartment complex at NW 19th and Johnson, signed an agreement with NWDA to take numerous voluntary measures to try to save four 125-year-old American elm trees at that location. We will post periodic updates on the preservation measures as they occur.

Elms Update – 12/7/12

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As previously reported, the two western-most elm trees in front of the development on NW Johnson and 19th could not be saved. Pruning of the two trees will begin on Monday, December 10. On Tuesday, December 11, the two trees will be removed. The two trees will be reclaimed and reused. Efforts to save the two eastern-most trees will proceed per the agreement between the developer and NWDA.

Elms Update – 11/29/12

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Despite the agreed upon efforts to save the elm trees at NW Johnson and 19th, the developer and City Forester have informed NWDA that the two western-most elm trees must be removed. According the City Forester, “a permit is being issued for removal of the two western-most elm trees at this location. This is due to the extensive root and crown reduction these trees will incur during the project, making their survival untenable. Retention of these trees would create a significant public safety hazard.”

The developer’s arborist prepared a report detailing the findings and conclusions. We will post the report as soon as possible.

Mill Creek will proceed according the agreed upon plan with NWDA. They will continue to try to save the two easternmost elms. The two elms that are to be removed will be reclaimed and used locally. Specific plans are not yet available.

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Elms Update – 10/16/12

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The developer is about to start phase II of the preservation plan for the American Elm trees at NW 19th and Johnson. This will consist of digging a trench along the property line, about 2’ to 3’ wide and 4’ to 5’ deep. This will be done with a special water spade so as to uncover the root structure with minimal damage. The water will loosen the soil which will be sucked up with a vacuum truck. Once exposed and under the direction of our arborist and with input from the City Forester’s office, the developer will proceed to prune the roots at the property line. Once this has been accomplished the contractor will fill the trench, which will allow the roots to heal before construction begins in December. All of this will take place between October 16th and October 20th.

Elms Update – 9/11/12

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The developer has begun a deep root watering process so there will be activity around the trees. The process consist of dripping water for 2 days into the root structure at depth. On Thursday, September 13, they will drill some holes into the trunks of the trees and inoculate the tree with the Dutch Elm vaccine.

Update on the Elms – 05/07/12

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The NWDA Planning Committee forwarded a letter to Carrie Richter, chair of the Historic Landmarks Commission, regarding the proposed project at NW 19th and Johnson the would remove and replace four 125 year-old American Elm trees.

The Planning Committee will meet this Thursday, May 10, 8-9 am at NWNW, to discuss the arborist’s report and possibly reconsider the NWDA position in advance of the next Historic Landmarks meeting on May 14. The meeting is public and all interested parties are welcome to attend.